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05 June 2011

Saw the Tom Tom Club play in the park yesterday They sounded great and Tina Weymouth still looks great. You do anything fun this weekend?
Nothing that could touch what you did.
posted by Ardiril 05 June | 15:24
- Took the mister to his "day after cataract surgery" check-up and he's fine. The next check-up is in a week. He's in some pain, but it's not too bad.
- We also watched a great hockey game (on TV) and the Canucks won, which is awesome. Really hoping they win their first Stanley Cup.
- Played a lot of WoW Saturday and today; going to play some more in a few minutes.
posted by deborah 05 June | 20:23
Today I rented a Zip Truck and bought 10 2x4s, two panels of peg board and a 6' Scaffolding. Very exciting. With the scaffold, we can start stripping the "wall"paper off of the ceilings in the living room and master bedroom.
posted by octothorpe 05 June | 20:30
Last night, I went to a stage reading of "Two Gentlemen of Lebowski."

It was actually a party for a local theater group. Your $5 admission got you your first Caucasian.

It was not staged very well. . .hard to hear, since it was in a bar, but it was a lot of fun. Since I saw this on MeFi, I have been wanting the Ashland Shakespeare Festival to stage it. I think that it would be a huge draw.
posted by danf 06 June | 10:15
danf, I would drive down to Ashland for that.
posted by matildaben 06 June | 12:21
Went to the surprise engagement party of my ex, which, given that I'd not seen his family since our "unpleasant" break-up about 6 years ago (after a 10 year relationship) was not nearly the AskMetafilter-question-inducing situation it might sound like it could have been. In fact, it was wonderful.

After that pleasant-though-still-emotionally-exhausting Saturday, Sunday was spent literally in bed almost all day, watching TV and wasting a day (though I wouldn't call lying in bed, watching movies and TV you love a "waste" YMMV)
posted by MCMikeNamara 06 June | 16:39
octothorpe, I'm very jealous you got to see the Tom Tom Club. I bet that was a blast.
posted by BoringPostcards 06 June | 19:20
Wow, I was just wondering last week if Tom Tom Club ever did live shows these days. I'm thrilled you got to go!

I went to see George Clinton and P-Funk perform Saturday. What a tremendous show they put on! It's this wild odyssey of funk, blues, hiphop, and even an utterly unexpected and flabbergasting burst into torch song, all of course with the trademark stage show that --- even at the relatively modest scale they could do at our outdoor venue --- defies description.

I didn't know until after the show that a week earlier, George Clinton was hospitalized with a staph infection in his leg. My appreciation for his showmanship, already pretty high, skyrocketed when I read that.
posted by Elsa 06 June | 22:57
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