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19 September 2011

The colour of your top ... [More:]... and the first object to your right = Your Superhero Name.

Beware the Black Remote Control!
The Pink Superhero!

No, actually, I'd be the Black Scanner.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 September | 15:34
The Grey Mouse, oddly enough. Which is not exactly awe-inspiring.
posted by crush-onastick 19 September | 15:43
The White End Table. *sigh* Even my superhero name sucks.
posted by bluesapphires 19 September | 15:48
The Gray Droid X2. Hmmm. Beats the name using the next object over, The Gray Coffee Mug.
posted by bearwife 19 September | 15:53
The Pink Penguin. Heh.
posted by gaspode 19 September | 15:53
Blue Swiss Army knife to the rescue!
posted by Splunge 19 September | 16:18
Blue Screwdriver saves the day!
posted by Elsa 19 September | 16:27
The Green Protoliterate Tablet

Actually it's a printout of a picture of a protoliterate tablet, but it sounds more interesting than The Green Printout or The Green Picture.
posted by Hugh Janus 19 September | 16:30
The Black Keyboard.
posted by JanetLand 19 September | 16:31
The Maroon Forklift.(?)
posted by ufez 19 September | 16:34
The White Folder strikes!
posted by dg 19 September | 16:40
posted by The Whelk 19 September | 16:54
( husband : Blue Mirror!)
posted by The Whelk 19 September | 16:56
The Pink Shelf Bracket. Rawr.
posted by Glinn 19 September | 17:02
Crimson Pickle.
posted by arse_hat 19 September | 17:05
The Pink Catnip Toy.
posted by peacheater 19 September | 17:16
The Bare Empty Glass.
posted by Ardiril 19 September | 17:17
The Red Stack of Mail!
posted by occhiblu 19 September | 17:33
Black Sophie!

(she's one of my cats)
posted by wens 19 September | 17:39
The Black Book. Hm. There's kind of something to that!
posted by Wolfdog 19 September | 17:59
Bee Bopper! (I am at work and a can of insecticide is on my direct right. . .)

This stuff shoots 25 feet. . .badass, for yellowjackets, at least.
posted by danf 19 September | 18:01
Plaid Planner
posted by unsurprising 19 September | 18:23
Blue cat toy to the rescue!
posted by mightshould 19 September | 18:34
Green Canteen (well, it's a water bottle, but that doesn't have the same ring to it).
posted by filthy light thief 19 September | 18:34
The Navy Jar of Water, at your service.
posted by fancyoats 19 September | 19:09
The Plaid Vornado and his blades of justice!
posted by fleacircus 19 September | 19:11
White Mouse (or Bowl of Cereal).
posted by sperose 19 September | 19:19
Lilac Binder!
posted by rhapsodie 19 September | 19:23
The pink remote controller. Now that super-ability would be cool!
posted by Susurration 19 September | 19:24
The Green Pillow. Dun DaDaDa!!
posted by redvixen 19 September | 19:57
The Grey Headphones!
posted by msali 19 September | 20:05
The Pink Mouse strikes again!
posted by deborah 19 September | 20:05
Black Trackball. I like the rhyme.
posted by box 19 September | 20:07
I haven't owned a top since I was a kid. I might have a dreidl somewhere, does that count?
posted by Eideteker 19 September | 20:15
*Sigh* Blueberry Telephone lol
posted by rollick 19 September | 20:25
I'm changing mine as The White Laptop [of Justice!] sounds much better :o)
posted by bluesapphires 19 September | 20:49
The Blue Wall (I told you I had a small apartment...)
posted by oneswellfoop 19 September | 22:08
Black Pillow. That SUCKS. If I go to the next object to my right, it could be Black Cremains, which would make a good villain name (my dogs urn).
posted by evilcupcakes 19 September | 22:25
I am the White Vintage Fruit Crate.

That just doesn't seem to work.

But my only other choice is to be the White Wire Inbox.
posted by Miko 19 September | 22:43
Right now I'd be White Baby Taylor.

I kind of feel like I should always be White Baby Taylor.
posted by Hugh Janus 19 September | 22:58
French Blue Q-Tip. Not so much "superhero" as "prim British techno-nerd who provides gadgetry for the superhero", but that's okay.
posted by notquitemaryann 19 September | 23:16
(looks down, looks right) The gray beagle. Wth? Or...the gray Wilson. Nah, still not awe inspiring. The gray dog-bed? Oh, yeah, that's it.
posted by toastedbeagle 20 September | 00:21
My choices are to be The Green Sunset Magazine, The Green Eyeglass Cloth or The Green USB Thumb Drive.
posted by jamaro 20 September | 02:01
The...ummm...Topless Lunchbox.

posted by ninazer0 20 September | 02:36
(I'm wearing a sarong, but it's sort of slipping and...oh, nevermind)
posted by ninazer0 20 September | 02:37
The Red Diet Soda. No, not Faygo. The Red Diet Soda! Oh never mind, clearly I can't help you. What am gonna do, burp? Stain white stuff? Make people go "yuck"?
posted by rainbaby 20 September | 05:50
The Black and Grey Desk Calendar.
posted by amro 20 September | 10:47
I did an image search for Vintage Fruit Crate and found nightmare fuel.
posted by Wolfdog 20 September | 11:17
Unsee! Unsee!
posted by Miko 20 September | 11:37
... what's crazy is that I've been doing image searches for "vintage fruit crate" and "vintage apple crate" for days and NEVER ONCE CAME ACROSS THAT IMAGE. That was a happier time.
posted by Elsa 20 September | 12:27
The Black Pen!

Cower, evil-doers, as I write a strongly worded Super Memo! On my Super... clipboard.
posted by FishBike 20 September | 13:20
Do not attempt to sweep it under the carpet around...

posted by Kronos_to_Earth 20 September | 13:46
The Black Yellow Legal Pad.
posted by plinth 20 September | 15:28
The Grey Thesaurus. I like it.
posted by andraste 20 September | 18:59

posted by Doohickie 20 September | 19:00
The Grey Mouse, oddly enough. Which is not exactly awe-inspiring

I presume you've not heard of Nancy Wake?

(I am also the Grey Mouse just now)
posted by pompomtom 20 September | 20:57
The Scarlet Candy Box!

Also, this is totally cracking me up:

The...ummm...Topless Lunchbox.

Because my pool league name (yes, officially with the APA) is Lunchbox, and used to spend a lot of time sans top.
posted by Specklet 21 September | 15:25
Why does every company I like have to devolve into some evil parody of itself? || Foodgasm