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08 February 2012

easy prepared seafood is my [scarface voice] new friend in my resurgent health kick. A fair amount of tuna so far but now I've added shrimp to the rotation. Basically trying to stay off the rice & other carbs, and actually marinating / quickly cooking other meat is for non-lazy people
found a calculator about how much tuna you can eat with regards to mercury issues: EWG Tuna Calculator. It's from 2004 though
posted by Firas 08 February | 04:45
just got into some contention with my mom who claims that regular fish can be cooked in the same 15 mins of time that tuna can be seared. I'll concede she has a few decades on my cooking skills (lol) but I doubt it... we'll see. I think you have to pre-marinate it
posted by Firas 08 February | 08:42
Most fish can go from raw to cooked in 15 minutes. Not sure what you mean by "regular fish".
posted by altolinguistic 08 February | 09:50
I meant like fresh/raw instead of edible out the can like tuna and some other packed stuff etc

I know that you don't need to "cook" it for more than 15 mins but I think it's a joke to suggest that you can go from zero to done the way you can by stirring tuna in a pan or boiling shrimp for 5 mins. you need to cut it, marinate it, make sure it's cooked properly etc. When you're involved to that degree you can cook slices of chicken etc too
posted by Firas 08 February | 10:04
I've gotten hooked [snort] by the frozen fish sold at my local Kroger (and in bigger bags by Sam's Club). Many varieties are available; I've got tilapia, cod and flounder in the house at the moment. It's a big bag filled with individually wrapped filets. You can take out as many as you need, thaw them in a jiffy and prepare. Lately I've been sauteing veggies on the stovetop, then pull the veggies out and add the fish to the saute juice, adding a little white wine or rice vinegar if it's too dry. Cover and poach 8 minutes and it's a lovely meal in one pan.

Another cheater method for preparing fish is to cover it in Italian dressing and broil it. I live inland, so fresh fish is stupid expensive and occasionally questionable. A word of advice: don't overcook fish. When it flakes apart with a fork, it's done.
posted by workerant 08 February | 10:30
yeah covering and simmering is her go-to method for things whereas I've been trying to figure out more of the open-pan shallow frying thing? but it's tricky to get the temperatures times amount of oil etc right
posted by Firas 08 February | 10:49
I live in a place where fresh albacore is available most of the year (there must still be a lot of albacore out there) so it gets grilled, seared, baked, etc.

Once, my daughter came home and I was grilling albacore for tacos. She loved them, and I suddenly realized that I was serving my lesbian daughter an order of tuna tacos. :-) (She appreciated the connection also.)
posted by danf 08 February | 10:50
My favorite fast fish prep: brush on a really wonderful barbecue sauce and bake it or broil it for 15-20 minutes in a toaster oven (on the little included broiler pan after spraying it with cooking spray.)

Beans/lentils are good too BTW. Despite the high carb count, they are low in digestible carbs, low in glycemic index, full of fiber, slow digesting, and loaded with protein. And very, very delicious with vegetables.
posted by bearwife 08 February | 13:26
I grew up at the coast. Generally cook seafood as little as possible: avg 5 min per side for 1" filet when grilling/ sauteing. When it is no longer translucent / is firm / flakes means it's done.

Use just a sprinkle of seasoning and a touch of salt. When finished add a splash of lemon juice.

Oh and don't use blast furnace temps. Go no more than med high.

And I'm so glad to hear that beans are low on glycemic index. Thanks bearwife.
posted by mightshould 08 February | 18:44
Dude(tte), whole food carbs, i.e. WHOLE grains and fruits, veggies, and even potatoes, are SO your friend. Tryptophan can't properly metabolize into seratonin w/o carbs. And, yeah, beans are near perfect and digest so slowly they'll never overload your blood sugar, promote an insulin reaction, and end up stored as fat. Cut out processed carbs (and processed ANYTHING), but don't fear the carbs, please. Just sayin' 'cuz I hafta. Feel free to ignore me.
posted by shane 09 February | 14:51
The only reason I don't cook fish at home more often is the smell seems so pervasive, and my nose doesn't work that great anyway. The key for me is getting the pan up to a medium hot temperature before adding the oil and then the fish. I try to dedicate a pan to cooking fish only and I clean it immediately.
posted by Ardiril 09 February | 15:08
oh shane I eat a lot of carbs I meant that when I'm snacking or for comfort food I eat a lot more than necessary
posted by Firas 09 February | 15:13
Heh, I feel like the good-carb-pushing mom. "Eat! Eat!"
posted by shane 10 February | 00:27
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