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17 December 2010

Pummelvision will take ALL of your photos from Facebook, Flickr, or Tumblr, and make them into a cool music video. Here's mine.[More:]
Pummelvision was made by one of the guys who created, and you need a Vimeo or Youtube account for it to output to. Watching other people's movies is not quite as awesome as seeing your own, yet I've been addicted to them all afternoon on YouTube.
Also, it took almost 2 days for Pummelvision to download all my pics and make this vid, so don't expect instant results. But IMO it's worth it.
posted by BoringPostcards 17 December | 21:22
Ooh, I'm doing it, but my laptop is old so I fear it will take a week.
posted by amro 17 December | 22:59
Are the pictures put together in the order of your photostream, or are they randomized? It'd be fun to see them in order. Who owns the rights to the video?
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 17 December | 23:08
They appear to be in order, Kronos.

amro, your computer doesn't matter if your pics are online on Flickr or whatever. Like I said, it does take awhile, though.
posted by BoringPostcards 17 December | 23:29
I just started mine - 2888 photos... hmmm
posted by pjern 18 December | 00:40
That was pretty damn cool. And BoPo, even thought they're not my photos, your video still works because you have a great eye and take fantastic pictures. Mine would be awkward since about half the photos in my flickr are actually sketchbook pages and post-it note doodles.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 18 December | 02:48
Ooooh, I'm totally doing this as part of a christmas present for my dad. I scanned all his old photos that got left at my mom's house when they got divorced. He hasn't seen any of them since I was about 8 years old!
posted by Stewriffic 18 December | 08:10
Here's mine. Only 34 seconds long, I need to upload more photos!
posted by amro 18 December | 09:37
Here's mine! Yay! My dad is going to love this.
posted by Stewriffic 18 December | 09:56
Ow, my eyes. I can't see fast enough for this.
posted by Miko 18 December | 10:47
really cool BoPo; I love the timing - one observation, cos I didn't check; if you have the option to pick a piece of music, tho the track you use is definitely fun, I might also suggest something 50's/vintagey/rockabilly-themed to fit the overwhelming tone of your photostream. There's so much Southern-themed nostalgia in there, especially with the old cars & neon signs and soforth that it would just really groove.

Or maybe just be very cliche / over-the-top. I dunno.
posted by lonefrontranger 18 December | 11:39
lfr, the music is the same on every video. You're right, though, that that kind of music would fit my pics well.

amro and Stew, yours are so cool!! Stewriffic, what a GREAT idea to make that video for your dad. He IS going to love it.
posted by BoringPostcards 18 December | 11:54
Here's mine: it's 4:34.
posted by pjern 18 December | 14:33
And mine at 50 seconds long. It turned out better than I had hoped.
posted by deborah 18 December | 15:52
Sad that it only uses my public Flickr photos, I've made all of my daily iPhone photos Friends & Family only and I think they'd make a more interesting video.
posted by rhapsodie 18 December | 16:16
Okay even without my iPhone shots mine is pretty fun.
posted by rhapsodie 18 December | 19:04
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