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17 January 2011

This is just so great. A charismatic ASL signer delivers her final exam in the form of Cee Lo's "Fuck You".
THAT is just wonderful.
posted by BoringPostcards 18 January | 07:36
I had an odd perspective on it - that's because I learned sign from teaching my daughter. She had no real "speech" until she was 4, so we depended on sign. So I know a tone of vocabulary important to a kid, but not to that song. So I caught 'see you driving past the houses/town girl I love" and a dozen other disjoint signs. Did I mention I don't have any audio right now and don't know the song? So not bad. Her signing seemed a little loose and her facial expressions not as dynamic as they should be. Still fun.

Compare Keith Wann, who is an ASL Comedian, doing a routine to Ice Ice Baby.
posted by plinth 18 January | 14:08
That Keith Wann skit was hilarious, plinth.
posted by gaspode 18 January | 14:21
Hehe, I swiped it from TheDonF's FB page. A couple deaf people I know commented on how she signed "fuck". My friends usually see it (my friends don't usually swear) with the middle finger. I've seen it signed like two ASL "V"s coming together, like in "First of May".
posted by deborah 18 January | 18:02
Keith Wann is great, thanks for that, plinth!

I know the girl was no amazing signer, but I like the song and I thought she had a lot of oomph for someone just taking ASL in college.
posted by Specklet 18 January | 23:28
The two V's coming together is used more to describe actual copulation instead of "to hell with you".

I watched it again with sound and a lot more of it fell into place (mental note: I'm not good enough to be an interpreter). Pronouns in ASL are spatial. Areas get reserved in space for a person, so when she was signing to "fuck her too" she established the point in space for 'her' and when she signed fuck you with two hands. she was very literally signing "fuck both of you".

I don't know that I liked the "oooooo"'s that she added in. Until I heard it, I thought I was missing a preposition or something. No - she was making the letter 'o' and moving it to give you a sense of lots of them. This is one of the many reasons why there is no ASL translation, only interpretation.
posted by plinth 19 January | 06:20
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