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25 September 2011

What have you forgotten to do lately? I was supposed to renew the registration on my car in August. Poopy.
I don't know. I forgot.
posted by Splunge 25 September | 14:32
Succeed at absolutely anything.
posted by Wolfdog 25 September | 14:35
I scalded and skimmed a pot of milk, mixed the hot milk with a knob of butter, a scoop of salt, and a tiny bit of sugar, swirled it 'til everything melted away, let it cool, and pulled out the whole wheat flour to make bread.

Then the phone rang and my day changed, so --- no big deal! --- I put the milk base in a jar and popped it in the fridge to finish later.

That was Wednesday.
posted by Elsa 25 September | 14:42
Apply for food stamps. I have been eligible for almost 7 years now, and I never gave them any notice.
posted by Ardiril 25 September | 14:42
I also left the rest of that gallon of milk out of the fridge overnight. What a stupid waste.
posted by Elsa 25 September | 14:45
Ummm, I forget.
posted by eekacat 25 September | 14:53
What Wolfdog said.

But in less general terms: I keep forgetting to make an appointment with an optometrist for new glasses and I'm about two years over due for a mammogram.
posted by deborah 25 September | 16:09
Oh, JEEZ. Eyeglasses. I keep forgetting that, too.
posted by Elsa 25 September | 16:20
I'll play your game - what have I forgotten to do?
posted by dg 25 September | 16:52
I forgot to buy plates. Do you know how hard it is to have a dinner party without plates?

I nearly forgot to renew my car registration, but remembered because of this thread, so thanks!
posted by punchtothehead 25 September | 17:56
I haven't forgotten. But I definitely don't know how to read signals from women. A couple of times now, I've been convinced someone I was into wasn't into me (after thinking they might be), and it's turned out I was wrong (after a pretty clear signal). And, of course, the last time I thought someone was into me, I was wrong about that, too.

But yeah, I never knew how to do that, so I can't really say I've forgotten.
posted by Eideteker 25 September | 18:24
OK, you got me, I hit preview on that comment a half-hour ago and forgot to come back and hit post.

I hope you're happy.
posted by Eideteker 25 September | 18:25
I forgot I have a "mandatory" meeting tomorrow at 9a at the office about timekeeping (insert major eyeroll here). I had the good sense to set a Google calendar reminder as I was afraid I would forget.
posted by bluesapphires 25 September | 18:47
Yeah, I finally got my car registration about six months late. Not sure how I avoided a ticket since I park on the street. I had to get a smog test and the stupid place is only open until 11am on Saturdays (and no hours Sundays). That is my excuse. [Ok, probably most people could get there before 11:00 quite easily.] O_o

Oh! I forgot to pay the Home Depot bill at work and the guys' cards got cut off. Whoops! :o)
posted by Glinn 25 September | 21:30
A client called the help desk and requested that [a certain tech] come to his office to help him. I called her on the Nextel and she said she was wrapped up in something that would take a while, someone else may need to get to that. I forgot to tell someone/anyone else to go. (facepalm)
posted by toastedbeagle 26 September | 12:28
I am having recurring frights that I forgot to pay bills. I'm usually driving somewhere at the time so I just worry about it till I get wherever and then I forget to check... repeat repeat repeat. Argh!
posted by mightshould 26 September | 23:07
Thanks for the reminder, mightshould - I keep forgetting to tell the car pool people that my work car is overdue for service. I remember each morning when I drive into the car park, then forget until I go back to the car in the evening. Done!
posted by dg 26 September | 23:30
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