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18 February 2011

Anybody doing anything this weekend? It's 3-day weekend for some people in the U.S., including me, but other than sleeping a lot, I got nothin'. How about you guys?
I'll be working. I'm always f'ing working

and checking out the Hermes store
posted by Firas 18 February | 07:50
Just a two-day weekend for me and the partner. We're planning to work on sorting out the mess in our house on Saturday, then just hanging out on Sunday. I also got a DVD this week that I'm hoping to watch tonight or tomorrow night.
posted by BoringPostcards 18 February | 07:52
Two day weekend here, too. I'm working, and this time it's FUN! work! I'm going to be on a panel at the Sex Ed Film Festival tomorrow! And then on Sunday I'm bringing a group of my kiddos to this training, in preparation for a day in March when we're going to go to the General Assembly to advocate for adolescent health issues.

Super duper cool. And today it's going to be in the high 70s and sunny! And I'm meeting a friend for lunchie!

It's going to be a great weekend!
posted by Stewriffic 18 February | 08:01
Two days for me, and busy ones at that.

Tonight: gym, then cocktails with one of my brothers. Tomorrow, heading to the market district to shop and plan a party, and the a mid-afternoon date, and then dinner with another brother and his wife. Sunday: brunch with friends, packing for a trip, and then dinner at my parents.

Noticeably lacking from my weekend is any napping or sleeping in. Drat.
posted by punchtothehead 18 February | 08:43
It's a 3-day weekend for quite a lot of people in Canada, too ("Family Day" in several provinces). As a result, I, too, intend to sleep a lot.

I will probably also play ridiculous amounts of Minecraft, since I'm still enjoying it immensely. It goes like this at my house:

the cat: "Gee, FishBike, what do you want to do tonight?"

me: "The same thing we do every night, Pixel -- try to dig up the world!"

I may also play some Team Fortress 2, since that's one of those games I can really only play during the day. It's like about half a dozen cups of coffee for me, and I can't sleep within about 3 hours of playing it, so no evening games for me.

I also have plans to hang out with my best friend on Saturday and will have dinner with my parents at some point during the weekend as well.

And sleep a lot, did I mention that?
posted by FishBike 18 February | 08:47
I'm returning to my alma mater for a sketch comedy reunion show.

After five years, my troupe is still going!

I'll probably come home on Sunday and use Monday to look for work.
posted by Eideteker 18 February | 08:59
I'll be concentrating very intently on doing nothing at all.
posted by skorgu 18 February | 09:00
Les Mis tonight! The whole weekend in downtown Chicago! No work Monday! Much exclamation point usage!
posted by catfive 18 February | 09:05
Dancing all day and night at the Dance Flurry!
posted by nonane 18 February | 09:14
Two day weekend. Tonight I'll be finishing up class prep so I don't have to worry about it the rest of the weekend. Saturday is blocked off for a trip to the dmv followed by video games, pizza, and beer. Sunday... work work work around the house.
posted by apoch 18 February | 09:15
I wish it were a three-day weekend here - we don't have any public holidays between New Year and Easter in the UK, and it SUCKS. Especially this year when Easter is right at the end of April.

But then we get two four-day weekends in a row, because of some wedding or other. I'm no royalist but intend to enjoy the time off to the full. I'm self-employed but am very a generous boss when it comes to holidays.
posted by altolinguistic 18 February | 09:21
Oh man, Dance Flurry! I've been wanting to go to that for years, and I always forget about it until it pops up just like that.

3-day weekend. We're producing a spoken word event Sunday night. Other than that, plans are laundry, grocery shop, relax, work out, maybe get outside a bit. Also I have to watch 3 films for a local film festival jury I'm on. Not looking forward to it because I already watched the three more fun/light/interesting ones - the remaining ones are about the American Indian movement and American jihadists and street violence. Seems like a heavy menu for one weekend.
posted by Miko 18 February | 09:25
I get a four day weekend! Woot! This hasn't happened in ages...and I have a wonderful, delicious lack of plans. Maybe a punk show tonight. Do some laundry, bake some banana bread, go to Ikea YET AGAIN...but no family or social obligations for the first time in months.

I usually spend my Fridays off stuck in the house (I live in the burbs with no car) but I may actually go for a walk today. Supposed to get up to 70!
posted by JoanArkham 18 February | 09:44
By coincidence I've taken Friday and Monday off.

