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21 June 2011

Multiple Point Update [More:]
(1) Today I cut my last official tie to the Los Angeles area, emptying my storage unit in Burbank.

(2) I'd officially rented it and filled it when my ex went into an institution and I temporarily moved in with my father - in spite of several attempts to get her or her mother to get her stuff most of the contents were still hers. After I made all the arrangements to empty it today, I realized today would have been our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Ouch.

(3) I made a reservation for a small van to transport the stuff I'd want to keep and an appointment with the Salvation Army truck to take the rest. But the car rental company didn't have the small van so they let me upgrade to a big bleeping Cargo Van for the same price. Which turned out to be a lucky break because the SA Truck people found all the dead roaches from our last apartment that came to the storage space and even though I assured them that they had all died in a bug bombing right after I filled the unit YEARS ago, they could not accept ANYTHING that looked 'infested'. Thankfully, I had the big bleeping cargo van and the three guys from the SA took pity on me and put everything from the unit in there for me.

(4) Now, I have piles of women's clothes, blankets & linens, porcelain dolls, stuffed animals (they were all HERS I swear, okay, except for this one cute doggy), arts & crafts supplies, kitchen stuff on and around my front porch... I am going to be doing the most totally girly Yard Sale this weekend. Or if I'm lucky, a lot of it will get stolen while sitting out there - although nicer stuff has sat out and not been stolen before.

(5) See the "Are You Hot?" thread for my experiences with micro-climates today.

(6) Because the Salvation Army wouldn't pre-commit to a specific time, I drove down the night before and crashed at Motel Sux. Not having HBO at home, I got my first opportunity to see "Game of Thrones" when the Season Finale ran on HBO2 last night. It was obviously not the best place to join the narrative, since most of the hour seemed to be summing up who killed who, who held whose relatives hostage and who was going to go to war against who (or whom). It did not appear that anything supernatural occurred in this supposedly magical world until the last WTF! scene of dragons, ashes and boobies (was that a Spoiler?). It wasn't enough to get me to subscribe to HBO, but I might use some bandwidth to catch up on previous eps, if you catch my drift.

(7) I also saw the first episode of "Falling Skies", about which all I can say is: What is it about Noah Wylie that can make anything, up to and including an alien apocalypse, kinda boring?

(8) And I watched something on KCET for the first time since the L.A. station split from PBS and the local cable replaced it with PBS-loyal KQED in San Francisco. Huell Howser is still the silliest man on TV but surprisingly, still better than most of what's on at 7:30.

(9) The highlight of my day was waiting in my mailbox upon my return: a copy of the fifth collection of "New Adventures of Queen Victoria" comic strips "The Real Housewives of Windsor" featuring "a new outroduction by Craig Wittler" which is the first time I've had a byline in hold-it-in-your-hands print for over 20 years. And comicker Pab Sungenis did not edit a word I wrote (even as I used the phrase "But I digress" TWICE, stole the "What Have We Learned" bit from a more famous Craig - and openly admitted to it, and made a plug for a blog of mine that is still Under Construction).

(10) Before I left L.A. for the last time (until I can hitch a ride to a MeFi/MeCha Meetup) I consumed TWO Double (Chili)CheeseBurgers from L.A.'s Own Original Tommy's, which I consider to be "In-N-Out's Evil Twin", because it may indeed use meat that's nearly as high quality but you will never know because it is smothered in the thickest, greasiest, most flavorful-but-not-too-spicy, awesomest 1950s-est Chili in the hamburger universe, IMO. It is my single guiltiest fast/junk food guilty pleasure, and if I'm going to be staying at least 150 miles from their nearest location, I'll have to settle for #2, a local burger place that makes an obscenely large order of Fried Zucchini.

(11) I don't have anything more to talk about right now, but I didn't want to be accused of making a "Top Ten List".
1) My apartment is all packed up except for my laptop and cable modem. Moving sucks!

2) But...I leave for Chicago tomorrow!

