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12 January 2011

Fill in the blanks of this story. I was on my way to pick up lunch when I heard one of the Jehovah's Witness ladies who man the Free Literature table on campus say to the other Jehovah's Witness lady: "Isn't he a good-looking 80-year-old? The women in the trailer park can't get enough of him." No joke.

What the full story here?
They send him to Witness in the trailer park and he does very well? Lots of new sign ups? That's not very interesting, is it.
posted by rainbaby 12 January | 16:53
The full story is: These Jehovah's Witness ladies are old. Hence, they are attracted to old people. Presumably he lives in a trailer park. It would be fun to ask them.

Speaking of asking people things, I have been asking everyone. Know anyone who wants to rent me 1-5 acres of land somewhere in Yolo for the purpose of farming chickens and their food? I want more chickens than Davis will allow. They're so pretty!
posted by aniola 12 January | 16:57
Clearly, you and/or your companion have the looks of a good-looking 80-year-old man. And if that man is Sean Connery, I wouldn't be able to get enough of you either. Mee-YOW!
posted by Madamina 12 January | 17:05
I think you're over-thinking the Jehovah's Witness angle. If you take that out of the equation, it's just two women talking about an 80 year old man who happens to be good-looking, lives in a trailer park, and gets a lot of attention from the women there (which isn't unusual -- in the elderly population, the women outnumber the men by a wide margin, so any man in that age group who still has his mental faculties, especially one who's good-looking, would attract lots of positive attention from his female peers).
posted by amyms 12 January | 17:48
The full story: Girls check dudes out. Every day, all day, for as long as we live. You guys never notice. We're that stealthy.
posted by dabitch 12 January | 19:29
Actually, you notice when we want you to. You handsome fellas. Rrraaaauw. *flirt flirt flirt*
posted by dabitch 12 January | 19:30
Yeah, I was gonna say that men that age outnumber women by a large margin, so they can pretty much write their own ticket, especially if they're good-looking, mobile, and funny. And women that age still have interest, especially if they had a partner most of their lives and have been lonely since losing them.
posted by Miko 12 January | 21:52
But we always will have The Gaze!
Our supernatural evil power that no woman can match.
It hails from that event when we were struck by lightning while an owl flew through the lightning strike.
posted by jouke 13 January | 02:36
He's a hottie, is really the full story here. :-)
posted by occhiblu 13 January | 11:09
Aww ... what a cute little hamst ...ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! || A half-caf skinny venti, with the words