This morning went to St Paul's cathedral for the first time: whopping 14.50 to get in, but nice views and there's a free guided tour.

Weekend going up to see the parents, coming back Monday.

Monday evening going to see True Grit and have a meal out with some friends.
posted by TheophileEscargot 18 February | 09:55
3 day weekend! 3 day weekend! 3 day weekend!

Tonight, we see Ben Vereen in concert. Tomorrow night, we hang out with a high school pal. Sunday, church and Marc goes back to school. Monday, lay about all day and class that evening.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 February | 09:58
I wish I had Monday off! I've been working on a poorly-planned (not by me) project at work, and have been putting in a lot of hours and also waiting around a lot. If only I got paid for waiting and worrying. I'm going to take a long weekend in the next few weeks when things settle down, but not sure when that will be, due to the poor planning of others.

I don't think I have anything special planned for this weekend, but haven't thought about it much yet. I may go to Trader Joe's tonight, which for me is actually a fun thing.
posted by wens 18 February | 10:15
In-laws are in town, but per their normal MO, they will be leaving mid-Sunday. They are going to look after the kid on Sat night and my husband and I are going to go to our first movie together in 2.5 years. Monday, although neither of us were given the day off, the kid's daycare is closed meaning I will be congregating with other parents of my daughter's classmates and we will watch the kids wreak havoc as we drink wine.
posted by gaspode 18 February | 10:31
Ive dedicated today to playjng with my ipad in bed and drinking hot toddys.

I live a magical wonderland.
posted by The Whelk 18 February | 11:33
I have to work Monday.

However Saturday we are going up to Portland to see the Decemberists. We had also gotten a ticket for Daughter, but she wants to see a band called Best Coast instead so we are taking a friend who lives up there.

I have been sick since getting back from AZ. . .I am still shaky but fever is gone, and I am back at work at least for part of the day.
posted by danf 18 February | 11:33
Normal two-day weekend in the UK. The USA has way more public holidays than we do (but we get much more vacation time in our jobs, so it's all good).

1. I went to Zumba today for the first time. It was great, although there were some points when everyone else in the class was doing it wrong, except me. Just fancy that.

2. Piano bar tonight.

3. Man Utd vs Crawley Town(who are about 130 places below us in the football league tables) in the FA Cup. It's live on TV, Saturday tea-time, at our home ground. We should thrash them, but it's the FA Cup, anything can happen.
posted by Senyar 18 February | 11:47
I have the three day weekend this year, but only because we'll just get one day for Xmas, because it falls over the weekend. So! I am taking the afternoon off and going to the park with the dog and everybody else. Trader Joe's. Tomorrow I have been talked into jogging with someone, and going to see the husbands students perform. I will also be breaking down boxes and um . . . looking for hardware. That's not a euphamism, we still haven't found the missing hardware.
posted by rainbaby 18 February | 12:15
I never get everything done that I plan for a weekend, but here's what's in store for this one:

Tonight, catch up on DVR'd shows (esp. Daily Show) with my husband.

Saturday, early AM run (4-5 miles) at beautiful local lake while my husband walks it with the dog. Then errands galore, guitar practice, some work in the home office, and dinner out with my husband and a good friend of ours. May sneak in some Batman Arkham Asylum when we get home.

Sunday, lazy sleep in, breakfast with the Sunday paper and crossword, guitar lesson, workout with the Kinect, and probably more office work, followed by catching something fun and movie-ish on TV with husband. Possibly more video gaming.

Monday, sleep in, either workout with the Kinect or take an outdoor run with the dog, and then read or cook or clean up the office or teach the dog tricks or something. Aaaah.
posted by bearwife 18 February | 12:23
Tonight I'm going to see a movie in the theater for the first time in god knows how long. This weekend, trying to wrangle a ride from Chicago to Madison to join the protests. So far I know of one leaving at 8am tomorrow, which may or may not be realistic for me to join up with.
posted by enn 18 February | 12:26
3 day weekend for me since I took off yesterday since I was feeling sick (thanks boss for infecting me!) but I work on Sunday and Monday.

I was going to go to the park across the street today because we are having ridiculously nice weather and play on the swings but yeah, my brain is not allowing that at all. I wonder if I'll even be able to go sit on my patio today but I might just open the door but leave the screen in place to get some fresh air.