3) And I start a new job on Monday!
posted by mullacc 21 June | 22:25
1. Mullacc! hi! We just tonight decided to go to Chicago in August to see some baseball.

2. Still going through vacation withdrawal.

3. Brain isn't really working right now.
posted by gaspode 21 June | 22:32
1. Spent the day cleaning off tiny ceramic tiles as part of my bathroom/toilet job. They had been installed with mastic over particle board, which is not really the way to do it. I hate the guy who did it that way.

2. In a week, I will be in Hermosa Beach seeing my mom and also a friend who is there from Hawaii, also visiting family there. . can't wait.

3. Warm and muggy tonight which is a novelty for the PNW, so far.
posted by danf 21 June | 22:43
1. Heading out to the Hamptons this weekend and I am super dreading it, and my dread is making me feel even more rotten, because a bunch of family members are going and I don't want to be sulky. And worrying about that makes me dread it even more. And ffs, this is supposed to be a vacation.

2. Was supposed to go back on a medication yesterday but my stupid insurance wants me to try the generic first, despite the fact that 1. I tried the generic previously, because of this stupid rigmarole, and it really really hurt me and 2. I was on the non-generic for four years and it worked perfectly. So now I get to go through months of dealing with the stupid bad generic so that I can get back on the medication that allows me to function.

3. Two grad school essays down, one to go. I have devoted more time to this than I would have liked to.

4. Made corn fritters last night; it's the first time I've deep fried anything and they were delicious and I ate them allllllllllll. I'm always kind of shocked when I cook something for the first time and it turns out well. I'm a good cook, but I still expect recipes to be like a paint-by-numbers kit - even if I put all the things in the right spot, it still doesn't look good. Not so with food, happily.

5. Been a little bored at work, unfortunately, but my boss just gave me two new conversions and a new product to work on, which is great! The new product should be a lot of fun, and the conversions - well, I'll be glad to have those not looming over my head.

6. I would like a break from being me for a while.
posted by punchtothehead 22 June | 07:25
1) We lost Duchess last year due to a freak incident that started with getting her hooves trimmed too short. Kat was trimmed too short last week, and is still sore. I am stressed and unhappy. What happened to Duchess was a one in a billion kind of a thing, and Kat actually had an issue that required the really short trim, but I am still stressed and unhappy about it. Farrier will be here this morning to take a look and make sure she's coming through okay so far.

2) Melting, I'm melting.

3) Saedy wants to go outside in the mornings an hour or two before my alarm goes off. I am getting chronically short on sleep. She used to sleep until a couple hours *after* I got up. This is annoying. I need to do what's best for my doggy, which includes getting her outside if she needs to go, but. I also need my sleep!

Damn, punch, do you have documentation of the last time? Or does the doctor--or does the insurance co, maybe?
posted by galadriel 22 June | 08:24
1. Lots of moving activities in the next few days: packing, having our new loveseat delivered (since the couch didn't fit yesterday, heh), calling ConEd to turn on electricity (must do today!), getting cable internet turned on. MOVE IN SUNDAY.
2. Saturday is set aside for funs- a baby's 1st b-day party, Coney Island & baseball.
3. I seem to be getting sick. Sneezes, running nose, sinuses not fully draining. Boooooooo.
4. Taking July 1st off! 4-day weekend next week, yahoo. We won tickets to the special fan performance of "Book of Mormon" Friday afternoon.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 June | 08:35
1. I have a show this weekend. OMG, performing again! I've been getting really great feedback on my improv from folks who really know what they're doing, and it's all very encouraging. Which is like, finally inhaling fresh air after holding your breath for ages. Finally doing what comes naturally to me.

2. My gf arranged dinner last night for me with a FoaF who's a technical writer. Aaaaand, her company was just bought by Google. So, you know, an "in." Plus, she was just really nice and a sweet person, which, you know, I'm all about.

