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17 January 2011

You and I just need to drop the "you and" I expect everyone except me already knows this tip...[More:]

I've always found it quite hard to remember whether to say "you and I" or "you and me", getting confused over which is subjective and which objective. But there's actually an absurdly easy way to do it:

Just drop the "you and", then try it out.

If you don't know whether it's "you and I went swimming" or "you and me went swimming", just drop the "you and", then try it out:

I went swimming.
Me went swimming.
"I went swimming" is right, so "You and I went swimming" is also right. (It's subjective).

Or if you don't know whether it's "Jane sent you and I an email" or "Jane sent you and me an email then just drop the "you and", then try it out:
"Jane sent I an email."
"Jane sent me an email."
"Jane sent me an email" is right, so "Jane sent you and me an email" is also right. (It's objective).

I can't believe it's so easy! OK everyone, you can laugh at me for not knowing this now.
yay! yeah that's what I use for figuring out she/her etc in a sentence.. works wonders.. "that's the best song she and him did?" nope, she and he..

quick decomposing/substituting can also work for who/whom etc.. (is 'whom it was given to' right? yup, it's giving to 'him', not 'he')
posted by Firas 17 January | 12:24
The thing that gets me lately is that one does NOT administrate an object (such as a server). You administer it.
posted by WolfDaddy 17 January | 12:35
You and I just need to drop the "you and"

I swear, I thought that was a snarky break-up line.
posted by Elsa 17 January | 14:45
What I really, really hate is when people use 'myself' instead of 'me'. Examples:

"Please send your reply addressed to myself ..."

"John had a meeting with Peter and myself when we discussed ..."

I want to go absolutely fucking postal when I hear people say this or read it in case files at work.
posted by Senyar 17 January | 15:19
Elsa: Heh, I didn't think of that.

Senyar: Apparently the "myself" thing is sometimes because people are so paranoid about "you and I" versus "you and me" they try to avoid either.
posted by TheophileEscargot 17 January | 16:05
Great trick. I always relied on whether it looked/sounded right but I like this tip a lot for double checking.
posted by bearwife 18 January | 13:35
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