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24 September 2011

What's currently stuck in your head? For me, it's this.
(and about a dozen other things)
posted by Eideteker 24 September | 06:40
Right now, this.
posted by gaspode 24 September | 07:05
A Dutch language ear-wormthat's a lot on the radio at the moment.
The lyrics are not that bad; about how your partner is about to break up with you and pre-emptively realigning your loyalties so she's left watching you walk away instead of the reverse.
posted by jouke 24 September | 07:11
Oh man, Everlong. I'm not that into indie music and the like. But that's such a hypnotic song and video. That made such an impression in '95; it still strikes a chord.
(and that's saying a lot for somebody whose 'indie' directory of stored music might as well for all intents and purposes have been termed 'bin'.)
posted by jouke 24 September | 07:16
YAY podeeeee!

Everlong is also wicked fun to play on a cold New England night. Rock Band, drums, set to Nightmare level of difficulty.

I survived, didn't drop out of the game. So, yeah. Not sure if anything will ever be that real again.
posted by Eideteker 24 September | 07:24
I love Oingo boingo! But I woke up with the Beatles All My Lovin' in my head. Have no idea why.
posted by Obscure Reference 24 September | 07:25

It's been stuck in my head all week. I need to see the Avett Brothers next time they're in town.
posted by punchtothehead 24 September | 07:25
It was the last song I listened to last night, because there was a Foo Fighters documentary coming on the television.

I remember seeing Oxes live a few years back, and they did a great cover of Everlong. All hilarious posturing and slow tempo and great guitars. This doesn't do the live version justice at all, so I'm dubious about linking it, but it might give you some idea.
posted by gaspode 24 September | 07:40
Demon Kitty Rag from my Pandora. Warning: May kill a grumpy mood.

I did Oingo Boingo for high school lip sync contest (10th grade). "Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me" - I got booed. (But various misfits found me in the hall in the next few days to tell me it was cool.)
posted by Glinn 24 September | 07:56
Bleu's "There's no such thing as love", but I am making up special lyrics just for Twinkie. I sing lots of songs for Twinkie.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 September | 08:03
I've been fighting this one for the better part of a month. Resistance is futile...
posted by jim in austin 24 September | 09:29
"Night and Day" by Al B. Sure, for some oddball reason, but it had been "Dead Man's Party" for days (inspired by my recent brainstorming for Halloween party songs). Wacky!
posted by trunk muffins 24 September | 10:08
Oh man. I would definitely trade earworms with you guys. This past week it's been hymns and Christmas carols. 'Just As I Am' is one of those songs that just WANTS to be on repeat.
posted by heatherann 24 September | 10:29
That goddamned song Mandy Moore sings at the beginning of "Tangled". My almost-4-year-old watches that freaking movie every freaking day.
posted by fancyoats 24 September | 11:18
Not really stuck in my head but I did start spontaneously singing it to the pups.

Demon Kitty Rag is awesome.
posted by bluesapphires 24 September | 11:49
posted by rollick 24 September | 11:55
I met Danny Elfman's mother when she gave a reading for her novel about Constance Wilde.

There's a photo of CW and Cyril on the cover, but A Different Light put it in their new lesbian fiction section. :-/
posted by brujita 24 September | 12:01
This thing.
posted by arse_hat 24 September | 12:40
Interstellar Overdrive.
posted by TheophileEscargot 24 September | 12:58
bluesapphires, I once serenaded my gf at the time with Three Little Pigs during a lovely row on the Charles. It was the first song to come into my head that I could remember all the words to. XD
posted by Eideteker 24 September | 13:11
Janet Jackson -- Escapade. Three days now. Gah.
posted by JanetLand 24 September | 13:12
Oh, and there's this insidious earworm...
posted by jim in austin 24 September | 13:34
The refrain and "doo doo doo"s from "Semi-Charmed Kind of Life." My brain is apparently stuck in 1997.
posted by occhiblu 24 September | 13:37
The refrain and "doo doo doo"s

Ah! Ah! Suddenly I have "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" in my head.

... it could be worse.
posted by Elsa 24 September | 13:44
Janet, I'll see your Janet and raise you Janet.
posted by Eideteker 24 September | 13:45
That's too funny, Eideteker.

occhiblu, I find those "doo doo doo"s to be the musical equivalent of cockroaches. They pop up just when you think they've been exterminated.
posted by bluesapphires 24 September | 13:46
Nothing at the moment, but earlier this week I woke up for several days in a row with this stuck in my head.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 September | 14:15
occhiblu, I find those "doo doo doo"s to be the musical equivalent of cockroaches. They pop up just when you think they've been exterminated.

Indeed. I thought they were gone last night, when I was singing something else instead, but they came back this morning. Grar.
posted by occhiblu 24 September | 14:23
Oddly enough, nothing at the moment. There is usually something. Most recently was this posted by BP a few days ago.
posted by deborah 24 September | 16:42
So good... || Warning, me in underpants.