I've been avoiding my family by not answering my phone for the past 2 days. I have zero desire to talk to them but I have a sinking feeling that putting it off like this is not going to end well. I emailed my father about the fact that the board president has been stealing the trash cans (which I thought was just my mind playing tricks on me and seeing fewer and fewer cans in the trash corrals, but I actually saw the douchebag stealing one today so I feel validated) and he just called, so I guess I should call him back. :-/ I hate talking to them, I hate being associated with them, and I wish I could just tell them all to fuck all the way off but I can't do that until my financial situation sucks less (which I keep holding out hope will happen once I finish my degree in the fall).

There's schoolwork I should be doing, but I think I'm just going to make a nest of blankets and go lie on the floor by the patio door and try to see if I can enjoy the nice weather without actually having to go out since that doesn't seem to be an option.
posted by sperose 18 February | 12:56
After a ridiculously busy few weeks at work, and after a ridiculous six weeks filled with injury and illness, I took today off. I felt so high leaving work yesterday -- it was like the last day of school or something.

Stayed up too late last night playing Minecraft (another new addict here), slept way too late this morning. But hey, I haven't been sleeping well and I've been exhausted and incredibly stressed out. So, it's a four-day weekend of DOING WHATEVER I WANT WITH NO PRESSURE, DAMMIT. Will play Minecraft some more (none of my traps are trapping!) and catch up on some Netflix (almost finished with Arrested Development :( ) and sleep and sleep. And I think I just decided that we're making pizza tonight, so at some point I should get off my butt and do some dishes and start the dough.


posted by mudpuppie 18 February | 15:02
Will play Minecraft some more (none of my traps are trapping!)

Just in case you did not already know this, over on MeFight Club, we have several world-class Minecraft mob trap experts (e.g. lunatics) who might be able to advise.
posted by FishBike 18 February | 15:25
I just returned from a haircut (long overdue, as always), and (also as always), it made me feel eleventybillion times more centered and happier.

Tonight, I stay home, make bread, and write. Or stay home, make bread, and play Rebuild, the post-zombie-apocalypse game. Tomorrow night, I'm meeting some friends at a tapas bar for a big surprise party (uh, for one of the friends, not for me).

Sunday evening, we meet some friends for Buffy night: dinner and some episodes of Buffy the Vampire Killer. This used to be a regular get-together every 2-3 weeks, but two of the friends moved out of town, so this is our very first Buffy night since Christmas. YAY! I am to bring nibbles: I'm making caramelized onion dip to eat with veggies and chips. RETRO YUM.

Monday. Huh, I don't know what we'll do Monday. Yippie!
posted by Elsa 18 February | 15:44
Pizza night, birthday party, flash mob, brunch, purchase of new couch, different birthday celebration. Sleep. Long bath. Sleep.
posted by Specklet 18 February | 16:25
Today *is* my weekend. Been putzing around doing laundry and messing around online today. About to hop in the shower, run to the bank, go get a haircut/face-mow and then meet up with a friend for some happy hour beers and snacks. Work tomorrow. Work a little bit Sunday, do some cleaning, and finish up a couple of Zo labs. That's pretty much it, and that's just fine.
posted by ufez 18 February | 16:28
Taking care of kitty is just slaughtering my back (ow ow ow ow damn there's another week and a half of this), but hopefully we'll be able to have something like a Valentine's Day snuggle this weekend. We do usually take the mid-February opportunity to try to spoil each other a bit, but last weekend we ate some questionable hot dogs and then we had a badly injured kitty. Maybe we can manage it this weekend.
posted by galadriel 18 February | 17:05
Hiking, cleaning the house, finding five things to get rid of (a weekly tradition since finding we're moving overseas), and continuing to wait for my amended W-2 so I can finish taxes. I'd also like some time to myself, but I'm not optimistic.
posted by tortillathehun 18 February | 19:49
posted by mdonley 19 February | 07:18
I just returned from a haircut (long overdue, as always), and (also as always), it made me feel eleventybillion times more centered and happier.

Haircuts just make me feel professional and sharp. I'd experiment with getting one every two weeks if it wasn't $13 a pop.

Three day weekend because I have Mondays off (so awesome!).

That being said, when people ask me if I have plans for the weekend, I say no or I don't know. Because usually I don't. I end up surfing the interwebs and chipping away at projects. Pretty much.
posted by nrobertson 19 February | 20:11
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