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24 June 2011

The Foop's Fabulous Semi-Centennial Yard Sale is Only Hours Away! Remember, CalMeChans, if you're in L.A. or S.F., the home of the foop (and the land of the knave) is straight up-or-down Highway 101 (for 200-250 miles). [More:]Remember to show your Cabal Membership Card for a 10% discount, free WiFi and bonus blanket! (Remember to clean and disinfect your Foop Blankets; I can't guarantee the ones I won at the Indian Casino) And we have a 5% chance of a sighting of Jon Anderson from Yes, Zac Efron or a California Black Bear! So don't take a wrong turn at Albuquerque and I'll see you here!
Post pictures so that we can bid electronically!
posted by Kangaroo 25 June | 07:01
Hope it went well!
posted by galadriel 25 June | 09:02
Pics or it didn't happen!
posted by drhydro 25 June | 14:18
How'd it go??
posted by Stewriffic 25 June | 16:23
I think I'll go with "it didn't happen". Or it didn't happen much. Or just didn't happen enough. My primary goal was to get rid of this stuff I didn't want, not so much to make money, and the level of traffic/interest was discouragingly low. But what little I sold went for a good price - nobody haggled even though I encouraged them to. They either accepted my first price suggestion or walked away. (Here's an interesting data point: of the 10-12 people who bought something, most paid partly in quarters. Usually the last dollar of a $5-$10 purchase. But one buyer gave me two $10 rolls of quarters instead of bills.) I did connect with one batshit-crazy guy from the nearby trailer park who my neighbors assure me is a Swap Meet Wizard who never rips off people he likes (and he took a liking to me, as so many batshit-crazy folks do), and he will take some selected leftovers to a Sunday Swap Meet 15 miles away and split the proceeds with me. And since my first priority is unloading stuff, that will be good enough - if he doesn't end up bringing it all back.

But I have gotten more worn out every day this week and my current status is between 'incoherent mumbling' and 'comatose' (making that previous paragraph as coherent as it is took me over a half-hour including a 10-minute nap). It's a few minutes before dusk here and I'd just like to say 'nighty night'!
posted by oneswellfoop 25 June | 21:57
Also, I had originally intended to just give it to Salvation Army but the people with the truck found too many dead bugs and couldn't accept it all. Now that I've shaken all the dead bugs out for the sale, I can call the local Goodwill's truck and they'll take it all (I hope)...
posted by oneswellfoop 25 June | 22:06
Ah, too bad about the "didn't happen much," boo. Good luck with the swap guy!
posted by galadriel 27 June | 09:57
Street art, street art, and more street art. || Yay New York!