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05 February 2012

My husband's new band needs a better name. Can you help, bunnies?[More:]They are a three-piece sort of post-punk band that sound kind of like Devo and do songs about Larry King as a metaphor for love and "what happened when the Greek philosopher Diogenes was masturbating in the agora." (The extremely drunk patrons at tonight's inaugural show didn't really appreciate the subtlety.)

Long story short: for a band like that, "Shallow Affect" doesn't fit.

They were going for "In Silica," all being geeks, but it was taken. I thought maybe something like "Robo-Tone" but so is that. (In Scotland.)

Any ideas?
Have I got band names for you!

"Mock 5" (like 'Mach 5' but mocking)

"In 10 Cities" (like 'Intensity' but less tense)

"Menace Diller" (because the mix of high and low culture references sound like vintage Dennis Miller)

I'm sure somebody is already using "Ancient Geek" but I'll toss that out anyway

"Ub Iwerks" (the unlikely real name of the classic animator who created Mickey Mouse for Walt Disney) or go phonetically with "U. B. Works"

a great source for random band-name sounding stuff is Captain Haddock's Curses: Gobbledygooks, Pockmarks, Guano Gatherer, Slubberdegullions, Gallows Fodder, Mountebanks (which always sounded to me like some high-class British family), Freshwater Swabs, Picaroons... for extra randomness, combine two or more: Blackmoor Goosecaps, Patagonian Numbskulls...

posted by oneswellfoop 05 February | 01:59
(I was going to attempt a few, but prefer not to follow oneswellfoop in this matter!)
posted by Glinn 05 February | 11:22
"prefer not to follow" me? Please do. Looking back on what spouted from my brain on a Saturday Night, I think most anybody could top me, even alleged humorist Dave Barry, whose 'funny news stories' blog (one of the guiltiest pleasures on my RSS reader) has a running joke of "that would make a great band name". Recent examples: "Bowel Surfing Capsule", "Blue Sphere Shower", "Flaming Tampons", "Barney Frank's Nipples", "Psychedelic Gecko", "Crustacean-Stuffed Pants" and "Twenty Tons of Dead Herring" (the last two he claimed were opening acts for Phish). Still, it's funnier than his "Guess The State", "CSI:", "Those Terrorist Bastards", "Soon We'll Have No Rights Left" and "Florida Drivers License" running jokes. But then, those running jokes could be band names themselves. (Now I'm confusing myself)

I think this was once posted to MetaFilter: 10,000 Statistically Grammar-Average Fake Band Names, most of which I suspect are still unclaimed.

And, of course, there's an app for that. More than one, in fact. Heck, just Google "band names" for inspiration.
posted by oneswellfoop 05 February | 12:08
From the 10,000 fake band names, I recommend Placenta Boathouse.
posted by halonine 05 February | 12:27
Ok, maybe I was temporarily dazzled by Mock 5 and In 10 Cities, because it was early and I was slow on the uptake. (Also, sometimes when it is not early.)
Love Dave Barry but can't get behind any of those in particular.

However, I will offer:
Pixel Width
Caustic Pixel
Sarcastic Rabbit

From the 10,000: Nectar Preachers
posted by Glinn 05 February | 13:32
Freightliner John
posted by danf 05 February | 15:42
Here's an old MeCha discussing fake names that's ripe for the picking.

To the best of my knowledge, none of my suggestions have been taken:

Dwight D Weisenheimer
the Laughing Accountants
Emu What?
the 1919 Boston Molasses Flood
Hertz Donut, Retractable Wet Meat Parlor
Maximum Henway

I also have some unused phrases here that are more suited for song titles, but a few would make good band names.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 05 February | 17:30
Oved & the Mesmerizers.
posted by chewatadistance 05 February | 19:58
The Sulfides


The Workalikes

Put to the Question


Aeneas Retentive
posted by fleacircus 06 February | 09:23
(apres le shower)

Dancing in Place

This Way Out

Your Doubles      (The Dubbles? Kill me.)

Witness Our Bullshit
posted by fleacircus 06 February | 09:51

(Dutch for squirrel. Pronunciation: Aykhoarn)
posted by jouke 06 February | 16:27
Animated Suspension.
posted by Splunge 06 February | 17:28
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