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03 January 2011

If you believe that we make our own luck, then it's time to get to work. [More:]

Got an inspirational thought or story for the first workday (for some of us) of the new year?
for extreme high pressure "oh god I'm going to crumple and throw up" deadline situations. In the context where the thing has to be done, regardless of what the status is on the deadline:

1) Calm down
2) Buck up
3) Keep at it

sounds dumb but sometimes you just need a plan of action! this works
posted by Firas 03 January | 10:59

This isn't particularly notable, but when I logged into my e-mail this morning, I had a nice surprise waiting for me.

I manage a program where I have to recruit faculty members to go do stuff at sporting events, and there's been a lot of wrangling with our 20 first-come, first-served dates. We only had one left, and I was a little worried about calling random people and saying, "Hey! We want you... but not as much as we wanted these other people, and only if you can make it on the 5th, and only if you like [women's lacrosse]."

So I was delighted to see a prof, whom I had long ago written off as not being available at all, e-mailing to say, "Sorry it took me so long to get back to you -- my first choice is [open date]." I've had a tough fall semester, project-wise, so getting this all squared away ahead of time will be a big deal to me and my bosses.

I hope (really, really, really hope) that this is a good omen for the new year.
posted by Madamina 03 January | 11:09
Firas, I love your plan. I'm typing it up and posting it where I can see it!

posted by typewriter 03 January | 11:57
Still off. Today is our observed New Year's Day holiday. Spending it stripping wallpaper from the back bedroom which we've never actually been able to use as a room.
posted by octothorpe 03 January | 12:16
It isn't mine but I like that mental trick of changing "I've got to" to "I get to" that I mentioned in the 3 point update thread. So far it is inspiring me.
posted by bearwife 03 January | 18:19
Firas, I love your plan. I'm typing it up and posting it where I can see it!

that's what's up!! my other (pre-plan anti-panic response) is just how bad can it get? it ain't like I robbed a bank and the cops are after me, it's just a work related deadline. so i might lose a client, a project, a job, a bunch of money, but they ain't gonna kill me. life goes on
posted by Firas 04 January | 08:27
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