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19 January 2012

Goddamned Initiative. How does it initiate shit?

Is it like, through sheer force of will, you do what needs done? But that's called willpower. I dunno, man.

Maybe it's more like the ability to TELL what needs done? In enough detail that you can actually do it with your own two hands, or tongue if applicable.
It's an urge to me. Just like a physical urge, like "I think I'll stand up now and stretch my legs, they're cramped."

"I think I want to develop a project."
posted by Miko 20 January | 00:06
For me it's a toss up between knowing what I want, giving a shit, and making myself do something I don't really want to do. I usually use something to assist with the latter, since in the other two cases, it's more about not stopping myself, although sometimes perhaps I should.
Not caring what most people think is both help and hindrance.
posted by ethylene 20 January | 00:14
I get urges all the time. Then my urges get urges. Then I end up playing Team Fortress 2 until four in the morning. Yeah, baby! that's initiative!
posted by LogicalDash 20 January | 07:04
For me, it's the panic of "oh shit I need to do this NOW!!!" thanks to deadlines. I don't really do much in the way of initiative, except for writing, sometimes. That's just an idea in my head that I want to spread out.
posted by Eideteker 20 January | 08:40
For me, it's a general sense that this will be better. That's for small matters (it will Be Better when the dirty dishes are clean!) or bigger (it will Be Better when I finish the great American novel!) or in-between (it will Be Better when I re-upholster that chair!)

And truthfully? Right now, it will Be Better when I close the laptop, go get my shoes on, and get to my appointment. Bye, y'all!
posted by Elsa 20 January | 11:06
Too often, it's "There is nothing good about how I feel just sitting here, so it's time to do something,it's worth the brief unpleasantness that comes with effort."

But yes, it helps an awful lot to identify the first step, why it seems difficult or why you're afraid of it, and then identify what you can do about that.
posted by serena 20 January | 13:00
When faced with a particularly unpleasant or formidable task, I also remind myself that almost anything is better To Do than it is To Dread, whether it's cleaning the apartment, filling out complicated paperwork, starting a challenging new project, or having an awkward conversation.

For example, instead of "wah, I don't wanna do my physical therapy," I think "Oh, it's time to do my physical therapy, and then it'll be over." It doesn't always work, but it's something I keep in mind.
posted by Elsa 20 January | 15:43
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