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09 September 2011

6.7 (6.4?) Earthquake off of Vancouver Island - The mister and I didn't feel it, but it was felt all the way out where we are 343KM from the epicentre and even farther (San Francisco?!). Did any PNW bunnies feel it?
No damage reports yet. Let's hope it stays that way.
posted by deborah 09 September | 15:40
Nope, and apparently a lot of people on Vancouver Island didn't either. The western side of Vancouver Island is very thinly populated, btw -- there are just a couple of towns.
posted by bearwife 09 September | 17:09
The USGS got a response on this one from Lincoln, Nebraska, which is somewhat dubious.

Population density map of BC. Black = too few people to measure.

Back in college I knew a guy who was planning to hitchhike to Alaska "up the coast" from Vancouver. I told him there weren't any roads there (just something I knew from being a map geek), and he scoffed: "There are always roads!" I guess he did make it but via the Alaska Highway in the end.
posted by dhartung 09 September | 19:00
Yeah, can't say I believe the person in Nebraska; even SF is hard to believe, perhaps people in Oregon felt it, but even that is far-fetched.

That map is pretty cool, dhartung, thanks for linking it. I've been as far north as Terrace and yep, no roads along the coast.

bearwife: I've been to Victoria twice. I want to take a week or so holiday and circumnavigate the Island, but it hasn't happened yet. I keep whining to the mister that he never takes me anywhere. ;-)
posted by deborah 09 September | 20:20
I'm in West Van and didn't feel a thing
posted by rollick 09 September | 20:56
Oh yes, the mister works in North Van, but wasn't in today (he works from home 2-3 days a week). He said the people on the ground floor didn't really feel much, but people on the sixth floor (where he works) did feel it.
posted by deborah 09 September | 21:02
Deborah, we honeymooned in Tofino. It is like heaven. There is a big state park in driving distance, a ton of outdoors things to do, and some very wonderful restaurants. We stayed in a B&B with a little trail to the beach. Ahhhh.
posted by bearwife 10 September | 13:30
Someone claims they felt it in Nebraska? Because I'm in Seattle and I had no idea there had been an earthquake. I call shenanigans.
posted by gc 10 September | 19:52
I need opinions from you nice bunnies. || Juuust a taste, he said...