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16 September 2011

NTT. Since LJ is kinda dying, I'm going to move my Name That Tune game over here. [More:]

0. I come out grinnin'

1. And I said, "Hey, seņorita, that's astute," I said. "Why don't we get together and call ourselves an institute?"

2. I didn't know nobody
And then I saw you coming my way

3. My heart beats a rather odd drum solo

4. It's just murder.
'Least you know I care.

5. In all that time, I thought that I
was getting something right

6. Like a joke that's told
without its final line

7. I wanna know how it feels when she gives in

8. Well, there is something you should know
We may not be simpatico

9. You don't notice cuz the music's too loud

Give it your best guess. There may just be a pattern!
I finally remembered -- No. 0 is Mellencamp's Authority Song.
posted by JanetLand 16 September | 14:19
Correct, JanetLand!
posted by Eideteker 16 September | 14:24
Urk, don't recognize any of them. But LJ is kinda dying? How so?
posted by moonshine 16 September | 14:35
6. The Walkmen, "Wake Up."
posted by bearwife 16 September | 14:37
I have only indirect experience with LJ but apparently the move to Russia has resulted in a lot of downtime issues. Various reasons have been proffered, some may be true. The result has been the flight of many english-speaking bloggers and their readers.

I don't recognize any of these songs. This doesn't surprise me.
posted by Ardiril 16 September | 14:39
2 Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
posted by arse_hat 16 September | 14:44
6 and 2 are correct. Good job, bearwife and arse_hat!

Urk, don't recognize any of them. But LJ is kinda dying? How so?

Well, no one really participates in my namethattune community anymore (including me, sadly), so I'm bringing the game here!

As more songs are guessed, you may be able to reflect on the answers and find a pattern that may (just may!) help fill in the rest.
posted by Eideteker 16 September | 14:53
#1 is by Paul Simon but I don't remember which song.
posted by octothorpe 16 September | 15:26
Paul Simon, huh? OK, then #1 is Gumboots.
posted by bearwife 16 September | 18:00
Ah, shoot, I had #2 but was beat to it. Cool.
posted by rainbaby 16 September | 18:28
Well done, bearwife. #2 makes 2 for you! (with the assist from o-thorpe!)
posted by Eideteker 17 September | 00:05
0. Johnny Cougar - Authority Song

1. Paul Simon - Gumboots

2. Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend

3. The Black & White Years - Up!

4. Helmet - See You Dead

5. Toadies - Quitter

6. Walkmen - Wake up

7. Local H - Keep Your Girlfriend

8. Sparks - Dick Around

9. Jimmy Eat World - Authority Song

Not really a theme, but the songs were related in some way, mirrored around the center of the list.

9 refers to 0.
1 and 8 both feature loan words (senorita, simpatico)
2 and 7 - 'Girlfriend'
3 & 6 - Feature the theme of waking up
5 & 4 - Twisted love revenge songs

Thanks for playing!
posted by Eideteker 18 September | 02:09
What nice thing can I send my aunt, who's having a bad time? || um, yeah...