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22 December 2010

I was concerned that my old friend at Betty Ford was the one that Lohan assaulted,[More:] but I got this email from her hub. Pretty interesting how this went down.

Hi Dan ,,

I hope you are all well .. i wish you all a Merry Christmas , Happy New Years , Happy Holidays , Happy Solstice Day , did I miss anything ..??

I told [redacted] of your concern .. [redacted] will say nothing .. She is very good about that stuff .. I have no idea what goes on at camp Betty's other than what I can glean off of the media ..It is "the law" around here ..I don't need to know ...confidenciality ...

below is a link to the story .. i just stumbled upon it when checking weather predictions ..
Holland tells TMZ a honcho from the Betty Ford Clinic told her she violated patient confidentiality and was therefore terminated from her job as a chemical dependency tech

Umm, duh. What did she think was going to happen? Work in healthcare, you gotta keep your mouth SHUT.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 December | 11:19
For those looking for more info on the topic, read about HIPAA. I find HIPAA law fascinating.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 December | 11:21
Yeah. . .I knew that my friend can never say anything but I wanted her to know I was thinking about her. She and I were babies together, grew up on the same block. As a teen, she was a runaway herion addict but got straight and has been there for years.
posted by danf 22 December | 11:22
HIPAA is vast and terrifying and governs everything you do in healthcare. It's great because it protects your rights.
posted by apoch 22 December | 11:28
HIPAA even prohibits a dentist having their appts. for the day posted on a printout on the wall. It used to be fun, since this is a smallish city, to happen upon friends who had appts. the day I was in the dentist, but they don't allow you to look at it anymore.
posted by danf 22 December | 12:37
Which is great; having doctors & staff who will outright refuse to acknowledge that someone is a patient (unless they have written permission from the patient) is a valuable thing.
posted by galadriel 22 December | 12:57
I have some sympathy for Holland. She gets assaulted by a patient, and is then put on administrative leave until the case could be investigated, which according to her generally means the employee will be fired. I guess she figured her job was gone anyway. And she made less than $21,500 a year as a "chemical dependency tech"? That's not much at all. Not a good idea to go running to TMZ though. If she were wrongfully dimissed, she'd have legal recourse to address that. Now she has nothing and she won't work in that field again.
posted by Orange Swan 22 December | 13:03
And yet when I've seen therapists in my health system, who schedule their own patients, I can see every single damn person on their schedule as their computer window stays open. Having worked for the EMR software company in the past, I have no idea why they wouldn't build in a "see no patient names, just openings" filter. Kind of like why they apparently can't build in more than five spaces in the First Name field, so I get referred to as "[Madam--]" every time I go in.

posted by Madamina 22 December | 14:21
And yet when I've seen therapists in my health system, who schedule their own patients, I can see every single damn person on their schedule as their computer window stays open.

That's a HIPAA violation! They need to get some privacy screens.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 December | 17:43
They need to turn their monitors so they aren't facing directly towards the patient couch. That's what they need to do :P

I actually know the guy who runs some sort of quality-improvement-IT-something-or-other office for the system, and without naming names (stupid mental health stigma) I told him. He was suitably not thrilled.
posted by Madamina 22 December | 17:50
Lindsey Lohan is a selfish asshole.
posted by Meatbomb 23 December | 05:32
This story certainly makes her sound like one, though she has a reputation for being very charming in person. The drugs probably have a lot to do with her acting like a little swine. People said Elvis was such a nice guy, so generous and kind with good manners, and it was mostly the drugs that were the problem. Well, that and raging situational narcissism from living in a bubble.
posted by Orange Swan 23 December | 09:11
When I saw this on TV the other night I couldn't understand why the woman was surprised she was terminated. No matter what Lindsey Lohan did or did not do, blabbing about it to the media is just unacceptable. Patient confidentiality is paramount, whether the patient is famous or not.
posted by Senyar 23 December | 09:43
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