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21 December 2010

Lunar Eclipse Just a sliver left[More:]It's azy here in Seattle, but the moon is not totally obscured by clouds. A real winter treat; heading back out...
Nothin' doin' in Portland. Thankfully there's the internet...
posted by Atom Eyes 21 December | 03:16
I went outside, I actually thought I would take some pictures for once. Too bright around the house, walked across the road into the park where it was darker... was there about five minutes when a coyote came running through about ten feet from me. Then I heard a large pack yipping very close, clearly somewhere else within the park. I guess a few coyotes are probably going to avoid a human rather than attack but it just felt like a bad idea to stick around, so no moon pictures for me tonight. lol

posted by weretable and the undead chairs 21 December | 03:16
Total overcast here in Austin, I'm super-bummed, been looking forward to it...
posted by dancestoblue 21 December | 03:25
It's really cloudy here and I intended to be asleep now, but I can see it through the clouds. Pretty cool.
posted by Twiggy 21 December | 04:08
Fortunately the cloud cover here gave me an excuse to sleep through it.
posted by octothorpe 21 December | 07:39
Rained all night. Bah, humbug!
posted by danf 21 December | 09:04
Completely clouded over in Fresno when I went to bed, but I have seen two "perfect" lunar eclipses already.
posted by Ardiril 21 December | 09:50
Overcast In Vancouver
posted by rollick 21 December | 11:24
Cloudy at first, but cleared up nicely. The pix are still uploading to flickr.
posted by lysdexic 21 December | 11:45
Yeah about five minutes after I posted another wave of clouds came through. It got heavier and heavier and I gave up about a quarter to one :( Too bad; that first glimmer of light that appears from the bloody, occluded moon is truly one of the most glorious natural events. Luckily while the solstice lunar eclipse is rare, lunar eclipses aren't - this is the fourth one I've seen. Here's to the next one being on a clear, warm summer night!

Nice pictures lysdexic! thanks for putting those up.
posted by kodama 21 December | 12:21
Here in the Original Portland, we had a nice snowfall that wreaked havoc with driving, but was pretty, and I expected the Solstice Eclipse to be obscured by clouds. But it cleared enough so that I could enjoy the full moon's brightness on the fresh snow. 3 inches of fluffy snow is easy shoveling, even for a couch tater. I gave serious thought to staying up to see the eclipse, but couldn't convince my body to cooperate.
posted by theora55 21 December | 16:18
Wow, nice pics, lysdexic.
posted by theora55 21 December | 16:20
Aw, too bad for Seattle and Vancouver. Out here in Fraser Valley (a couple hours from either city) it was hazy but viewable. So cool!
posted by deborah 21 December | 17:39
Saw Black Swan, Loved it. (spoilers) || The creation