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08 April 2011

Art in Obsolete Formats An AV Club Q&A.
post by: box at: 07:08 | 5 comments
When I was at my parents' home, I had to pare down my laserdisc collection significantly, keeping only the choice ones. It was a sad day, but it had to be done.
posted by gc 08 April | 10:01
I have no cassettes, vinyl albums, floppy disks, CDs or videotape left. When I buy a CD it gets ripped to digital then given or thrown away. I like the reduction in clutter.
posted by arse_hat 08 April | 11:46
I got rid of cassettes and 8-tracks and VHS a long time ago. I've still got plenty of vinyl, and I'm in the middle of getting rid of most of my cds. DVDs will be next on the chopping block (though I've been into downloading and htpcs for most of their lifespan, so I don't have many).

I've still got Xbox 360 and Atari 2600 stuff, but have gotten rid of almost everything in between.
posted by box 08 April | 12:20
I still have two milk crates of LPs in the garage that I haven't listened to since 1990. I don't know what happened my cassettes, they may be in the garage also. The CDs are all ripped but we still keep them; we have lots of storage space which is probably more of a curse than a gift but it means that we don't have much pressure to get rid of stuff.
posted by octothorpe 08 April | 12:47
I keep buying music and movies on physical media, even "outdated" media like cassettes. There are some bands who have returned to cassettes for limited run material, and the music collector in me cannot pass them up. My wife has a collection of VHS that I've been meaning to convert to DVD, including some weird official Disney Sing-Along compilations that don't seem to be on DVD and stuff she and her sisters watched growing up (including movies taped off of Free HBO weekends that include all the old adverts).

My 2001 Prius came with a cassette player, and our other vehicle is a 20-year-old van that only has a cassette player and radio. We still have an old VHS player, though it's not currently hooked up (nor is the dual cassette deck that I bought in high school, circa 1995). I owned CDs before I owned my own CD player, so I've been a bit backwards for a while.
posted by filthy light thief 08 April | 18:07
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