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05 December 2010

Musical Advent Calendar this year? [More:]I started one last year but dropped off since it didn't seem like it was that interesting for people. I was thinking about starting it up this year again because I have some awesome new holiday music. So if I did an upload a day 'til Christmas, would people be interested? Let me know here.

Alternatively, maybe we could, like, share it around and take turns posting? I'd love to hear some stuff from other people's collections, too. And I wouldn't mind coordinating if we thought we had a group that would sign up for a day a week or something like that, or even just for a handful of days between now and New Year's.
I would be interested, I was sad that last year's stopped and remember posting a bunch of questions in that thread about it stopping that I don't think anyone saw.

I would be willing to post a song or two or three as well.
posted by rhapsodie 05 December | 13:15
I'd love to hear what you (and others) have to offer, Miko! It'd be fun to throw in a song or two along the way, too.
posted by BoringPostcards 05 December | 13:53
Great idea! I love sharing music, but I'm not much for joining Christmas celebrations. It may seem like semantics but calling it something other than Advent would feel more inclusive and comfortable. I definitely want to play, though!
posted by Hugh Janus 05 December | 17:05
Yeah, maybe this just isn't the place for it.
posted by Miko 05 December | 17:19
Maybe I misunderstood the point, I guess. I don't want to discourage anyone from anything. I guess "forget I said anything" doesn't work, sorry. Please don't avoid something on my account. I think you should do what you want, because many people will enjoy it. I guess I didn't understand whatkind of music or what kind of participation anyone else might bring. Sorry to fuck things up for you or anyone else.
posted by Hugh Janus 05 December | 17:31
No, it's not fucking things up - maybe other people feel it's not inclusive or it's offputting. I don't know. This is something I did last year and the year before, posted a holiday (mostly Christmas) song in the days leading up to Christmas. It wasn't a generic music share, it was holiday themed. So if that's uncomfortable of makes people feel left out, then maybe this is not the place, that's all. Maybe we should pick a random month, like March, and just have daily music then.
posted by Miko 05 December | 18:11
I think it would be great, and I really enjoyed the ones you did previously.
posted by gaspode 05 December | 18:24
I could certainly stop calling it Advent anything, since it's really not coordinated with the observance of actual Advent in any way (which I think started back in November anyhow. Maybe it can just be a December holiday/winter-themed music giftstravaganza.
posted by Miko 05 December | 18:45
I also thought it was pretty cool, and might be able to contribute a song or two, especially if I'm not required to only share stuff that's NEVER been shared before :-)

Of course, sharing uploading responsibilities also mean organizing, so maybe that's not too appealing?
posted by richat 05 December | 19:51
I don't mind organizing. Since there are at least a few of us who would enjoy this, I can set it up later tonight or early tomorrow as a brand new thread. I'll just list the remaining dates in the month, and people can copy and paste and fill in their names to sign up.
posted by Miko 05 December | 20:17
Do it! I'm in for at least a couple of songs. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 05 December | 20:35
December holiday/winter-themed music giftstravaganza.

I would love this, and I'd be happy to take part or help out in any way. I think it's great when people are inspired to do fun things. It's really good for the community. I'm glad my minor quibble didn't discourage you; that's all it was, really.

Also, thanks. Like I said, I think it's a great idea.
posted by Hugh Janus 05 December | 20:45
I'm very into this, whichever way you prefer to do it.
posted by notquitemaryann 05 December | 20:51
I'd be in for contributing a song or two, and consuming the whole lot. :-)
posted by initapplette 05 December | 22:11
No, it's not fucking things up - maybe other people feel it's not inclusive or it's offputting.

Well, I can only speak for my (Jewish) self, but it doesn't bother me in the least. There are a lot of threads here and elsewhere that I just don't read if I'm not interested in... A musical Advent would likely fall into that category, but not because I would be offended in any way. Just because it's not really my thing. I say go for it.
posted by amro 06 December | 08:51
It may seem like semantics but calling it something other than Advent would feel more inclusive and comfortable.

Also, I have very mixed feelings about "inclusion" at this time of year... I kind of take it on a case by case basis, but in this case changing the name from "Advent" would feel a little patronizing... Call it what it is.
posted by amro 06 December | 08:53
Thanks, amro. I might change the name anyway, though, because it really isn't an Advent calendar, Advent being a religious observance with prescribed prayer and candlelighting and all that. It goes to show how popularized the idea of "Advent calendar" has become, so that now most so-called Advent calendars are really just Christmas countdowns and are for fun. And that was my model in starting this. Since I'd like it to extend to New Year's in order to include some New Year-type songs, it goes beyond the Advent thing anyway. Still, there's no doubt that many of the songs that will be posted will be Christmas-related.

I agree with you about inclusion in general, and think an opt-in, opt-out, as-you-go thing is a good way to approach December holidays. The NJ ecumenical in me is quite comfortable with that, and certainly if anyone wanted to use MetaChat to provide a place to discuss present content about any other faith or seasonal observance, I think that would be awesome as long as it was all within guidelines. In fact I would welcome that.
posted by Miko 06 December | 09:02
in this case changing the name from "Advent" would feel a little patronizing... Call it what it is.

Like I said, I didn't understand what it was. Not having seen a link to last year's thread(s?), I thought it was a more general music sharing thing and wondered why it had to jibe with a specific religious calendar. Less a "why are you doing this here?" than a "why hang a religious name on it?" But I got my answer and showed my embarrassment at my misunderstanding and made clear that I wished I never opened my trap and became the Scrooge. I'm not trying to patronize anyone, or take on some undeserved mantle of the oppressed. I'm trying to shut up and leave without further annoying anyone. And also signal that I love music sharing threads enough to want to take part regardless.
posted by Hugh Janus 06 December | 09:25
Hugh, maybe I shouldn't have quoted you, I wasn't trying to call you out. Just giving my point of view.
posted by amro 06 December | 10:14
You're right also, Hugh, I didn't link the old threads, so this was probably somewhat mysterious to new users and those who missed the last few go-rounds. I'll start a new signup thread today with links to the past ones.
posted by Miko 06 December | 10:31
Oh, cool, amro, I misunderstood. Thanks for saying so, sorry to be defensive. I'm misunderstanding a lot of things lately, maybe I should cool out until I'm less confused.
posted by Hugh Janus 06 December | 10:33
Count Me In
posted by rollick 06 December | 11:34
I'd be down.

(Yes, I do still exist ... have just been too damned busy to be here.)
posted by grabbingsand 06 December | 15:43
I would even contribute a song or 2. For anybody else who like Free Music, Amazon is releasing 1 holiday tune a day until 12/25.
posted by theora55 06 December | 16:19
Argh I forgot about that and I meant to download all the Amazon songs! Thanks for the reminder. My brain cannot be trusted.
posted by Miko 06 December | 17:23
I don't understand fingerless gloves ... || Your Best Shot 2010