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10 September 2011

Recipe for Insomia Cole Slaw [More:] So I'm wide awake at 2:30 AM NYC time. I look in the fridge and remember that I was going to make cole slaw tomorrow. Well what better time than now, think I.

The cole slaw came out great. The recipe follows:

Where the heck is the damn mandolin. Oh yeah there.

Grating a couple of carrots on box grater. Shredding a bunch of cabbage.

Okay now the thing I should do is salt the cabbage to get some liquid out. Nah.

Put shredded carrots and cabbage in my cool giant mixing bowl. Look around. Hmm. I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah, dressing.

Rummage through fridge again. Find lo-fat mayo, sour cream, organic apple cider vinegar.

Also get sugar, salt, celery seed and pepper grinder. I think that's all.

Two glops of mayo. That looks right. Three big glops of sour cream. A splash (or two) of vinegar. Mmmm. That smells good. Splash a bit more.

A few good shakes of celery seed. A small spoon of sugar or so.

A small palm of salt. Like Justin Wilson used to do. I guarantee!

Grind pepper until it looks right.

Mix for a long time because I like to mix things. (What?)

Taste. Damn that shit is banging!

Put in a plastic container to mellow overnight. Wash ALL the things.

Now you can make it too. Easy right?

I drool in your general direction.

I'm one of those rare homosapiens who universally prefers cabbage to lettuce, but am particularly enchanted when it is shredded properly. I was seriously disappointed in the decline of supermarket deli slaw when they all changed from shredded to little cut cubes of cabbage and carrot, KentuckyFuckingChicken style. What was up with THAT? But it forced me into make-your-own slaw mode (although whenever the packaged shreds were on sale, I'd celebrate my freedom from shredding). And I must confess, my oversimplified recipe (that I picked up from my ex-wife) never included sour cream. How could I have made that oversight? I toss at least a little sour cream into damn near every other kind of sauce or dressing I ever concoct!

I think I mentioned once or eight-times that in college I frequented an old Arbys that had a substantial off-the-franchise menu where they'd use the big slicer to slice meats that were more real than those questionable Arby's roasts. And my favorite sandwich there was informally called the Goy Reuben, because instead of sauerkraut, the pile of good corned beef was topped with a pile of good cole slaw. Of course, it was even better with a slather of Arby's just-enough-horseradish-for-my-tender-tastebuds Horsey Sauce. I am drooling now. Must get a ride to the store tomorrow for a cabbage head or bag of shreds... and some corned beef... and some extra sour cream... gotta experiment to figure out how much is enough...

The best slaw idea from my ex: red cabbage. Not mixed with the green: ALL red cabbage. No real difference in flavor but the color grabs your attention (especially at office potlucks where I upstaged some much more elaborate dishes). Not so much when it's piled on top of corned beef, then it just blends in.
posted by oneswellfoop 10 September | 02:43
Had some coleslaw from KFC yesterday, and it was overdressed, as always, but really fresh. Just drained some of the dressing and enjoyed. The goddess dressing from Trader Joe's makes good coleslaw. Fresh green cabbage is tasty to snack on, esp. the tender heart, with or without dressing. I like to add cabbage to roasted vegetables. Caabbage soup with cabbage, a couple potatoes, chicken broth and kielbasa is easy and tasty. My Mom made sweet & sour red cabbage - so good, with or without bacon.

Sauerkraut = delicious fermented cabbage

Caraway seeds = abomination
posted by theora55 10 September | 13:07
Coleslaw is about the only way I like cabbage. And one grocery store (HEB?) in Texas had something called "slim slaw" that was oh my god good. I have no idea how they made it, but damn, it's one of the few things I miss about Texas.
posted by deborah 10 September | 14:39
Yeah, I can't do the caraway seed thing in coleslaw. But I find that ground celery seed adds a certain something. The batch I made was actually creamier than I usually like. And ultimately it needed a bit more vinegar. But the wife loved it. And that's good enough for me.

As for KFC coleslaw, I used to like it a lot. But it seems to be too sweet lately. I don't get it any more. The confetti tipe of coleslaw can be fine, but I do prefer the shredded kind. The sour cream thing was something that I saw on a cooking show. Maybe America's Test Kitchen. It seemed like a flash of genius when I first tried it. But I can't take credit for it.
posted by Splunge 11 September | 16:31
I just listened to Errol Morris on the Sound of Young America || My New Camera!!!