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10 February 2012

Ask MeCha : Computer techies, is this all I need? [More:]
My computer at work has (finally!) been upgraded and we are working with nice, fast machines with dual monitors, one of which I use for my case-handling programme and the other for Outlook, Word, etc.

I work from home 3 days a week, on a 2006 Compaq Presario running Windows XP. I have a spare monitor and would like to add it to the Presario, as it's taken me a surprisingly short amount of time to get used to working on two monitors. I only have one outlet on the back of the computer for the exisitng monitor but I have spare USB ports.

I'm only interested in plug-in methods to add a second monitor, nothing involving taking the computer to pieces to add new things inside, such as a second graphics card.

Looking online, it seems I can buy a little doohickie that'll turn a USB port into an outlet for a second monitor. Is this the only hardware I'd need to add a second monitor?

That's fine, assuming that the video card/chipset is powerful enough to run two monitors. And since there is only one video port, that just may not be possible.
posted by Splunge 10 February | 10:28
I used to work with a dual-monitor setup and installed a new graphics card for the purpose, so was all set to tell you that you'd need to do the same (because everyone needs to suffer as much as I have, right?).

BUT. It looks like you're absolutely right and this is all you need. I did what I usually do with tech stuff, and looked up similar products on Amazon. I found this, and the reviews tell you all you need to know.

It might be a little (or a lot) slow, though. Can work help with upgrade costs for your home machine, as you use it to generate income for them?
posted by altolinguistic 10 February | 10:33
Work won't help because working from home is seen as a privilege and is at their discretion. I'll order one of those things, alto, thanks very much. It's worth a try and the outlay isn't extortionate if it doesn't work, I already have the monitor.
posted by Senyar 10 February | 10:37
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