3. I'd like to echo ptth's #6. I think my meds are having the desired effect; treating my ADD and making me more productive and also treating my depression a bit just by virtue of not being so hopeless at getting things done. Problem is, when I'm not busy beating myself up for not getting things done and hating myself, I get, well, really productive. Which means, as my therapist but it politely: I "don't suffer fools." So yeah, as I kinda feared, productive-me is something of a holy terror who demands the same level of competence from everyone else as I do from myself. Probably something that can be treated with more meds. Here, take these and wash it down with this.

So yes, in thinking about it, I am more fighty/aggro lately. Which is great, because my reaction is just to withdraw more into myself, be even less social, so as not to hurt the people I care about.

A vacation from me would be lovely.
posted by Eideteker 22 June | 08:36
1. I finished up my processor training yesterday and so now I just have to wait for the woman to send me another list of collections to process. Hooray for having something to do!

2. Finally managed to make it to the Wicca 101 class at the local witchy shop (which has been one of the first new places I've been able to go to alone in a long time) and it was so wonderful. Even if I do already have a huge assignment to do for it (since I came in at the middle of a term) and I'm undecided about what I want to do. (It's a divination tool project: giving a presentation of the history and background and doing readings for people.)

3. I'm torn between palmistry and tarot for #2. I already have a decent set of cards and palmistry might be useful for me to start working on my touching issues, but tarot seems to be very commonplace. I know that one other woman in the group is doing pendulums, which should be interesting to watch. However, the fact that I'm more motivated about this than my schoolwork is a bit of a problem

4. Did the first week of readings for my next school class last night (Instructional Methods, ick) and so I'm hoping I can get ahead because it's only a 6 week course. Really not looking forward to it because it wasn't even something I wanted to take, but I got dicked out of everything else.

5. The new meds seem to be helping a little bit, but I'm really tired of the sleeping issues. It's really hard for me to get to sleep at all, and then I typically wake up a bunch of times and then it's super hard to get BACK to sleep and I usually spend a good deal of time staring at the fuzzy clock (since I refuse to put my glasses on) and cursing everything.

6. I remain amazed at work when people treat me like I'm a real professional. Such as with the processor training: I'm worried about screwing it up but they wouldn't go through the effort of training me if they thought I was going to fuck it up. And my boss actually asks for my opinion and takes it into consideration. It's like I'm a real person, which is strange.
posted by sperose 22 June | 09:18
1. Several outlets and switches in my house have stopped working. I need an electrician, I guess.

2. It's very warm and stuffy in my house and of course my ceiling fan is one of the things that's not working.

3. Overtime is pretty much over at work, although there will probably be one more flurry of it next week. After that I can switch to a 4-days-a-week work schedule until October or November.

4. What should I do with all this pending free time? Adjusting to undertime after months of overtime is daunting.
posted by JanetLand 22 June | 09:31
1. I'm so impressed with the varied and important work you all are doing! It's great to hear about the positive changes you can make in your lives, and I know it takes strength and discipline. HURRAY for you guys!

2. I've been adding some new exercises to my physical therapy, and I think it's helping a bit. My back hurts just as much, but I think I'm gaining some flexibility and mobility, which I've been missing terribly. HURRAY for me, too!

3. A dear friend who moved last year and whom I miss terribly just emailed to ask if she could come visit and crash on my futon for a coupla days. I cannot think of anything that would delight me more! Oh, wait, I can, and...

4. My niece, just returned from college, is going to come over for dinner and a movie this week. When I suggested it, she grinned excitedly, which is the best compliment in the world: she thinks it's fun to come over to my place.
posted by Elsa 22 June | 09:33
Oh, and I really really want one of those Double (Chili) CheeseBurgers from L.A.'s Own Original Tommy's. Sounds decadently delicious.
posted by JanetLand 22 June | 09:34
4) Farrier came by and checked on Kat, thinks she's just tender from the amount of hoof removed. Doesn't think it's a bruise, an abscess, or other worrisome trauma. So that's good.

5) Still melting.
posted by galadriel 22 June | 10:10
Phew, that sounds like a relief, galadriel.
posted by Elsa 22 June | 10:25
1. Got a new iPhone and love it soooooo much.
2. Didn't get my #1 pick job. I was the runner up. I'm trying to seek solace in that fact, but I got quite panicky after hearing I didn't get it because it was such a great match.
3. My parents were here visiting and got more done on my house in 3 days than I've done in 3 months. Why don't I have their drive?
posted by Stewriffic 22 June | 15:02
I want an iPhone!

1. My eldest kid got a perfect score on his FCATs. Not one question wrong!

2. I'm going to trivia tonight and trying to think up a clever name. We'll probably use the terribly unoriginal, The Simple Minds.

3. I want to go to gym right now but cannot because husband is at vet with our dog for yearly vaccines and I must watch our children.

4. I have an outbreak of folliculits on my face again. I have no idea why this happens. It's very distressing.
posted by LoriFLA 22 June | 15:23
1. Thinking about posting a relationship question to askme, except that it's the kind of thing that sixcolors might ask. I need to think about how to phrase it so that it can be answered in a useful way.

2. My relatives are fighting, and I don't like it. Neither of them are acting maturely, I want to bang both their heads together.

3. Lots of rain here today, contributing to my cranky, tired mood.
posted by Melismata 22 June | 15:39
Melismata- I am really excited for your weirdo relationship question!

1. My work computer is getting a total reimage so I am working from home.

2. I did some GREAT shopping today and got Helmut Lang jeans for $15 but I really need to stop shopping because I should be getting rid of things and not acquiring in order to move.

3. My sister is visiting which is nice, but she is in between travels and is currently using my whole apartment as her laundry drying rack. Every surface is covered in damp clothing.

4. I have a big meeting at work tomorrow and I am going to have to explain why my project is behind and when it will really be done, but since it all depends on unreliable freelancers, I don't have much of an answer.

5. Seeing some apartments tomorrow close to my current one, I hope they are good.

6. When someone compliments you on something that isn't actually true about you, do you take the compliment or correct them?
posted by rmless2 22 June | 19:47
1. Monday the kids malfunctioned - didn't want to get out of bed, get dressed, go to camp. Total Emo Meltdown from one kid because I didn't get him a drink at BK - they have drinks at camp, FFS. "Do you want me to DEHYDRATE on the way to camp?!" Yeah, kid, you're going to dessicate on a five minute drive.

2. Tuesday all my tech malfunctioned. If I touched it, was near it, opened a terminal to it, it crashed spectacularly. It took two people three tries to hard reset my phone. I've just now finally put the Internet back on it.

3. Wednesday one kid malfunctioned so bad he has to stay home Thursday. I finally called the ped. for a referral to a specialist. I say malfunctioned, but you know what I mean

3a. Because the kid has to stay home, I can't do my volunteer work with the horses Thursday. Really bummed about that.

4. My two jobs are still kicking my ass.

5. No rain, 100+ temps = no fireworks this 4th. Sucks.

Well hell. I'm gonna have a drink and go to bed.

6. Wait, there was one good thing. Hubby and I were looking for houses to rent, and saw one that we'd really liked available for sale. It's priced at about half what we were afraid it would be. We're crossing our fingers and hoping we can swing it.

rmless2: you say, "Are you sure that's me you mean?"
posted by lysdexic 22 June | 22:13
Why don't I have their drive?

Stew, this is a question I'm asking myself about lots of areas of my life at present...
posted by altolinguistic 23 June | 08:45
Yeah, I could seriously use some drive.
posted by JanetLand 23 June | 09:03
given up on drive, looking for coast
posted by Eideteker 23 June | 09:14
1) Signed a lease on a new apartment (moving many miles next month -- DC peeps if you see me, please be nice to me -- I'm kinda new).

2) Bought a new (to me) car to commute from said apartment to. . .

3). . .my new job! 6 months unemployment finally, finally over.

I don't have much personal drive [I'm looking for a therapist in DC to help me with that when my job (and better insurance, thank you life!) starts, recs welcome], but if you need a ride in SE Florida this month or NW DC starting next month, I can now drive you around :).
posted by bluefly 23 June | 19:03
Owls with stupid expressions on their faces || Beer advice?