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25 January 2011

Do you care about the Superbowl? [More:]I never really care who is in it or who wins, but I like a good Superbowl party and guacamole.

I used to host a non-sporty party where we would fast-forward most of the game unless it looked like there was a good part and just watch all the commercials. I am very skilled at fast-forwarding and I think we watched the whole thing in about 1 hour one time, catching up to live time right at the end. From then on, when we sort of want to watch something but not really so we skip around through it, we call it "superbowling," like "Did you watch America's Next Top Model yet?" "No, but I hate how Tyra talks the whole time, let's Superbowl it."
Not deeply, but I'll probably watch it, including the commercials, which tend to be a lot more entertaining and out there. I have been known to take your approach with less thrilling sections of playoff games.
posted by bearwife 25 January | 12:24
The game itself? Usually, but it depends on who's playing. I'm looking forward to this year's match-up. All of the surrounding hype? Not a bit.
posted by ufez 25 January | 12:31
Oh hells, yes. I am married to a proud member of the Steeler Nation. He's is deliriously happy to be going to the Super Bowl again for the third time in five (six?) years.
posted by msali 25 January | 12:38
I like a good Superbowl party and guacamole.

Me too! I do enjoy watching the game, though. I enjoy an occasional football game, particularly if it's not a blowout and there's some suspense.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 25 January | 12:39
*Puts on his Steely McBeam costume, starts singing "Black and Yellow" and waving his towel in the air*
posted by octothorpe 25 January | 12:44
posted by Eideteker 25 January | 12:46
I don't tend to watch it if I'm not interested in a team.

This year, for example, I will be watching so I can send hate-beams to the Steelers every opportunity I get.

I do like Superbowl-associated snacks, though.
posted by gaspode 25 January | 13:03
The what?
posted by Senyar 25 January | 13:06
I'll watch it. But it should be played in the snow and ice, given those two teams. No preference for winner.
posted by danf 25 January | 13:07
OH HELLS YEAH. We have a big party every year and some have been epic. No party this year though due to renovation/addition not being done + broke see renovation. But we will have snacks including chilis and some people will probably show up out of habit. I too will be against Big Ben and for Aaron Rogers and team Curly Lambeau.

The day after super bowl is a holiday in my house. We take off work. Clean up. I don't know if I'll do that this year.

Oh, and at our party there are plenty of non game watching things to do, it's not reverent to the television in all rooms.

It's even big in the office - paper football competitions between departments, that sort of thing.

The one bad thing is that after its over, the SAD really kicks in and there isn't anything to look forward to till the weather breaks.
posted by rainbaby 25 January | 13:10
Normally I watch the puppy bowl on repeat, but . . . GO STEELERS!!!!!! It's time for sevenburgh!
posted by leesh 25 January | 13:11
I like that it's two working class teams from two working class towns and have no real hate for the Steelers. That said, I have a problem with Roethlisberger, and I hope he loses. And I really like the whole Packers ethos -- and especially like the story of Aaron Rodgers taking over for Brett Favre and being so much better than him on so many levels. So I hope the Packers win.

Also, guacamole.
posted by mudpuppie 25 January | 13:36
Not at all. It usually conflicts with another event I attend. 1st Sunday of the month = dance night. But maybe I'll tivo it and fast forward through. I'd watch it with football fans, if I knew any.
posted by theora55 25 January | 13:45
o. wait. Correct answer was "Is this something I'd have to have a tv to understand?"
posted by theora55 25 January | 13:46
I'll watch. I like sports. I'm rooting for Green Bay.

A few years ago I went to a Super Bowl party, and, I am not making this up, the men sat in one room and watched the game, and the women sat in another room and talked about . . . well, I don't know what they talked about, because I invaded the boyzone and watched the game.
posted by JanetLand 25 January | 14:08
Even though Dennis Dixon is hurt, I would not mind him getting a ring. On the other hand, Big Ben, yeah, impossible to root for him.

