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06 December 2010

Mad Men As D&D Alignments via mightygodking
That's funny. I always thought of myself as chaotic good, but I don't really identify with Sally.

According to this sites' interpretations, Don really doesn't sound all that neutral.

Where do you fall in the spectrum Whelk?
posted by cheminatrix 06 December | 15:33
I always rolled a Chaotic Good.
posted by The Whelk 06 December | 15:50
Here's a nifty link to figure out what you most align with.

I wonder if that link wouldn't get some interesting traffic on the blue. There are so many stinkin' questions though. Who knew that it would take at least 100 questions to figure out what your personality lines up with?
posted by cheminatrix 06 December | 16:19
I had so many Chaotic Neutral characters. They are the true assholes of D&D.
posted by gaspode 06 December | 16:39
A chaotic neutral being... Is not concerned with the desires of family members.

Accurately describes my 5 month old.
posted by cheminatrix 06 December | 16:49
According to the survey, I am lawful neutral. I was kinda hoping for a chaotic good. We've only watched about ten episodes from the first season, but I don't feel like I identify with Joan. Right now she seems untrustworthy and manipulative.
posted by youngergirl44 06 December | 17:19
That's funny youngergirl. I don't identify at all with Don Draper, although I am supposedly true neutral. I also find it alarming that I apparently have no convictions. Nothing I feel very strongly about except for being able to see all sides of an argument. I guess that's why I lurk so ruthlessly on the blue.
posted by cheminatrix 06 December | 17:52
I still think the betty one is inspired. She's basically a supervillian now.
posted by The Whelk 06 December | 19:01
I haven't seen any of the most recent season yet but how can I pass up commenting on something like this? What's next, a post on grey cats and Traveller?

Betty is pretty evil. I'd say more lawful evil given the way she uses shame, like how she tricked her friend into that affair, and of course how she treats her kids. Anyway, she's strict, utterly selfish, and cruel. She's a good fit for Don's Asmodeus side.

She can swap corners with Pete, who just wants to do what he wants to do, hates bothering with rules and stuff because he's sure that he should just get his way, above all rules and free Free FREE! You never see Pete so unhappy as when he doesn't get what he wants because of some stupid rule/reality he doesn't give a shit about, or isn't immediately praised and rewarded for his reluctantly clumsy attempts to actually play by the rules.

So Pete's definitely chaotic. I think there's even a case for CN because it's not that he deliberately wants to hurt people, it's just that he doesn't quite sufficiently care when he does. He knows it's bad, doesn't really lean towards making up for it because at all costs he needs to duck responsibility. If anything he's not quite evil enough to succeed at what he does.

Joan's sort of in the right spot I guess. Rules are the important thing, the rest of life is ephemeral joy and suffering that doesn't matter. I think she could arguably be put in true neutral, as she doesn't even necessarily care about anything. Like Don, she kind of wants to be everything to everybody, and doesn't do so well when she has to commit to being any one thing. Don's better at it though.

Sterling I suppose fits neutral evil well. He's going to get what he wants and let other people deal with the consequences.

Me, I'm NG to the core, and Peggy's my gal. Go Pegs!
posted by fleacircus 06 December | 20:58
oh god you are in for so much more Evil betty it's not funny.
posted by The Whelk 06 December | 21:22
Is Betty really all that evil? I mean, she seems like a child that isn't getting her way and pouts about it rather than making any real change. Well, except for a few big ones I suppose. Eh, just seems like she spins her wheels a lot.
posted by cheminatrix 06 December | 21:33
Lawful Neutral, although Lawful Good was just one point less.
posted by deborah 06 December | 21:48
Cheminatrix, which would be totally understandable if she wasn't a grown ass adult and inflicting everyone else, including people she has direct control over (like her kids) with her tantrums.

They've really been pushing the "Betty Is Childish" theme last season, right down to the clothing. Like you understand but seriously lady, grow up.
posted by The Whelk 06 December | 22:18
True, Whelk. I just figure a truly evil character would be one you completely hate and fear. Although if Betty were my mother, I would probably do both of those things.
posted by cheminatrix 06 December | 22:57
Well I think we were talking evil in sort of jokey loose D&D terms.

She is a loathsome character, though; unloving and unlovable. She likes to go around manipulating and mind-fucking people, and never really does anything positive or kind for anyone. She was happy being the queen of her little cage until she finally realized that she didn't actually control the most important thing, Don. At that point she dropped the perfect daughter/housewife act and regressed to her true nature, a slightly abusive control freak with no real redeeming qualities.

Lots of the Mad Men characters have loathsome turns; I'm just saying she didn't have any upside.

In a way it was fun seeing her world crumble, but eventually she was just making the show unwatchable and none of that crap with her even really mattered at all in terms of the rest of the show. I kept saying "MEANWHILE, AT STERLING COOPER" after she'd appear onscreen, but the TV never took the hint.
posted by fleacircus 07 December | 03:33
Yeah, it's like "quick name the last time Betty did something *nice* for someone" and there you are.
posted by The Whelk 07 December | 08:38
I kept saying "MEANWHILE, AT STERLING COOPER" after she'd appear onscreen, but the TV never took the hint.

Ha. OK I'll concede.
posted by cheminatrix 07 December | 10:34
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