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21 December 2010

Oh bunnies. I have not sent your cards yet. That is all. Expect them in the new year, my friends. Thank you so much for the lovely cards I have gotten so far. Lovely.
I'm in the same boat. But I think they're going out tonight :)
posted by Madamina 21 December | 16:13
I can't say how much we've loved the cards. They are a very sweet tradition. Thanks to folks.
posted by Miko 21 December | 16:14
Thanks all. I tape them to our large entry mirror. It looks so festive. All cards were fabulous. Peachfuzz, yours was so clever and artistic. I love it.
posted by LoriFLA 21 December | 16:54
I have loved the cards, each and every card. I only wish I had more cards. It will be sad when they end, every day brings a new one. Kat Allison's has the biggest dog or the smallest kid.
posted by ethylene 21 December | 18:50
Yes, I have really been loving the cards y'all have sent. Thank you so much!
posted by BoringPostcards 21 December | 18:56
Each day's mail has been a wonderful treat! This is my first year in this tradition, and it is good. I don't normally receive many cards; I'm not good at keeping in touch. They are definitely the highlight of this holiday season.

I also love the snowman on MeFi. My 8-year-old daughter, who says "you're always on metachat or metafilter!" was also quite charmed by it. Her favorite, though, is the Yorkie(?) in red antlers.

Keep calm and be merry, everyone.
posted by jeoc 21 December | 19:21
Yeah, thanks everybody! It's so fun, so sweet!
posted by Specklet 21 December | 22:30
Peachfuzz, yours was so clever and artistic

Agreed - maybe you should sell those in the MeFi Mall next season!
posted by Miko 21 December | 22:57
They are fabulous. Next year I will be like so many of you generous and tasteful souls and send cards to EVERYONE on the MeCha exchange list, not just my little randomly assigned group.

You are wonderful bunnies.
posted by bearwife 22 December | 16:02
≡ Click to see image ≡

posted by -t 22 December | 16:15
Oh, we've had so much fun sending out and receiving cards - we love this tradition. Glad you liked them!

jeoc, we totally stole "stay calm and be merry" from your card for the inside of our non-mefi cards, which are the same snowman looking at a NYT global warming article.
posted by peachfuzz 22 December | 22:30
I absolutely love my MeCha card collection! They are all taped on the end of the wall between my kitchen and my living room.
posted by rhapsodie 23 December | 01:41
It's that time. || Ask MeCha: Online Christmas Cards