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14 December 2010

I hope not.
posted by youngergirl44 14 December | 12:23
Not a great picture of her. She can do better.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 December | 12:47
What that photo needs is a pack of wolves feasting on her entrails.
posted by Hugh Janus 14 December | 12:59
I am so embarrassed for her. Or maybe by her. On so many levels. Just about every time she shows up, I cringe. She doesn't even have to say anything, but when she does, it's inevitably worse.
posted by Kangaroo 14 December | 13:03
Kangaroo, you should never feel embarrassed for somebody who's incapable of feeling shame.
posted by Atom Eyes 14 December | 14:59
She's even wearing a portrait collar. I don't know how she would win the nomination when she quit the governorship. Stranger things have happened though. She should have never quit if she wanted a life in politics.
posted by LoriFLA 14 December | 15:13
The dangly earrings take it from drab to fab for me. Soooo former-pageant-contestant.
posted by Madamina 14 December | 17:19
I looked at it this morning and couldn't stop giggling. I tried again this afternoon and it just hurts my eyes.

I think Madamina is on to something: she's trying to look young and old at the same time and it's just not working for me.

I wouldn't call this Presidential at all. I wouldn't take anyone in a suit that bright seriously as a leader. Entertainer, sure.

Madeline Albright wasn't above using clothing or accesories to make a statement, but she made it about the occasion, not herself. Palin is doing the exact opposite here.

If she was wearing a US-grown cotton suit made in America with non sweatshop fair labor, I might be more inclined towards it. At a press conference or ribbon cutting or whatever. But being that hard on they eyes for the sake of getting attention is a real turn off.
posted by lysdexic 14 December | 17:29
She should have never quit if she wanted a life in politics.

I'm still half-convinced that she'll never take the pay cut to be President now that she's a successful Media Whore. She may act like she wants to be President, but that's just to keep her in the Public Eye.
posted by oneswellfoop 14 December | 19:17
Up until recently I consoled myself that at least if she were to become the candidate, that would likely be sufficient in itself to ensure Obama's re-elecion.

But now I have a new nightmare scenario that bugs me.

It goes something like this...

She likes the spotlight and the influence she has, and doesn't want to swap it for merely a shot at Presidential office, which she realizes wouldn't suit her anyway. So she doesn't actually run, but has a huge influence on who gets nominated at all levels, what the platform is, where the energy is, and who owes who. So an electable candidate is chosen, and actually gets elected, but with a lot of influence for the Palin wing of the party.

And I could see all of that being critical in preventing the world getting its act together on climate change for the next ten to fifteen years. (Because everyone else is inclined to say "If the US won't come along, it's all pretty futile, so why bother making sacrifices ourselves?")

And in that scenario it's just about possible for one person, Sarah Palin, to actually have an incredibly detrimental impact on the entire future of humanity.

So I'm not feeling so much like chuckling at inept photos any more.
posted by philipy 14 December | 20:12
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