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01 June 2011

Crucial fashion advice needed I'm headed to my law school reunion in NYC in a couple of weeks . . .
And so, what should I wear? I know I have to cart along at least one lawyer style suit (dark blue, thin pinstripes) but -- what shoes? And what else? It's a 3 day trip which includes a cocktail party at the home of some of my classmates, a day of alumni programming at the school, and probably brunch with one of my law school buddies and his wife. I'd like to pack reasonably lightly for this short trip, so I'm especially wondering -- what shoes? My black pointy toed all season pumps?

I do know that Pacific NW styles differ considerably from (much more conservative and traditional) NYC style. And NYC dresses a lot ore seasonally, too.

Please think stuffy, grey haired, glasses and successful when answering this question.

Thanks ever so, bunnies.
posted by bearwife 01 June | 12:18
Well, if they're stuffy then I think your conservative Pacific NW style will be fine.
posted by amro 01 June | 13:02
Maybe I should just go as the 100 year old lady. She looks fabulous. (Maybe a little too chic for the law school crowd . . .)
posted by bearwife 01 June | 13:26
I think the black pumps will be fine with the navy suit. You could always do navy pumps. These are so pretty:

For the cocktail party, sometimes separates work better than a dress. You may already own some pieces. I love the second look on this page: You could always ditch the scarf and put a dressy cardigan over the sequin tank if you don't want your arms to be bare.

The sequins might be too flashy for your taste. Here are some affordable options if you like them. Sequin tanks.

If you don't know about Sherri Mathieson, you may enjoy hear blog. My mother has both of her books. I'm not in her target demographic but I can appreciate her style advice.

For the brunch and alumni thing I would try to wear the same pair of nice pants and pair with different blouses.
posted by LoriFLA 01 June | 14:54
Great advice, LoriFla. I actually have some gleamy tops that aren't quite so flashy but are the same idea. I have some scarves (and a black sequin wrap! Maybe a good thing with a silvery tank and a black pencil skirt) that would work too.

My basic black pumps look almost identical to the linked ones. I think I have a plan!
posted by bearwife 01 June | 15:36
I got as far as that link to the pumps and then backed away gently, because you're already a whole lot posher than I ever get! The outfits sound great, especially dolled up with something shimmery or gleam-y. Have a great time!
posted by Elsa 01 June | 17:04
Thanks Elsa. I'd actually prefer not to run around in my suits and pumps and all but my law school is formal, my age group is formal, and lawyers are formal, so there you are. I'll just have to look forward to getting back home and into my jeans again.

My husband, now, always wears jeans. Every day. To work. I did recently get him into a black tie tux but it's the dressiest he's been in years. How unfair is that?
posted by bearwife 01 June | 17:17
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