(Hold on, just getting a text from Aaron Rogers. . OMG, his JUNK!)
posted by danf 25 January | 14:17
Not really, no.
posted by fleacircus 25 January | 14:20
I don't generally plan to watch it, but we end up doing it anyway because the picture on our TV is so... damn... pretty. (I grew up in a home where anything less than a triple image was sacrilegious, and they still had a knob TV with a screwdriver stuck in it Just So until, like, two years ago.)

We got our current tv, our first HD, the day before the Super Bowl a couple years ago. Since we were getting ready to move in together, the boy and I split the cost. It was still fairly low on my end, but I'd just gone through a slightly rough patch when my fin. aid. check was a month later than I expected. I'd borrowed some money from my parents for the first time in several years, and had just paid it back (in full, about a week after borrowing).

So my dad stopped by, and we were a little worried that he'd judge me/us for spending money on something frivolous so soon after needing a boost. But just as he started looking like he might get grumpy, we turned the tv on and his mouth literally dropped open. He spent the next four hours saying, "Will you just LOOK at that DETAIL????" every couple minutes.

J. sent me to the store for some Easy Cheese and some crackers ("the really cheap fake Ritz -- NOTHING DECENT, okay?") and the three of us had ourselves a TIME.
posted by Madamina 25 January | 14:27
Nope (I don't have a TV that works, but I do still have one) but it'll just mean I'll have to get to work early because the courier will likely be waiting for me so he can do his delivery and go to his friend's house (who has a big screen) to watch it.
posted by sperose 25 January | 15:08
Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year-right up there with Christmas. Between the last gasp of football til Fall and the guac and wings buffet, it is the perfect holiday for me. The only way it could be better would be if it was college ball, which I prefer and also watch obsessively all season long-Go Blue! And this year my Packers, sans Brett the twinkie, are going!!! Combined with grudging respect for the Steelers, which means I won't be completely pissed if GB loses....gonna be a great Super Bowl. In my family and friends group, all the men watch (plus me-yelling and throwing chips and empty beer cans with them) and all the women hang out in the kitchen with the kids. So even better, my mom will take my kids so I can pretend to be a boy for the day. I love the Super Bowl.
posted by supercapitalist 25 January | 15:14
How about that commericial where the man brags that he's missed weddings and babies being born but he's never missed a Super Bowl? I just don't like that man. I dislike his face intensely.
posted by iconomy 25 January | 15:30
posted by kodama 25 January | 15:52
Nope. But I do like a good guacamole.
posted by deborah 25 January | 16:10
Nope. Last time I watched it was several years ago when Springsteen did the halftime show. We also don't get regular TV so we went to a bar to see it. He might do the same again, but I don't care much. It turns out to be a really good day to do other things, like go shopping or go to a non-sports bar or restaurant, because it's not at all crowded.

I've read that the Superbowl is now America's second biggest food holiday.
posted by Miko 25 January | 16:20
If it's not streaming somewhere, I don't think I'll be watching.

Church usually has a souper bowl thing, but that's just ooo tame. I should see if some of my work buds with a new HD giant TV is having a party.
posted by lysdexic 25 January | 16:29
No. I watched it once in the mid 90s; it was kind of boring.
posted by mygothlaundry 25 January | 16:30
Not really. But I probably was the only kid in England who grew up watching the Superbowl every year. My dad was a fan of American football (that's what we call it here, sorry...) though I think his interest has waned now.

I never understood the rules but the little phrases the commentators use will always stay with me, even though I've no idea what they mean.
posted by altolinguistic 25 January | 16:31
I won't go out of my way to see it. If I know someone throwing a party, I'll go, but even that has been years.
posted by Ardiril 25 January | 17:28
oh man, is this the thread where I get to moan about how much I FUCKING HATE THE STEELERS?! yes? well all righty then!

the answer is a resounding yes. I have had an on-and-off love/hate relationship with the Handegg for my entire life, since back when I was a little toddler who'd get all wigged out about mom yelling naughty words at the tiny fuzzy barely-recognizable Redskins players zooming around in the (analog) snow on our shitty 13" black-and-white TV.

