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01 June 2011

Would you answer this CL ad? Because after the layoff comes the forced moving...[More:]

When I'm responding to other peoples' ads, I'm less quirky and more straight-forward. But I figure that I could use quirky in my own outward-facing ad.
I think it's a nice ad. I don't know if people really use that section, though? I've never heard of anyone doing so; anytime someone I know needs a roommate, they'll place an ad themselves.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 June | 08:47
I will be interested in hearing about the responses you get because I also have wondered about that section.
posted by Ardiril 01 June | 09:03
Yes, I would answer it. I think it's charming, quirky and fun.
posted by deborah 01 June | 16:18
It's a nice ad, TL. It's definitely likely to attract someone who's on the relaxed and open side, which is a plus, I think, when sharing living space.

I know honesty is generally a good thing, but might I suggest a little "white lie"? Maybe don't say you're unemployed as yet. Maybe your boyfriend or another friend or relative could serve as an employment reference, if needed (in these days of cell phones, who would know any better?) Or say you're a freelance writer or something, maybe? It's unlikely a private roommate will run a credit check, or even check references, the way a landlord or agency might.

The problem with saying you're unemployed is that even if you have the money and know you will have the money to pay rent, someone who doesn't know you might not want to take a chance. You could always say you got laid off after you move in. As long as someone's still getting the rent, they won't care at that point.

Anyway, good luck with everything. It's a crummy situation to be in. I know how quickly things can go south (I'm still waiting out teacher layoffs myself; seniority protects me for now, and I do get good results with the kids, but the state could change the rules and you never know).

(Boyfriend wouldn't want a roommate, since you spend a lot of time there anyway? Some men relish that knight-in-shining-armor role.)
posted by Pips 01 June | 16:56
You sound like fun! Good fun, not Craigslist-scary-fun, y'know?

I have to agree with Pips: starting out by mentioning unemployment might be a little off-putting for some readers; I would imagine some people will just close the window at that word. And in this context, it doesn't seem like it adds any useful information. You could cut it out and just leave your move-by date with no harm.
posted by Elsa 01 June | 17:30
I've gotten one response already in the same neighborhood but further south and closer to a different subway line. Not bad. Going to see it tomorrow.

Pips: The boyfriend and I will be moving in together when we find a bigger place and after the busy start of the school year because he's got a tiny studio and quarters are tight. He's also hesitant to move too fast, which I respect.
posted by TrishaLynn 01 June | 18:30
Understandable... I'm glad things are going so well with the bf. Good luck with the place tomorrow!
posted by Pips 01 June | 20:35
At my last rental, I put "freelance editor" on the app....I did get the place, but it sucked.
posted by brujita 02 June | 00:58
I did something like that in the college paper: two cats seek stable female roomate for their pet, rent X/mo, 1/2 utilities. There was no CL at the time, so you had to be concise.

I got some pretty good roomates out of that.
posted by lysdexic 04 June | 02:56
Happy Birthday Lassie! || My snort-soda-on-the keyboard moment.