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24 January 2011

Thinking of BoringPostcards with love and sympathy. We're all here for you, I know [More:]and many of us know how hard this is. I'm so glad you were able to be there and it was peaceful at the end.
BP, you have my deepest sympathies and every hope for strength during this difficult time. What a blessing for your mother that you could be nearby when her time came. You know that all of us at metachat will be thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way. Much love.
posted by msali 24 January | 11:02
Best wishes for you, your family and friends over the next weeks and months. I'll be thinking of you.
posted by Madamina 24 January | 11:09
Much love to you BP. Take care of yourself.
posted by gaspode 24 January | 11:12
posted by rainbaby 24 January | 11:23
As usual words are pretty feeble at these times but my thoughts are with you. Being with her at the end of her time is probably the greatest gift that you could give a person.

My sisters and I will probably be there in the next year with our mom who is beyond treatment for liver cancer. Not expecting this to be a good year.
posted by octothorpe 24 January | 11:29
Best wishes to you BP.
posted by TheophileEscargot 24 January | 11:36
Sympathies and hugs.
posted by JanetLand 24 January | 11:38
Very sorry, dear.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 January | 11:42
I am so sorry to hear, BP.
posted by amro 24 January | 11:42
BP, my heart is with you as well. Peace upon your family.
posted by Miko 24 January | 11:51
you have my deepest condolences
posted by rollick 24 January | 12:44
We love you, BoringPostcards.
posted by BitterOldPunk 24 January | 13:01
Oh, BoringPostcards, I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your family --- take good care of yourself in this hard time.
posted by Elsa 24 January | 13:04
So sorry, BP.
posted by Obscure Reference 24 January | 13:08
Peacefully, with family, is the way to go. Yet, it doesn't lessen the pain of those left behind. (((BP)))
posted by Doohickie 24 January | 13:26
BP .. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you hugs & sympathy and love.

posted by Kangaroo 24 January | 13:27
So sorry, BP. Please take good care of yourself at this time. Much love.
posted by Senyar 24 January | 14:06
:( *whuffles all around*
posted by sperose 24 January | 14:13
Sending you a huge hug, BP. I am so sorry to hear this, and I hope you are okay. Please talk to people, there's tons of us on here who have gone through this, and it helps to talk. I'm so glad you were with her, and please be so good to yourself and let yourself grieve.

If you need an ear, please let me know. I'll be thinking about you.
posted by Sil 24 January | 14:23
I'm very sorry, BP. Please take care.
posted by ethylene 24 January | 15:12
(((BoringPostcards))) Keeping you in my thoughts. Don't forget to take care of yourself.
posted by deborah 24 January | 15:16
Big hugs BP. Please know my thoughts are with you.
posted by brujita 24 January | 15:24
Wishing you warmth, peace & comfort, BP. You are loved.
posted by chewatadistance 24 January | 15:36
I'm very sorry to hear this, BP. I'll be thinking of you and your family.
posted by youngergirl44 24 January | 15:53
I am so sorry.
posted by LoriFLA 24 January | 16:20
I'm glad you were with her, and that it was peaceful. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
posted by theora55 24 January | 17:47
Oh, so sorry to hear this, but glad you were there. Thinking of you, BP.
posted by bearwife 24 January | 18:18
I am so sorry, BP. So very sorry.

posted by jason's_planet 24 January | 18:50
My heartfelt condolences, BP.
posted by Atom Eyes 24 January | 19:20
Oh man- thank you so much, everyone. I've also gotten emails and Twitter DMs from people here, and I can't tell y'all how much it has all meant to me.

We were on the road all day today, going over to my mom's hometown in Alabama to make funeral arrangements. Some of you had been following my tweets about her health problems, which started up a few days before the new year. She asked to be taken to a hospice at the end of last week, and then passed on yesterday. After the horribleness of 23 days in the hospital, we are all BEYOND relieved that she got to spend the last days and hours in comfort and quiet, with her favorite Chopin CD playing and both my brother and I by her side.

I've always ached for you bunnies that have lost parents, because I couldn't imagine how hard that must be if you and your parents are close. And as it turns out, yeah, it IS damn hard to take. Again, thank y'all so much for all the kind messages.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 January | 21:31
So sorry for your loss, BoPo... our hearts go out to you and your loved ones.
posted by Pips 24 January | 22:02
I wish I could be there and cook comforting food and listen to your stories and be on hand with tissues for the tears. I'm sorry that all I can do is tell you I'm thinking of you and that in time some of the tears will pass, and you'll always remember the stories and joy.
posted by gomichild 24 January | 22:07
That's a tough one ... Moms are pretty special. Be patient with yourself and know that whatever way you feel is the way you should feel (and don't let anyone tell you different). Take care.
posted by nelvana 24 January | 23:02
What nelvana says. And know that you always have friends and support and love here, whenever you want it.
posted by Elsa 24 January | 23:05
My thoughts are with you and your family in this difficult time.
posted by Twiggy 25 January | 00:06
So very sorry BP. It's nice that she had family with her.
posted by arse_hat 25 January | 03:10
Oh dear, I missed this until now. Much love to you and Arn. ((((((((boringpostcards)))))))))
posted by Stewriffic 25 January | 08:21
posted by lysdexic 25 January | 16:31
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