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06 December 2010

Good morning from my new apartment! [More:]

Everything is still in boxes, and the boxes are still everywhere, but I'm *home*.

I hope I can convince people to come over and hang out and stuff. After a freezing cold move-in, I need a warm NYC welcome!
Congratulations on making the move! I hope it went smoothly. Enjoy the settling-in process. It's so awesome, you live in NY!
posted by Miko 06 December | 09:05
posted by JanetLand 06 December | 09:05
congrats! new life!
posted by Firas 06 December | 09:11
posted by leesh 06 December | 09:13
posted by rainbaby 06 December | 09:14
Good morning! I will now have a cup of coffee in your honor. Wishing you lots of good memories in your new place.

Oh and pics or it didn't happen.
posted by iconomy 06 December | 09:28
Kegger at Eideteker's apartment! Congrats and have fun settling in.
posted by apoch 06 December | 09:38
Morning, Eide from my apartment, a couple miles south and on the east side!
posted by gaspode 06 December | 09:48
Yay! New apartment!
posted by typewriter 06 December | 10:00
Hey that's great, Eidomestic! Glad to hear it went well, and to have you back in town. See you soon!
posted by Hugh Janus 06 December | 10:09
posted by Melismata 06 December | 10:18
Hey! Congrats and good luck unpacking!
posted by martinxs bellbottoms 06 December | 10:28
Good morning! I am having a balanced breakfast including some sweet sweet bubblegum!


Goodness, no. The place is an unnavigable mess! Maybe later.

Kegger at Eideteker's apartment!

Seriously! I don't think I've even voided my deposit yet.

Though I first have to get unboxed and settled so I can get back to having a schedule that's as densely packed as a neutrino star.
posted by Eideteker 06 December | 10:28
Nice! Congrats!
posted by richat 06 December | 10:34
Welcome home, Eid!
posted by jrossi4r 06 December | 10:37
1. How do we (me, my wife, and dog) get there from LaGuardia?

2. We require a double or queen futon for us and a 440V electrical connection for our dog's iron lung.

3. Thanks for the invite!
posted by danf 06 December | 10:57
Welcome home!
posted by BoringPostcards 06 December | 11:15
Glad you got the move done! Such a thing to have hanging over your head, now done. Whoohoo!
posted by galadriel 06 December | 11:31
Woot House Warming Party !!
posted by rollick 06 December | 11:33
Welcome to Your New Home! We are all waiting for the unpacking to end and the photos to begin, of course!
posted by bearwife 06 December | 11:55
Moving is the bane of my existence. I'm glad it's over for you and now you can focus on organizing your new place. Exciting!
posted by youngergirl44 06 December | 12:56
Congrats! I loves me the smell of new carpet and paint. Mmmmm chemicals.
posted by cheminatrix 06 December | 13:58
I'm *home*

Congratulations, and welcome home. New NY chapter!
posted by Stewriffic 06 December | 16:28
Yay! The first box you should unpack is a pizza box.
posted by rmless2 06 December | 20:15
Yay! Good luck getting it all unpacked.
posted by Twiggy 06 December | 20:37
So, you're my neighbor now?
posted by Obscure Reference 07 December | 11:49
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