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15 June 2011

Mashed potato cookies If anyone would like a new way to use up mashed potatoes, I can recommend these cookies. They are moist, spicy and not too sweet. Also good are these bannock bread and potato doughnut recipes, of course.
Or you could just give your leftover mashed potatoes to me, and I'll see that they're taken care of.
posted by Trilby 15 June | 13:02
Those cookies sound marvellous, I love those spices.
posted by Senyar 15 June | 13:40
I might make mashed potatoes just to make these cookies!
posted by leesh 15 June | 13:54
There's also candies you can make. (One of my coworkers made them in peanut butter and coconut varities and the peanut butter ones were gone by noon.)
posted by sperose 15 June | 14:16
I keep instant mashed potatoes on hand solely for baking with, leesh. I actually hate mashed potatoes and only have leftovers whenever I've hosted a family do, as all the Swans but me love mashed potatoes.
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 14:17
I actually have a whole bunch of potatoes from my CSA and would rather make cookies than like a curry, so this is perfect. :)
posted by leesh 15 June | 14:33
I guess this wouldn't work so good with garlic/truffle mashed potatoes. But I'd be willing to try it. Once.
posted by Splunge 15 June | 16:50
I'd try those in the bannock bread, Splunge. It could be interesting!
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 19:23
"Use up" mashed potatoes? People have mashed potatoes left over? Not in my house, there are no leftover any kind of potatoes. I EAT 'EM ALL NOM NOM NOM.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 June | 19:55
I must try these!
posted by rhapsodie 16 June | 10:55
TPS, try saving some back the next time you have them and make mashed potato pancakes. This recipe is probably close to what my mum did when she made them minus the seasoned salt and bigger pancakes. I know it was very simple.
posted by deborah 16 June | 14:58
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