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29 June 2011

Midweek 3-point update [More:]
1. Last night I ran just over 4K with my running group. This is week 7 of our Couch to 5K and I cannot believe the progress I've made in such a short time. I was next-to-last out of 27 runners, but I sprinted the last 100 yards, cheered on by the 25 runners who'd finished ahead of me.

2. Lucy's new ceramic drinking fountain arrived today. The plastic fountain she used to have gave her chin acne, and it would get really slimy, no matter how often I cleaned it. It was noisy and the charcoal filters were expensive, so I Freecycled it. I set up her new fountain, and she went outside and drank from the trough of water left out for the birds which is full of leaves, bird poop and drowned bugs.

3. The Apprentice is on TV this evening. I'm hoping against hope that Tom will hang on in there and that Melody or Susan will be fired tonight.
I set up her new fountain, and she went outside and drank from the trough of water left out for the birds which is full of leaves, bird poop and drowned bugs.

HAHAHA cats are such ingrates!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 June | 12:31
1. Finally sorted out so many things and I am relieved. I submitted my grad school resume, which I've been procrastinating away for three or four months. And I got a sticky insurance/medication situation fixed.

2. Spent this weekend on Long Island at my uncle's beach house, and totally chilled out. I needed that so much. I haven't seen much of my parents' families recently, and it was nice to re-discover how awesome they are. And now they're marrying awesome people, so our parties are getting even bigger.

3. I am determined not to let myself start packing until July 1, but it's so hard. I just want to be out of this place. I scheduled a two week long business trip just to reduce the time I have left (and maximize the time I spend in air-conditioned places.)
posted by punchtothehead 29 June | 12:33
1. Working at home today, and about to go sit outside in the sunshine for a bit.

2. Going to the shore for the weekend with the SO, and really looking forward to a totally relaxing weekend, though still stressing about letting my ridiculously in-shape and younger-than-me SO see my thigh cellulite in a bathing suit in the bright sunshine.

3. Stupid how my anxiety ramps up when I have nothing to be anxious about! Like, I can never just relax and ENJOY LIFE, I always have to worry that if things are going well then something crappy must be coming down the line.
posted by amro 29 June | 12:34
1. We got an amazing new microfilm reader today at work, but the tech guys are having a hard time getting the software we asked for to cooperate. Also, I have to be that asshole and ask them to hook it up to the printer because I thought it came with one, but it obviously didn't. It does all sorts of stuff automatically (except shine your shoes) and I'm itching to go play with it (and write up the instructions on how to use all of the nifty features).

2. It turns out that the thing on my finger isn't a wart at all! I suppose that would explain why the wart remover stuff hasn't worked. I had to get it biopsied and I swore so much when they were sticking me that the nurse called it "biopsy induced tourettes". (I did apologize in between the swears, but I really hate needles and almost passed out.) So I get to find out in 2 weeks what the hell it is. I think they cut most of it off, but I can't tell until I remove the bandage, which I'm not allowed to do until tonight.

3. I'm nervous about therapy this week. I feel like I've run out of things to talk about and so I have to tell the dude that. :-/
posted by sperose 29 June | 12:37
1. My cardiologist confirmed my regular doctor and believes my chronic angina may be gone. Whether this is good or not is complicated, because the reason for the angina was possibly an island of live heart tissue surrounded by dead muscle that was being (inadequately) fed by an artery that bridged that dead tissue. This island may have died recently and thus would no longer cause any pain. This would explain uncertain events that occurred over the first three months of this year. However, simultaneous to all that, I also got one of California's medicinal marijuana cards, and my stress levels plummeted, and high stress was one confirmed source of my angina. I feel though that this will have a positive effect on my overall quality of life, so bugger the reasons and whatnot.

2. The kids got a substantial loan from the girlfriend's grandparents, and they will be moving to Seattle at the end of July. I will be free again. Thing is, although Fresno sucks, this apartment and the general vicinity accommodate my needs quite well and I can get quite loud with my music here. I will be looking to move on, but I can keep my standards high.

3. The heat is not affecting me this summer nearly as bad as it did last year. I still hate heat on general principles, but at least I can run for groceries at most any time.

posted by Ardiril 29 June | 12:47
Update to #1: The software issue is still being worked on (and appears to be crankiness between Windows 7 and our ILS version not being officially supported on that yet) but the tech guys were really nice and explained it to me and I slipped in my request to have the printer added and they were super awesome about it.

Ardiril, hooray for improved quality of life!
posted by sperose 29 June | 13:01
1. Things have been pretty slow around the office, so I'm doing a bunch of filing - some of which is from last year. It feels good, but I think I'm making a bigger mess than I had before I started filing.

2. Un-friended someone on FB for the first time yesterday. It was someone I should have never been FB friends with in the first place, given our RL history. I feel glad to be done with it.

3. The BF and I are going to trivia tonight. It should be fun, but is at a Chili's restaurant, so that's a bit odd. It's an excuse to go out without spending much though - we have two or three Chili's gift cards to use up.
posted by youngergirl44 29 June | 13:49
1. Taking the afternoon off from work and I feel like I'm playing hooky. I thought I had a semi-valid reason to (see #2) but it's also been slow and hot and screw it, I'm covering a 10.5 hour shift at the clinic on my day off this week anyways, so yay hooky!

2. Came home to find an acceptance letter to State U. as an official "non-degree seeking undergraduate transfer student", which is nice. I was beginning to get apprehensive about the status of my application (mainly official transcript sending from the other two colleges I've attended) and was prepared to use part of my afternoon off making a ton of phone calls to get it sorted out. So yay for that. Unfortunately, State U wants me to attend an Orientation session. I don't want to sound like captain asshole, but look, I've got 164 college credits on my transcript. I really don't need to drive an hour each way just to hear about how you can make friends by joining clubs that interest you and every Tuesday is movie night at the Student Union and blah fucking blah (I'm going to be commuting via bus right now anyways. I don't care what's going on on campus, thx.) I'm hoping I can get out of it, but at this point, I can't register for classes until I get it resolved one way or the other, damn it.

3. Dinner and beers with a good buddy tonight. Looking forward to that very much.
posted by ufez 29 June | 13:58
1. After emptying everything --- and I mean EVERYTHING --- out of our tiny overpacked bathroom last night, we got up absurdly early today to clear out for the plumbers our landlord scheduled. I told the landlord we'd be working outside the home today (since they were planning to remove our toilet and maybe some sub-flooring) and double-checked that the landlord could let them in himself and we didn't need to be on-site.

2. Though we're both pretty sleep-deprived and groggy (we're both night owls, and I've been recovering from a bug), we killed as much time as possible having breakfast, doing errands, and then went to a matinee of Green Lantern (solidly average). We swung by the house and found that the plumbers had apparently cleared out. Hurray!

3. Nope. The plumbers never got in at all. The landlord, when he returned my call, blithely told me "Gosh, I've been outta town all day!" Yeeeeah. hard to be on-site as promised and out of town, mister. We are going to have to go through this all over again another day, but probably with even less notice.
posted by Elsa 29 June | 14:49
1- Yay for good news from Ardiril and punchtothehead.

2-We went house-browsing on Friday, submitted an offer on a house Monday, and it was accepted yesterday. I guess we are about to be home-owners again.

3-It's unbearably hot and I couldn't sleep worth a damn last night. No break in the forecast.
posted by toastedbeagle 29 June | 14:50
Ugh, Elsa, that sounds so irritating.
posted by punchtothehead 29 June | 14:55
And then I was carrying the laptop around and OF COURSE I slammed my knee and foot into the bathroom bookcase, which we had to move into our tiny front room. GRAR! I AM EVER SO CROSS!

There. That helped quite a lot.

When I got done talking Ever So Civilly to our (actually pretty nice) landlord, he sounded appropriately abashed and hopes to reschedule soon.

punchtothehead, congratulations on your grad school application! Exciting! What's your field?

Senyar, 4K? Holy wow! That's great!
posted by Elsa 29 June | 15:11
1. Sitting here waiting for the Legislature to finally and permanently adjourn for the year. I *hope* it will be today, and before, say, midnight.

2. I have a special beer waiting at home to celebrate #1.

3. I'm supposed to be on vacation all next week, but because things at work have been so uncertain, I haven't been able to make any plans, so, I guess I'll postpone.
posted by JanetLand 29 June | 15:23
1. The Foop is Pooped.

