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15 June 2011

Uncrank me, please. I am back in extra-coping mode after a very trying few days. Any suggestions for comfort brainfood?[More:] We had a particularly tough press conference yesterday, and I had to watch the opening number of the Tonys just to get my equilibrium back. And once I learned that they were Not Just For Gays Anymore, I started musing on how anybody could hate The Gays when some of them have created such wonderful things that make people so happy, and... oh, it was just a bad spiral into hating humanity for being so mean sometimes. Blergh.

Cozy and peppy books (old or new, especially available on Kindle), TV or movies (esp. on Netflix streaming), bad jokes or anything else gladly welcomed. Thank you.
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is the cinematic equivalent of your grandmother wrapping you in a soft warm blanket.
posted by Trurl 15 June | 10:12
Who ya gonna call? Goat Busters!
posted by rainbaby 15 June | 12:04
Madamina, have you read A Girl Named Zippy and the follow-up book, She Got Up Off the Couch? Both are really funny and heartwarming.

I'm reading Crazy in Alabama now. It's a fun engaging story.
posted by LoriFLA 15 June | 12:26
During my last de-cranking, I went on a news fast (crucial!), allowed myself to ignore the phone, and watched old movies and tv shows. I second Thurl's endorsement of W&G: Wererabbit --- excellently relaxing and comforting without being pap.
posted by Elsa 15 June | 12:50
I loved A Girl Named Zippy. We haven't gotten to the sequel yet, but will hopefully do so soon.

Sadly, I can't go on a news fast. We ARE the news. (This is totally like that comic strip where the woman is trying to get someone under a blanket to get up and go to school... and he's the principal. Ba-dum-bum.)
posted by Madamina 15 June | 13:41
Read "Charlotte's Web" or "The Trumpet of the Swan" which is a particularly meaningful book for me, both by E.B. White. Or read "Harriet the Spy". Going back and re-reading a childhood favorite always makes me feel happy.

posted by Kangaroo 15 June | 13:47
A Bit of Fry and Laurie (available on Netflix Instant) was so funny it made me laugh outloud even during my darkest moments. May not work if you do not like British comedy.
posted by apoch 15 June | 14:12
I recommend crossword puzzles. The NYT puzzle is a great time out for me.
posted by bearwife 15 June | 15:23
Oh, I just meant the news fast was crucial for me; I should have been clear about that. You'll figure out what's crucial for you --- and then do it without feeling even a tiny bit guilty or sorry. You're doing it to take care of yourself.
posted by Elsa 15 June | 15:26
Another uplifting and cozy suggestion is the Anne of Green Gables series produced by Canadian Broadcasting. I wished to have girls just so we could read and watch Anne. I'll still make my boys watch it with me. They'll probably like it. They enjoy a wide genre.
posted by LoriFLA 15 June | 20:36
My So Called Life on Hulu usually does it for me
posted by rmless2 16 June | 09:12
Sydney Criminals in the 20's and 30's || Photo Friday Advance: