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10 June 2011

My Daddy once told me... (pre-Father's Day parental wisdom thread) [More:]My Daddy once told me that basketball centers just stand around and oppress the shorter players.
My Daddy once told me that when you go to the hardware store for a replacement part, buy two of them, so that after you've broken the first one you'll know how to install the second one correctly.
posted by JanetLand 10 June | 17:09
My father once told me that I need to know how to put out an oil fire using nothing but newspaper and water.
posted by Several 10 June | 19:08
My dad told me never to let myself get put into a situation where I'm not in control. He has also always led by example. He looks for the best in everyone and usually finds it. He is one of the two very best people I have ever known (my mom is the other one).
posted by Kangaroo 10 June | 19:56
This is the talk my dad gave me about using drugs (never mentioning that it was about using drugs, but we both knew that's what he was talking about) right before I left for college:

In life, you're on a path. Sometimes, you may go down a different path for a while, and that's ok. Just make sure you never go so far down that side path that you lose sight of the main path and can't get back.
posted by Twiggy 10 June | 23:13
My dad told me to never wear brand names on my clothing, unless I was getting paid to advertise.
posted by JoanArkham 11 June | 08:00
My Dad, after my mother found my tiny stash of porn..."Now, I don't care if you look at this stuff. Just don't let your mother find it."

Oddly, this was also my Dad, the night before I was to be married..."Your mother and I were happy when you got engaged. We were 'concerned' there for awhile."
(In my parents world, "concerned" should be read as "thought you might be queer".)
posted by Thorzdad 11 June | 08:06
My dad once told me that everyday was better than the last. I miss him.
posted by msali 11 June | 14:52
My father told me to always plink and than ahead.
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 11 June | 15:00
I mean, "...plank and thin..."
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 11 June | 15:01
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 11 June | 15:04
My father told me ...

Well, nothing. My father fucked off when I was very young after impregnating my Mother's best friend and I haven't seen him since.
posted by dg 11 June | 15:30
"Boys are overrated."
posted by notquitemaryann 11 June | 16:45
I actually never knew my father to give advice. . .I did not know that was part of the deal.

Of course, I have more than compensated for that with my offspring.
posted by danf 11 June | 16:49
Every day, Dad strove to eat from "all four food groups: caffeine, nicotine, salt, and grease."

My oh my, I miss him.
posted by Elsa 11 June | 19:42
My father once told me: "Kick him in the shins. If that doesn't work, aim for the crotch."
posted by dabitch 12 June | 04:53
My dad told me do my best. As long as I was clearly doing my best he would defend me against anything. They want you to pay for your health insurance? Hmmph! They should be happy to have you! (Dad was a lifelong military man. The real world was sometimes a mystery to him.) Miss you, Daddy.
posted by toastedbeagle 13 June | 00:06
My dad once told me "You're such a good girl, [jonathanstrange]". They were his last words, actually
posted by jonathanstrange 13 June | 07:32
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