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23 December 2010

Here's a sparkly pony [More:]

I sincerely hope that works... I've been battling the flickr mobile app for the last half hour to get that from my phone into MeCha

I apologise for some melodrama, but the mister and I could desperately use some hugs, whuffles, bunnies, cats-in-boxes, or whatever you've got. I got you a shiny, sparkly pony, if that link works.

Mr lfr's dad, a strappingly healthy 63-year-old who rode bikes and hiked everyday, is in Neuro Intensive Care tonight, and it doesn't look good. He's had a series of strokes.

I send my best wishes to everyone out there. Please hug your loved ones for me.


Oh, that's rough lfr. Thinking of you guys.
posted by gaspode 23 December | 22:25
Oh my gosh. . . .

My best wishes to your partner and his dad and all the people in your life.

posted by danf 23 December | 23:09
Oh, lfr, I'm so sorry to hear it. Sending whuffles and good thoughts your way. Take good care of yourself, and of each other.

Here is the requested cat in a box. Also, here [*hug*] is a hug.
posted by Elsa 23 December | 23:26
Aww lfr, that's awful. I'll be thinking of you and all of your family.
posted by nelvana 23 December | 23:32
Yikes. I'm really sorry to hear that. Take care - I'll be thinking of you and your family.
posted by youngergirl44 23 December | 23:45
Thanks, everyone. Elsa, I adore Maru, and the mister had never seen that one and he lol'ed, which is better than despair. I told him there were a bunch of people on the Internet who wish his dad the best. You guys are awesome.
posted by lonefrontranger 23 December | 23:58
posted by Ardiril 23 December | 23:59
Ach. Sorry to hear that. 63 is much too young.
posted by jouke 24 December | 00:45
*big hugs to you and the mr*
posted by brujita 24 December | 01:36
Thinking healthy thoughts for your mister's dad. Big hugs to you and the mister.
posted by deborah 24 December | 01:48
Sending good thoughts and best wishes.
posted by Twiggy 24 December | 13:38
posted by galadriel 24 December | 13:58
lfr, is your partner's Dad at UCLA Medical Center? I'm here with my 63yo brother who has had a stroke caused by metastatic cancer. He has rebounded well physically, and his verbal skills are better every day. Long-term, not so good, but if he can have a few more good months, or even weeks, with his family, that would be welcome. I'm sending you some good thoughts and prayers.
posted by theora55 24 December | 13:58
And that pony is way cool; thanks for sharing it.
posted by theora55 24 December | 13:59
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