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27 January 2012

The Night Watch It's been approximately 4 years or so since I've pulled an all-nighter...[More:]

The nursing home where I work was finally sold to pay the parent company's bankruptcy debts, and I've accepted an offer with the new administration. I'll be handling the regular admin assistant duties, but now I'm also going to be in charge of personnel duties, too.

And I've never done HR work before. Which means I'm a lot behind on some tasks, which is part of why I'm here at 3 am, finally able to get some things done.

What are you doing awake st this hour?
Timezones! It's 9pm on a Friday here. Watching The Last Starfighter while the chef dozes.
posted by jonathanstrange 27 January | 04:58
It's nearly 10.30am here, and I'm working from home. It's a beautiful day, sunny but cold.
posted by Senyar 27 January | 05:26
I'm great at all-nighters, all-several-day-ers if necessary but I'm going to aggressively change all that now cause I've decided to be careful about sleeping, exercising etc.. I've even began to be particular about breakfast food lol. More schedule and rhythm and less procrastination and overwork
posted by Firas 27 January | 07:48
I can't handle all nighters any more. I can't even function much on less than 5 hours sleep. Ergo responding to this at 9:43 AM Seattle time, after a night of solid snoozing. But many commiserations on the overload, and hoping you at least get a good nap today.
posted by bearwife 27 January | 12:44
Oh, man. I was awake at that hour, but A) I wasn't online and B) I dearly wanted to be asleep.

We had The Fella's 3rd annual all-day birthday party yesterday. It starts at noon and ends at midnight. In practice, a few close friends usually hang around to chat until 2 or 3 a.m.

That's a fun day but a loooooooong day, especially if you're spending half of it making sure the buffet is constantly replenished and the stack of clean plates is getting refreshed.

But the night before, I just couldn't get to sleep. I may have sleep two or three hours in 20-minute stretches; finally, I just gave up and got out of bed. So when the first guests arrived at noon, I was already tired and trying to hide it. Early in the day, a friend confided that I seemed pretty tipsy, but I was not: I had had one sip of liquor. What he was seeing was complete exhaustion masked with a cheerful smile and a big dose of caffeine.

But I hid it pretty successfully, I think, until a bit before midnight, when I got pretty glassy-eyed and slumpy. A few close friends were still hanging around, as expected. By 12:45, they started making signs that they'd be walking home soon.

AND THEN THE DOOR OPENED. A latecomer decided to show up AT ONE A.M. (To be fair, I imagine he called earlier to ask and The Fella told him "Sure! Why not?") I managed a sleepy, "Hey, [name]!" and slumped my head back down as everyone decided to have One Last Beer with the new guest. I have no idea what time we ended up going to bed; it's all a haze.
posted by Elsa 27 January | 14:08
Hey Trish... nice to see you round these parts. Congrats on the new job. I'm sure you'll have the new stuff down in no time. They're lucky to have someone willing to work so hard.

I'm often awake round 3am. I call it the speed bump in the middle of the night. Last night I woke up around then dreaming about a pair of white rabbits mating on our bed. I'd carried them to the bed and released them. Their fur was so soft. In my dream I was telling Jon, in a hushed voice, Look, they like each other, as the male nuzzled the female. Most benign sex dream ever.
posted by Pips 27 January | 19:14
Either they're lucky, or I'm insane. ^_^

I ended up staying up just long enough to have been at the nursing home for 24 hours exactly, and then I did most of a normal 9 to 5 work day. I finally hit my wall at/around 3 pm, when the administrator told me to go home (and even then, the Filipino Catholic chaplain side-guilted me into trying to stay a bit longer to help her out with something I'd been putting off). Got home around 4 pm, went straight to bed, and now I'm back up again.

Because I wake up just before 7 am on a work day, that means I can personally be awake and functioning for about 36 straight hours. And to me, honestly? That whole day felt very similar to how it used to be running a department at an anime convention.
posted by TrishaLynn 27 January | 21:22
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