2. Still a lot of things to put away/sell/give away/throw away, much of which is in a pile between the bed, the bathroom and the kitchen, so I pretty much have to choose between sleeping, pooping and eating. Per Point #1, sleeping is Priority #1.

3. After the cleanup/cleanout will come a lot more things I must do, but am ignoring them all because they're more unpleasant than all this physical stuff. And there are gems among the stuff, like the Purple People Eater Musical Doll.
≡ Click to see image ≡
(Mine is not in as good condition - my old dog had chewed on it some and tore the horn)
posted by oneswellfoop 29 June | 15:34
Hi! Been away for long time sorting out life. Thanks to my brother I finally have place to call home. It's a used singlewide trailer in great shape. I installed 500 ft of water line and 90 ft of sewer line myself to keep down expenses and feel good about my success.

Still no job. Had some part time work but that seems to be over.

Being a sucker/softie I seem to have acquired a new kitty! She has been here 24hrs and is doing OK w/ my other kitty. Would include pics if I knew how but I don't have a photo thing on the great old web out there.
posted by mightshould 29 June | 18:10
1. I discovered this site yesterday, which made me irrationally happy (OMG MeFites! Talking about TV!)

2. I am seriously in love with my grill this year. I love MAKING TEH FIRE!!! and the food tastes good, too.

no number 3
posted by jeoc 29 June | 18:19
1. Have been doing some work relating to a mental health court this week and found it very engaging. I think I may volunteer to do this again.

2. We nailed down and booked our flights to China and back from Hong Kong. I am truly excited to be headed to China this fall.

3. Looking forward to dong the 4th with the Bear this weekend, but worried about our dog, who has already been having a hard time with the jerks lighting off occasional late night firecrackers in earshot of our neighborhood.

Sorry about the whole stupid situation for you, Elsa. Congrats, ufez! Hoping all is going to turn out well, Ardiril. Nice job on the run, Senyar! Your SO will drool at seeing any of you uncovered, amro, and won't think of any of what you are worried about. Sleep well, oneswellfoop!
posted by bearwife 29 June | 19:02
1. I'm free! Today was the first day of my summer vacation. I'm happy I finished the year strong, too, with 94% (43 of 46) of my 10th graders passing the state English regents a year early, more than half with 80% or better (two even got a hundred). Yay! As I said to Senyar in an email, I'm happy for the students, but I'm also relieved for me. Two words: Job security. (Fingers crossed.)

2. Since I'm no longer fearing lay-offs (for at least the next year), I went ahead and bought myself an iPad. I'm so excited. I think it will be really handy for work in the fall, as well as, well, Angry Birds (and MetaChat, of course). The cover (black leather) and the stand I ordered with it arrived today, but the iPad itself hasn't shipped yet, alas. But soon, soon.

3. We're not doing any big trips this year (maybe next year), but I got us tickets to some fun stuff this summer, including Bob Dylan in August. And Saturday I'm going to a play with Robin Williams, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, which looks very interesting (I saw Equus on Broadway a few years ago and loved it), and then on Sunday we're going to a barbecue at my brother's in Connecticut. Nice way to kick off the summer.
posted by Pips 29 June | 19:26
Woohoo, sounds like a nice summer, pips!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 June | 19:37
1. The mister had his final eye check-up today and is doing great.
2. Not feeling well and had a six hour nap earlier today.
3. Just signed up for MetaCooler. Just what I need - another internet time-suck!
posted by deborah 29 June | 19:59
Hi mightshould!

1. Am feeling forlorn because my stepson has been believing lies told to him by my ex-inlaws. After all these years, and all I've done for the family (hate saying that - it sounds so whiny), they've turned out to be money-hungry cretins. And it makes me sad.

2. Am sitting with my feet up, enjoying Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Burst. Mmmm. I love these things. But not too much.

3. Despite the momentary sadness, I realize I'm in a good place now, mentally, spiritually, and I have a lot to be grateful for! Check back with me tomorrow, because good, contented feelings are usually followed by crushing sadness/feelings of rage.
posted by redvixen 29 June | 20:12
Thanks, pips, for being exceptional.
posted by Ardiril 29 June | 20:12
1. Got cast in a run of 12 Angry Men at a local theater here in Portsmouth for the Spring.