The mister is a lifetime 49ers fan, and I am a recovering Bengals fan (how's THAT for a dysfunctional relationship?). Both of us would willingly root for the Broncos, assuming they ever get their shit (back) together. One of the many, many things that ties our relationship together is how deeply we enjoy the pure dumb debauchery aspect of American football and all its attendant idiocy.

the Superbowl has also sort of become a Chez LFR tradition as we are the go-to party pad for all our friends. Since many of them are still living with multiple roommates in college squats, our 50" HDTV / 5.1 home theatre and my homemade mac n cheese likely seals the deal.
posted by lonefrontranger 25 January | 17:59
I'm a Pittsburgher; I'm not sure that I have the option of not caring.
posted by punchtothehead 25 January | 19:05
*high fives leesh*

posted by terrapin 25 January | 19:13
We will be watching, but am torn about who to root for. Being in Chicago*, we're not supposed to root for the Packers, but I'm not too excited about the Steelers either. We are not hosting a party this year though - a Packer's fan friend of ours is.

* Let me state for the record that I feel like the only person from Chicago that expected the Bears to lose last week. All my friends were wearing their Bears stuff and changing their FB pictures to the logo and whatever. Too much hype. They're the Bears. They haven't had their shit together for a while and this wasn't the year.
posted by youngergirl44 25 January | 19:46
Yes... because my city is being totally co-opted by it. Oy, the hype. :/
posted by Doohickie 25 January | 20:04
nope. Don't watch, don't care, don't take much interest in games I'm not playing.
posted by tortillathehun 25 January | 21:10
I should have mentioned... the Steelers are actually staying here in Fort Worth, and ESPN will be broadcasting from Fort Worth.
posted by Doohickie 25 January | 21:12
You know, one of the things that bugs me about the Super Bowl is that they decide where it will be played ahead of time. I think it should be played in the stadium of one of the actual teams that are IN the Super Bowl. Failing that, I think that all Super Bowls should be played in Green Bay. This is because I love watching football in the snow.
posted by JanetLand 25 January | 22:02
Not really. I'll watch the commercials on Youtube the day after. :P And I went to a party last year where I just sat and looked in the direction of the TV but I was basically just noshing for two hours straight. Yeah, I probably shouldn't do that again...
posted by moonshine 25 January | 23:01
I just don't like that man. I dislike his face intensely.

Agreed. And yet, as one of those non-tv-having people, the Superbowl is a good excuse to hang out with people without having to have a dinner party, a kid-oriented party or a work party. I don't have any friends who are rabid football fans, so usually it's a good way to just get to sit around together and bullshit and eat guacamole which is something I appreciate more and more as I get older.
posted by jessamyn 25 January | 23:53
I've never watched a Superbowl. (Nor any other NFL game, for that matter.) My dad wasn't a sports fan, so football games were a thing we saw on our uncles TVs when we were visiting family.

The Superbowl number equals my age, though, so I've always found that interesting.
posted by BoringPostcards 26 January | 00:10
I don't care much about either team. I dislike Ben enough that I can actually sorta get into it and hope he loses but if it wasn't the middle of winter I would be outside and would not bother watching it. I'm not a big NFL fan to begin with. But it is the one pro sport I can watch sometimes. The only time I really get at all excited about sports is college football season.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 26 January | 01:20
How about that commericial where the man brags that he's missed weddings and babies being born but he's never missed a Super Bowl? I just don't like that man. I dislike his face intensely.

I saw that one! Were we supposed to be proud of him? I just felt sorry for him. Though I question the wisdom of having your wedding on Super Bowl Sunday.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 January | 10:19
What doohickie said. I don't care about the actual game at all.
posted by toastedbeagle 26 January | 11:37
I care about the snacks, does that count?
posted by fancyoats 26 January | 12:33
No, but when we lived in Athens I had a friend from Wisconsin who threw a pretty awesome homebrew & bratwurst party for the Superbowl.
posted by fogovonslack 26 January | 18:17
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