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11 September 2011

aw man some senile weirdo has been commenting randomly on my blog for a while[More:]

the content is not important it's kinda rambling but also kinda creepy, little stories, like some alice in wonderland edgar allen poe nonsense in the first person but disjointed

i just kept deleting his comments and later made comments on my blog moderate-only but it started weirding me out a bit once he started interspersing my name in there so i tried to send his (or her i suppose) comments straight to spam

then they started writing different sorts of things not getting caught by the filter so finally even though I didn't want to I installed disqus which is like a 3rd party tool for commenting and set it up so it confirms an email address (or uses facebook etc) before someone can comment

now a couple months later he signed in through some yahoo account and left the comment via disqus. SIGH

I'm not particularly creeped out this time round but sigh I'm tired of playing this cat and mouse game. I guess I just have to set everything to moderation required, read his nonsense as it comes through and then just blacklist whatever email address or identity he comments with
Troll working the long con? Very rare.

This might be someone you know. I am not going to name names, but IT'S HUGH JANUS GET HIM GET HIM.
posted by fleacircus 11 September | 15:03
So, you got a blog, eh?
posted by Ardiril 11 September | 15:04
Ardiril just my regular site. It's not very personal or anything like that more like a scrapbook (what kids these days use Tumblr for)

just to reiterate these aren't good or coherent trollish writings they're kinda weird, rambling and disjointed and freaky. the latest.
posted by Firas 11 September | 15:14
Senile doesn't necessarily mean weirdo. Nothing personal. But having lived with a senile grandmother that phrasing sort of irked me.
posted by Splunge 11 September | 15:30
well, I'm sorry I wrote it in an ambiguous way but I meant it as two different words together. I don't know if its senility per se but there does seem to be some mental issue here. I'm allowed to find weird writings weird right? Regardless of the prompting issue? I mean I just want to be left alone regardless
posted by Firas 11 September | 15:38
Those are the random neuron firings of a 20-year old, I have no doubt. I wrote tons of lyrics in college using that method. It is the antithesis of a systems approach and gets harder to do well as humans age. What the motive may be, however, is beyond me. Who uses the word 'dinty' as an adjective? My google-fu failed me on that one.
posted by Ardiril 11 September | 15:42
hey that's interesting. I found a couple old comments in my email (out of dozens and dozens I got permanently rid of over the last 18 months or so) and the idea that this is some writing exercise related thing is plausible. The person was also first attracted to some artist related posts on my blog from 2-3 years ago (I'm not being very specific cause I don't want them to find this and then started bothering me on other websites, twitter etc)

But yeah I guess the solution is to just be relaxed about it and chalk it up to the nature of putting open comments up
posted by Firas 11 September | 15:54
Does the word 'dinty' mean anything to you? That's the one clue that sticks it's head up far above the rest.
posted by Ardiril 11 September | 16:00
nope. except for that canned food thing
posted by Firas 11 September | 16:05
I don't think it's me but I sure like his style!
posted by Hugh Janus 11 September | 16:20
Does he mean "dainty"?
posted by fancyoats 11 September | 18:32
From the linked text...
...coming back to get your canteen ol' dinty ox joints moore indeed.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Thorzdad 12 September | 08:20
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