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09 September 2011

Weekend plans 3-point report [More:]
1. I need to buy some new clothes. My work trousers are too big, and now I'm working 3 days a week at home, I need some nicer lounging clothes than the saggy, baggy old things I'm using now.

2. A long run tomorrow, now the running group is gearing up for our 8k in a couple of weeks' time.

3. On Sunday - I am SO excited - I will be seeing Specklet and TheDonF, who are over in the UK for a wedding. I miss them so much since they moved to Portland.
1. Saturday: car maintenance at noon, annual Beloved Canine Companion checkup at 2:30 and lots of errands to run in between. Also packing (see #3).

2. Really hoping to squeeze in some bicycling or running or yoga on Saturday too.

3. Fly out to a conference in San Diego on Sunday. Don't return until Thursday evening.
posted by bearwife 09 September | 14:43
1. The weather forecasts cannot make up their mind whether this weekend will be too hot for me to go out or rains flooding the Inland Empire. Either way, I doubt I will go far.

2. I got a bottle of Jamesons. I love irish whiskey, although I probably won't sip any more than half a shot at a time, every 3 days or so.

3. If I can keep my strength up, I'm going to throw myself into finishing up this project I am working on so I can clear it out of here and get working on other stuff.

x: Oh yeah, jury duty on Monday. Nothing beats fucking with the system from the inside.
posted by Ardiril 09 September | 15:05
1. Motorcycling up to the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY, tomorrow. Hope to get some riding in the area done, as well.

2. Will probably go to an improv show in the evening. Graduation show for one of my (new) friends!

3. Sunday morning, I have a Genius Bar appt. to get my macbook looked at. I think this is the problem. After that, improv class! Then whatever's left of the weekend is for chores. =(

Other than that, just maintaining. You know.
posted by Eideteker 09 September | 15:11
(also going to look at MacBook Airses while at the Apple Store, but not buying until after I finish building my desktop PC.)
posted by Eideteker 09 September | 15:14
1. Housewarming party for a friend that I have to leave early for...

2. Singalong Sound of Music with another friend. Who is not speaking to Friend 1. Tricky.

3. Small Press Expo on Sunday, where various people from different circles of my life may meet and/or clash.

I should probably stop worrying about making sure everyone else gets along...
posted by JoanArkham 09 September | 15:32
1. I am getting married tomorrow, but the fellow didn't take the day off. Le sigh. It should be okay, though.

2. I am at that "jettisoning fuel" stage where we decided at the last minute that a) I would not be making my parents adorable corsages involving clay carrots, b) we would not be bringing his mom's special chairs in, and c) hell, at this point we may not even have programs if I continue being this lazy. Wheeeeee!

This has resulted in four straight hours of me watching the original "Upstairs, Downstairs" (which we were not supposed to have, because HELLO, Netflix, STREAMING ONLY THANK YOU).

3. Please, God, don't let me have a cold like everyone else in this apartment.
posted by Madamina 09 September | 15:41
Er... let me clarify. He didn't take the day off TODAY and will thus be a little late to the rehearsal, but that's okay.
posted by Madamina 09 September | 15:42
Congratulations, Madamina! I'm sure everything will work out and you'll have a beautiful day.
posted by punchtothehead 09 September | 15:51
Whew! That would have been some scheduling mix-up. Congratulations!
posted by JoanArkham 09 September | 15:51
Yay, madamina. Good luck to you both.
posted by Senyar 09 September | 15:54
Congrats, Madamina! Don't let your wedding pics take as long as the fleece pics you still owe me. ;)

Have fun!
posted by Eideteker 09 September | 16:01
Congrats! Enjoy your day and screw the programs!

I only have a 1-point update.

1. Going to a coworker's house tomorrow for a pig pickin'. Yum.
posted by Stewriffic 09 September | 16:57
I too say "screw the programs"! I was in a wedding once where the bride was printing programs the morning of her wedding, having all sorts of printer problems. Finally it was time for her to, ya know, get dressed and be the bride so I announced, you have 10 more minutes of this and then you're done. After 10 minutes, I led her away from the computer. Don't work that hard!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 17:03
Good luck, madamina! Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures. As a matter of fact, I don't think Occhiblu has shown us her wedding pictures yet, has she? I have always wondered what she and ikkyu2 look like....

1. Settling down into the temporary digs here in my new hometown. The apartment where we are staying is across the street from a beach, so now that the rain has stopped, that pretty much rocks. My husband finally made it here, so we are a happy little family again.

2. Going to do some cooking tomorrow, because I got to get out and buy some groceries tonight. I love having all new ingredients to cook with.

3. JOINING PIILATES STUDIO IMMEDIATELY. I would love to get a few sessions in this weekend if I can (apparatus classes run about 12 bucks US a pop, I love this country!). I feel about as flexible as a clam right now.
posted by msali 09 September | 17:16
Nothing much, really. My cat is sick.
posted by JanetLand 09 September | 17:40
Congratulations madamina!