2. Got cast as a living Chess piece for an upcoming show at Miko's museum - you may now call me Bishop LT.

3. Started seeing cross-eyed at watching my Sox drop their sixth loss in seven games.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 29 June | 20:43
WAIT!! I though of a

3. I found out a coupla weeks ago that I was accepted into graduate school at the #2 rated public health school in the US (after Hopkins, before Harvard). Just got my summer reading list and ordered books!
posted by jeoc 29 June | 20:56
1. Work is incredibly busy, with lots of angst and drama. Not good.
2. SO is back working part-time and, while the pay is pretty low, it certainly takes some of the pressure off. Pretty good.
3. Found out this morning that Roger Waters' 'The Wall' tour is coming to Brisbane in February! Fucking awesome!
posted by dg 29 June | 21:34
1) Super busy at work, SUPER busy.
2) Pretty busy outside of work.
3) road trip is looming...need to work out more details, but am SO BUSY.
posted by richat 30 June | 00:03
Pips, I'm going to the matinee of BTatBZ Sat. Is that the time you're going?

On my way to Chi, having a movie glut tomorrow, then taking the train back .

What I can't stand about Midwestern teabaggers is their complete inability to mind their own business.

Think I'm getting the flu.
posted by brujita 30 June | 00:21
1. Applied for some jobs this week with one in particular being an ideal fit. It is tricky because due to circumstances beyond my control, my resume looks like I'm a flake that can't keep a job. My next job needs to be a keeper so I really hope it is a good one without office drama.

2. Money situation not good, but remaining optimistic. I actually applied for food stamps because that would make the difference in whether I really go in to debt or just flirt with piling on the debt. Got turned down. I will have to put car insurance on a credit card today, but at least our day to day expenses I can cover.

3. Getting up at 5:20 AM to get my daughter to school is turning both of us in to zombies in the evening. She is in a distance running program with the same coach my older daughter really liked and there is a bit of competition thing going on. She's supposed to get there by 5:55, but she likes to be early and really wants to prove something in her first year as a high school athlete. She is turning into a fine young woman and I'm proud.
posted by readery 30 June | 06:40
Awesome, jeoc!
posted by gaspode 30 June | 06:48
Pips, I'm going to the matinee of BTatBZ Sat. Is that the time you're going?

Indeed it is! I'll see you there! Maybe we can go for a drink and a snack after, if you don't have plans. Email me, if you like.

posted by Pips 30 June | 08:28
1. Booked plane tickets to Chicago. It's going to be a quick trip, but any Chicago-ites around on the weekend of August 20-21 and want to meet up give me a holler (youngergirl, email coming soon :) )

2. My bestest bestest friend arrives in NYC today for 3 days! Haven't seen her since we were both in NZ 2 years ago. We only get to catch up in person every few years because we keep contriving to live in different hemispheres (she lives in Australia right now, and moved there from England right at the time I moved to the USA). But we email and skype nearly every day.

3. Went for a 10km run the other day and forgot to put the anti-chafing stuff on my thighs. When you are overweight and pear shaped, this is NOT a good idea.
posted by gaspode 30 June | 08:43
jeoc! That's what I'm going to do one of these days! Also, btw, I live in Durham.
posted by Stewriffic 30 June | 08:48
1. In SoCal right now. At my mom's. She's in her mid-80's and pretty much immobile, other than a walk around the block. I am one house away from the beach and the conflict is to sit and visit with my mom watching crappy Los Angeles TV, or go out and walk, bike ride, swim, or whatever. It is sort of a trapped feeling. So I am sitting around and eating too much. I grew up here but no one I went to school with is still in the area, which my coworkers up in Eugene do not understand but the South Bay is rather boring and so is the beach scene, as pretty as it is. I enjoy early mornings on the beach, though.

2. Had to download the new Gillian Welch album. It is just stunningly beautiful. I have always sort of enjoyed Welch and Rawlings at a certain remove. . .their music has always seemed a bit arid to me, but this group of songs is the shit.

3. There is so much affluence and waste here. Everyone has an iPhone or iPad, and it seems that people throw away stuff that I would buy new in a store. I could never afford to live here. The house between my mom's and the beach rents for 8K per week in summer. This Northern California family I just met has been renting it. Gawd, I can't imagine paying that much.
posted by danf 30 June | 13:55
The joys of new apartment living || Photo Friday Advance: