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22 August 2011

What would you do if you were president of the United States?
Be almost immediately assassinated.

Oh, you mean what I would do myself? A ton of temporary appointments (that the Congress wouldn't be able to reject) to important jobs of people who know what they're doing and haven't been allowed near the halls of Government. I think that's the only way anybody outside the 'mainstream' (from Ralph Nader to Ron Paul) would ever have a chance of achieving anything meaningful. Of course, as noted above, I'd then be almost immediately assassinated.
posted by oneswellfoop 22 August | 15:57
Declare myself Empress for Life.
posted by deborah 22 August | 16:37
Fight to get rid of the Electoral College.
posted by Splunge 22 August | 17:27
My first public words would be, "I'm not here to get re-elected."
posted by Ardiril 22 August | 17:42
Wish for unlimited wishes, of course. Duh.
'Cause the only way I'd get to be Prez is via my first of three Genie wishes.
posted by Thorzdad 22 August | 17:54
No no no you wish that the genie falls in love with you and never tries to harm you.
posted by The Whelk 22 August | 18:31
That's a good one, The Whelk. Is that yours? Is it stealable?
posted by Ardiril 22 August | 18:39
It's from the Jinn In The Nightingale's Eye, I think. The woman figures this out cause she's, surprise, an expert PH.D student on myth and folklore.
posted by The Whelk 22 August | 18:50
posted by punchtothehead 22 August | 18:52
I thought it was from I Dream of Jeannie.
posted by oneswellfoop 22 August | 19:30
I would have sex with Marilyn Monroe.

posted by jason's_planet 22 August | 19:36
Finally order a pair of Haggars with room for my balls.
posted by mullacc 22 August | 19:53
Restore the bowling alley to its Nixon-era glory.
posted by box 22 August | 22:47
Correct all the spelling.
posted by pompomtom 23 August | 06:53
shit, man. 2 chicks at the same time, definitely.
posted by Eideteker 23 August | 07:38
All-new, WPA 2.0.
posted by Miko 23 August | 08:01
Appoint John Kerry FBI director.
posted by warbaby 23 August | 08:59
Replace every man in the Congress with a woman, and every woman with a man. See how y'all like that ratio for a change.
posted by toastedbeagle 23 August | 12:30
Making jewelry? || In response to school started today