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10 January 2011

Television show that was totally awful and rightfully only lasted a few episodes, but you couldn't turn your eyes away? We're on a theme here...[More:]only one I can think of at the moment is "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Even Nia didn't want to do it. Was like 8 episodes or something, and I kept watching it and saying "please kill this, please kill this..."
Melrose Place. just... shoot me :P
posted by lonefrontranger 10 January | 17:43
Police Squad. . .or maybe that should be in the first thread of this.

I loved it but it was also sort of a one-note song.
posted by danf 10 January | 17:44
oh wait, reading comprehension... Melrose Place survived for faaar too long. I remember watching it through the first season going "why... why am I watching this drivel? why?"

posted by lonefrontranger 10 January | 17:46
My Secret Girlfriend on Comedy Central. At least I hope it's gone for good.
posted by youngergirl44 10 January | 18:23
"My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss", the best (a VERY relative term) of Fox's "Fake Reality Shows". The show was pulled halfway through (without choosing a 'winner' or revealing the identity of the 'secret boss') and the left over episoides were tossed onto Fox's website. But I was rewarded for my loyalty to that guilty pleasure when I got to write about the unseen finale as a "guest expert" in's Reality TV Blog (scroll down). Any trainwreck you can walk away from WITH A PAYCHECK is not so bad. But I haven't volunteered to watch-and-write-about any show I hate since, which severely reduced my income but increased my sanity, so I have no more recent examples.

I guess I must confess that, as a kid, I ENJOYED "My Mother The Car", rated the 2nd Worst TV Series Of All Time after Jerry Springer, and now available on Hulu where I realized it REALLY WAS as bad as they say (but not because of Jerry VanDyke who got a bad rap).
posted by oneswellfoop 10 January | 19:07
Two words: COP ROCK. Oh my sweet lord.
posted by Madamina 10 January | 21:24
Cop Rock was great.
posted by octothorpe 10 January | 21:43
The 2009 Cupid. I'd like to blame my ex-girlfriend. Yes, yes, I'll do that!
posted by knile 11 January | 06:12
There was a TV show version of "A League of Their Own". Horrendous.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 January | 09:09
Californication. It's about a bunch of middle-aged people with all the impulse control, pretentions and intellectual depth of first-year university students. Everytime I watch an episode, I swear I'll never watch another. But somehow I do wind up doing it anyway, and I know I'll watch season four, as I want to find out what happened now that the Hank/Mia thing is out of the bag.
posted by Orange Swan 11 January | 09:16
Poochinski! There's only one episode (also available on Youtube) and it is so great and so terrible. "You're a dog!" "I'M A COP!"

Also I was about to overreact about danf saying Police Squad but on reflection I decided yeah, it wasn't awful but would have overstayed its welcome quickly.
posted by Monster_Zero 11 January | 10:32
The Millionaire Matchmaker. Since I caught a mini marathon Saturday morning that hypnotized me, what a trainwreck of a show, you can't look away. They will let some of the creepiest people date perfectly wonderful people for money and the dating world is so bizarre in the first place. The finale's tonight and I am there.
posted by ethylene 11 January | 18:07
The 2009 Cupid.

Oh god yes. It was all the worse for crapping all over a beloved original.

posted by julen 11 January | 22:46
Average Joe, the dating reality show. I am so, so ashamed I watched a season of this.
posted by pointystick 12 January | 10:01
If we're talking shows that only lasted a few episodes, I wish I still had a recording of the Emeril sitcom.

The episode summaries give one a good sense of what it was like.
posted by Joe Beese 12 January | 23:20
I made some... || Huemul Conservation Project