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27 September 2011

Highlight of today's snailmail delivery: The announcement of a one-day Social Media Marketing Conference here in little San Luis Obispo.[More:] The Price? Only $199. Yeah, if I ever decide to get into that kind of business, I won't attend conferences, I'll stage them. THAT's where the money is. And no, I won't link to the Conference's website.

Also in the mail today, coupons for Carl's Jr. Chicken Things reminding me that they're "Hand Breaded. Because We Love You." Honestly, that's what it said. Come on, Carl, I know they're Hand Breaded because minimum wage workers cost less than decent equipment, and Carl's Jr. is a Job Creator.

Yeah, I know, I'm gonna get my own blog.
I was intrigued, so I found what you're talking about. Goodness, what a vague, amusing description.
For: Anyone wanting or needing to understand Social Media

* How to make social media “connect” for your business
* New tools and new ways to grow your business you may not have thought of
* How to define your strategy and create your plan before taking the plunge into social media
* The most common mistakes being made—spot them on the horizon and take a detour
* And much more!

Honestly, the outline of the day is enough to give most people enough to think about. And if you don't know how YouTube differs from Facebook ... well, you might be better off getting someone young on your staff. Trying to teach someone about social media in a day sounds as useful as trying to teach someone about current youth (ranging from pre-teens to twenty-somethings) trends in a day.
posted by filthy light thief 27 September | 17:00
flt, when I start up my Buzzword-Enabled Conference business, would you like to be an instructor?
posted by oneswellfoop 27 September | 17:30
I still think it's weird to call YouTube social media, but I guess on one level it is.
posted by deborah 27 September | 19:11
We have a friend who does a lot of this kind of conference, training, etc. He is pretty active with it - there's always demand - and yet his actual use of social media is so irritating that you kind of need to find ways to hide his updates and turn down his volume.
posted by Miko 27 September | 21:28
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