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02 January 2011

New computer! What should I do with it?[More:] It's all fresh and new, unsullied in hard drive and lacking a button for the track pad. I've got a slight vodka buzz to go with its inauguration. What to do, what to do. I'm just wasting it's nine hour battery.
Congratulations on the new computer! What OS?
posted by box 02 January | 21:04
It's 10.6.4. It's all shiny. I haven't got a plan for it. It's a Christmas windfall but my other was starting to flail on me, track pad going and such, battery under two hours. Depressing the track pad takes getting use to. Mac has finally rid itself of the button.
posted by ethylene 02 January | 21:44
Yea, I tried to use my wife's Macbook yesterday and couldn't puzzle out the trackpad. She ends up plugging in an external mouse most of the time.
posted by octothorpe 02 January | 21:49
I'm still loading old pages of damn you, autocorrect on the other computer. It was a good computer. Seems sad to retire it. I've got to reload every password onto this computer and every other pesky thing. I love the big empty hard drive though, so full of possibility.
posted by ethylene 02 January | 21:57
do some hacks
posted by mullacc 02 January | 22:24
HD Porn?
posted by Firas 03 January | 07:05
Emulate old games! It's fun making your shiny new processor pretend to be a Game Boy.
posted by Monster_Zero 03 January | 09:38
The trackpad did take a little getting used to when I got my Pro a while back, but now I'd never go back. Love the no-button-ness (checked it out on one of the teeny new MacBook Airs this weekend).

I have always been crappy about backing my stuff up, but the mister has helped get me into storing my music, etc. on an external hard drive. Now might be a nice time to work that out while you're transferring stuff.

We're babysitting my brother's computer after a stint at the Genius Bar this weekend. After he logged into my Facebook during his last visit, I'm gleeful at the chance to mess his up *giggle*
posted by Madamina 03 January | 11:15
Open up and configure Exposť and Spaces and all the top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right corner hot-buttons for screensaves and whatnot you do. Start fooling around between programs an even desktops at with a quick slide over that shiny new trackpad! WEEEE!
posted by dabitch 03 January | 16:16
Spend some quality time with your trackpad. In my experience, it will really grow on you. I think there's a tutorial in the trackpad system preferences that can show you some neat things you can do with it.

Definitely play around with the preferences. I've got two-fingered scrolling enabled as well as two-fingered right-click. I greatly miss both of these whenever I have to use a different sort of trackpad.

One annoyance to watch out for: if you accidentally touch the trackpad with a stray finger or base of your thumb, you may find yourself unexpectedly in multitouch mode.
posted by treepour 03 January | 22:11
Two hours?? || A Night At Sid's of Pigtown