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04 December 2010

who's having cocktails? [More:]I'm having a Port Antonio, but with slightly lesser amounts of falernum, Kahlua, and dark rum. And I'm smoking a cigar that I've aged in my humidor for eight years. I'm also wearing comfy slippers. Soon I will be eating crab cakes and stuffed clams.
Guinness for me, thanks.
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posted by BoringPostcards 04 December | 21:02
I'm drinking el cheapo vinho verde and watching Barton Fink
posted by gaspode 04 December | 21:35
I will probably have a couple manhattans after supper.
posted by Ardiril 04 December | 22:07
Its cold enough here for Hot Butter Rums, so Hot Butter Rum it is!
posted by kodama 04 December | 22:13
Probably bourbon, maybe scotch.
posted by enn 04 December | 22:19
Just finished our leftover 3/4 bottle of the super cheap red that is our de facto house wine.
posted by Miko 04 December | 22:44
I just ate lunch!

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Need coffee not cocktails...
posted by gomichild 05 December | 00:34
The BF and I are drinking scotch and soda while watching Mad Men.
posted by youngergirl44 05 December | 02:25
Laphroaig with a splash of water, thanks!
posted by Rembrandt Q. Einstein 05 December | 03:04
I'm hung over.
posted by Obscure Reference 05 December | 08:42
I am late to the thread, as I was out of town, having many cocktails. Last night my friends' band and I went to Ottawa to play with some Ottawa friends' bands. We always have a blast when we get together, so I expected to get nutty, and it sure did...

I started the evening with a couple pints of cider, then moved to vodka/red bulls (which the bartender was free-pouring, I think some were triples, SERIOUSLY) then ended the night with a bottle of jack daniels in my hand at an after party.

I think I went a little overboard last night :-(
posted by richat 05 December | 19:56
Hrm. I think I'm going to need to get that Guinness poster for my father this Christmas.
posted by notquitemaryann 05 December | 20:54
You know, oddly enough, I DID have a cocktail on Saturday night!

We went out to the symphony (ooh la la... our neighbors across the hall gave us their tix) and the boy was reminded of the Big Lebowski for some odd reason, so he decided to have a Caucasian. Which, with the amount of Kahlua the guy put in it (and the fact that he had to use three of those teeny creamers-in-cups) made it seem more like a Drink-of-Mixed-Parentage.

Then we came home and went to the crappy Italian restaurant next door, where we ordered spicy cheese bread, a diet Pepsi (for him) tiramisu, and a double Baileys and cream on the rocks (for me). Which required SIX teeny creamers. Those poor bartenders.

Really, Baileys and cream is kind of like liquid tiramisu anyways. Next time... a TRIPLE!
posted by Madamina 06 December | 16:29
What do you tip for Pizza Delivery? || I wish I'd known about this years ago.