1. Movie glut
3.Straighten up.
posted by brujita 09 September | 17:52
Hope kitty gets better!
posted by brujita 09 September | 17:53
Congrats madamina! I hope your cat comes through with some extra love and snuggles, JanetLand.

1. Today was pdoc day and we're still working on tweaking the meds a bit, but she's concerned about the time of year badness that I always get around this time. Then I went to Ashton to go see a purse my mother got me, which was surprisingly cute.

2. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go for a walk in the morning (if it's not too swampy outside, because going for walks in high humidity makes me feel like I can't breathe), schoolwork, and then Wicca class in the evening, where I have to present my palmistry project that I am really nervous about.

3. Sunday is work, like usual. From 9-630, woo! At least I have the office all to myself so I can get lots done, because I have someone coming down to train me on processing whole collections on Monday and Tuesday.
posted by sperose 09 September | 18:51
Yay, congratulations Madamina!

JanetLand I hope your kitty gets better very soon.

1. Having a bit of an emotional time, so I'm trying very hard to keep busy.
2. Going to a huge flea market (a twice a year event) in Ocean Grove tomorrow. Bonus, I get to meet my mom's new beau!
3. Sunday I plan on attending a memorial event for 9/11. One of my lifelong friends lost her brother that day, so I wanted to pay my respects.
posted by redvixen 09 September | 18:57
posted by Eideteker 09 September | 19:07
1. Zip
2. Zilch
3. Nada

Yay Madamina!

Hope kitty is feeling better soon, JanetLand.
posted by deborah 09 September | 20:39
1) some yoga
2) some sun

and I'll have yo figure out what #3 is
posted by rollick 09 September | 20:58
1. I am anxiously awaiting our wedding pics. :-) We should get them in a month or so, and I will share a few, I promise.

2. I, too, am going to a conference in San Diego. Bearwife, are you going to the IVAT conference?

3. We had chicken kebabs with a balsamic vinegar and pomegranate molasses glaze for dinner tonight and they were soooo good.
posted by occhiblu 09 September | 23:08
Also, we did not have wedding programs and I was very happy with that decision. Waste of paper, waste of time.
posted by occhiblu 09 September | 23:10
Can't wait to see occhiblu wedding pics!

1. Saw the off-Broadway revival of RENT tonight. The production wasn't perfect but I still loved it. It has a lot more timeless moments than I previously thought.
2. Tomorrow, youth mentor training all day then (dundunDUNNNNN) haircut time! Going shorter again. I'm excited.
3. Sunday, baby celebration meetup!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 23:21
1. Finally unpacking my apartment which has been in boxes for 6 weeks (I have no excuse for dawdling -- there are no words for my laziness). Hopefully, I will find (i)socks and (ii)my old camera because (i)it's getting cooler here, and (ii)I need to start doing hobbies on the weekend now that the "unpacking" excuse is going away.
[Is it ok to have sub-points?]

2. Making spotted dick (if you know of a recipe that doesn't use "beef suet" or another good British delicacy recipe, let me know) for...

3. the Dr Who/British TV marathon my friends are having tomorrow!

Congrats Madamina and occhiblu!!
posted by bluefly 10 September | 09:55
Sending kitty whuffles to Janetland.
posted by Senyar 10 September | 10:37
Thanks folks. Kitty is eating again, which is a good sign.
posted by JanetLand 10 September | 13:29
Yay, Kitty!
posted by Ardiril 10 September | 17:00
bluefly: there is a vegetarian suet substitute in the UK, called Atora, but I don't know which would be more difficult, finding Atora where you are, or asking a butcher for some shredded beef kidney fat (if you're not vegetarian). That's all suet is.

Me: 1. Heading to Maine on Monday (currently in NYC but am here for such a short time that I didn't propose a meetup, plus, I'm shy). See proposed meetup on MeFi!

2. Hoping that this proper break will help me get my thoughts in order about work and plans for the future.

3. Waiting for Mr alto to wake up so we can go eat. Jetlag is a bitch, though I'm aware it'll be much worse on the way back...
posted by altolinguistic 10 September | 17:38
1. Helped sister lay out art in her new (my old) apt
2. Mom and partner are coming into town to see our new apartments but it might be stressful because they are allergic to cats and florwers and we have both.
3. Bf has school events most of sat but we should be able to finally hang out Sunday and do something fun after fam leaves
posted by rmless2 10 September | 17:47
Yay, Kitty! (Is there an echo in here?)

I have actually done something this weekend:
1. went to Denny's for lunner/dinch
2. went to EB Games and finally succumbed to purchasing Sims 3.
3. just finished watching the original Star Wars
posted by deborah 10 September | 20:43
Thanks altolinguistic! I asked the butcher for beef kidney fat at Whole Foods, and he smiled like crazy; I guess butchers live for the less popular parts of the animal. But he said he needed 24 hours for their next shipment of beef to come in, and I couldn't wait. I made Nigella Lawson's welsh rarebit muffins instead.
posted by bluefly 11 September | 09:43
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