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20 January 2011

Is MetaFilter down? I haven't been able to access any part of the site for a while, maybe an hour or so. But the MetaFilter Status Blog has no mention of any problems.[More:]

Is it just me, or is there some problem?

I could access everything ok earlier on.
I can see it just fine.
posted by iconomy 20 January | 13:47
posted by octothorpe 20 January | 13:54
It's up, so likely problem is on your network or computer.
posted by bearwife 20 January | 13:57
Works for meeeeeeeee.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 January | 13:57
Ok, thanks. Will investigate what the heck could be causing this. The rest of the net seems to be fine for me.

Except, strangely, sometimes Google services are timing out too. Not all the time like MeFi is, but not something I've ever seen Google do before.
posted by philipy 20 January | 13:59
Haven't found a solution yet.

I have 100% success in pinging MeFi but 100% timeouts when trying to connect with a browser.

A proportion of pings to Google time out, but I can connect via browser pretty much all the time.

All other sites I've tried give 100% success in both pinging and browsing.

If anyone has any ideas what could be going on, I'd love to hear them.

I'm going to have to stop trying to sort this out now, and go do other things.
posted by philipy 20 January | 14:37
Try a different browser.
posted by Obscure Reference 20 January | 15:27

we had internet weirdness just like you describe last Sunday... turns out this (and possibly some random prior instances of clogged intertubes) could be chalked up to the last gasps of our 3+ year old Comcast cable modem dying.

Comcast was surprisingly helpful and after 30 seconds talking to a phone rep, they said... hey, yeah, we're only getting intermittent reads from pinging your box. So they dispatched a tech in less than 2 hours ON A SUNDAY no less. Dude was like the best tech ever, too - he took one look at our modem and said "oh man, this is your problem right here, that particular model of cable modems were total junk, I'm surprised yours has actually lasted this long". Dude installed a brand new modem (that he actually had on hand), new coax cable cos he said ours looked "kinda squiggly" (love that description) and checked the outside lines for noise / interference as well. 20 minutes later we were up and running, and our tubes haven't clogged since.

ymmv tho; we got extremely lucky. Most cable companies are highly dysfunctional when it comes to customer service, or so I am told.
posted by lonefrontranger 20 January | 16:27
You might want to check the FAQ if you're also having Google related weirdnesses. We use a few of their ... things? Anyhow, there are some things from Google you'll also have to be able to load to view pages and not being able to load them might cause the page to just not come in at all. So you'll need to make sure you can load and in addition to the MeFi pages. We can work with you on some of this as well, especially if you know words like "ping" so if it keeps up drop a note to us via the contact form. There was some downtime a few days back, maybe there's some cached nonsense [technical term] getting in your way?
posted by jessamyn 20 January | 17:40
Our provider was doing some maintenance this morning as well, in the wee hours, but I think that was more of a "possible outages" thing than a "definitely gonna be downtime" situation and I don't think we heard any reports from users having problems. But there's an outside chance that there could be some weird only-affecting-a-few-folks hiccup related to that, I suppose.

But yeah, I'm thinking this is probably something more local to you than a mefi-specific situation.
posted by cortex 20 January | 19:59
Everything seems to back to normal again. Not sure why, I did nothing further as I was away from the PC.

Thanks for all the help, and let's hope it was an inexplicable glitch "somewhere out there" and doesn't recur.

Kinda worrying to hear lonefrontranger's tale, the router is pretty new and generally very solid, so I'd hate for it to turn out to be anything like that.

Thanks again everyone. It was alarming to not able to connect, but heartening to have the community and mod support here.
posted by philipy 20 January | 20:56
IANAL, certainly not her L || Very cool Velazquez. That is all.