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04 December 2010

What did you do!?!
3. I bathed myself in snow today. Didn't autoflagellate though for lack of availability of birch twigs.
2. This was after sitting in the sauna for 5 minutes after working out.
1. My fitness level is getting to the right point for a week of skiing in Austria. Ridiculous luxury; get on the plane in Rotterdam at 7 am, land in Innsbruck at 9 am, be on the slope at 10 am.
0. There's a speeddating thing in town tonight. But somehow I can only picture that as an exercise in awkwardness and mild repulsion. Ah well.
-1. While working out my thoughts on my masters thesis involving business processes and logic were taking shape. Nice.
posted by jouke 04 December | 12:32
3. I repaired the fuse that blew the bedroom and hall lights last night. My fuse box is ancient, I need to spend some money next year on a new one with those mini circuit-breaker fuses, instead of ones you actually have to rewire.

2. I'm watching "Four Christmases" and I can't decide whether it's terrible or not. I do love Vince Vaughn but he and Reece Witherspoon have zero chemistry. Oh, the movie suddenly just got better, Sissy Spacek is in it!

1. Should I have the leftover brisket, an old bit of fennel-roast pork tenderloin or the remnants of a chicken for dinner?
posted by Senyar 04 December | 13:22
3. I picked up my cat from our friend who was watching him over Thanksgiving. I couldn't find the carrier so I put him in a backpack and carried the angry, squirmy mess in my arms all the way home. He was mad when I let him out but he was cuddled on my lap within 2 hours.

2. Fixed the bug the last bug in my last operating system lab. Now all that's left is to finish the write-up and give a presentation about it on Monday.

1. Still haven't written any of the papers for my literature class. One is almost done, I just need to stop panicking about it for long enough to write it.
posted by martinxs bellbottoms 04 December | 13:44
1. Went on a strange blind date kinda thing with Annoying Name Dropping Self Obsessed Musician Man. Became annoyed. Came home around midnight, stomped around a bit, muttering. I mean, honestly, I have known some champion name droppers in my day and this guy could beat them all hollow. Did you know he's a friend of Henry Rollins? Did you know that Exene Cervenka built a ranch right next door to a friend of his? Did you know that people always think he can't possibly know all these famous people but he totally does? Did you know that I am way not impressed by famous people? He doesn't, because did he ask me even one single question all night long? Nope. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Also, he is short (which in itself is not a deal breaker but look, I'm almost 6' and some guys don't mind that and some get all weird about it. Guess which camp he fell into?) And also, he managed to mention twice that he'd met a girl he really liked the week before and also, get this, he just broke up with his live in girlfriend of a year ONE. WEEK. AGO when she kicked his ass out on Thanksgiving.

2. Um, sorry. I am still kinda stewing about that. In other news, there is no other news. Except that -

3. The cat is frustrated by my persistent refusal to change the weather to something more to her liking.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 December | 14:14
God MGL. . what a drag of an evening. . .Bummer First Dates. . .I see a thread there, at some point.

3. Came home from work yesterday, made a fire, in spite of
2. Going out to dinner and then to see Love and Other Drugs, which was good, I thought, and if you see it with a partner, pretty good foreplay esp coming home to a warm house thanks to #1.
3. Writing my story for our first Story Slam tonight. . .will have a small group but hopefully future ones will be better attended.
posted by danf 04 December | 14:20
1. Went to the hospital Christmas party last night. There was a cover band, and it was fun seeing a bunch of the older doctors out on the dance floor whooping it up.

2. I managed, for the first time ever, to put up my own hair in something fancier than a ponytail and have it stay up all evening. There was a curling iron involved! And teasing and poufiness! I'm not even sure it was all that flattering, but it looked reasonably professional, so I'm counting it as a win.

3. I discreetly McGuyvered my purse together at the party with a hairband and a bobbypin, after realizing that the reason things kept falling out of it was not because the closure was poorly designed but because all the stitching had come out on one side of the bag. So now I'm feeling exceptionally talented and well-rounded with the hair implements.

4. I have decided to get back into healthier eating patterns, which at this point pretty much means making sure I actually eat breakfast so that I'm not so starving by lunchtime that I just scarf whatever's easiest. Started out with that this morning by having a hard-boiled egg. Yum yum.
posted by occhiblu 04 December | 14:52
1. Have been out of bed for a grand total of 3 hours today so far. (Woke up early, did some things, decided it wasn't worth it and went back to bed.) Am now running the dishwasher since it's Saturday and I need forks and spoons for the week. Still haven't folded my laundry.

2. The next 2 weeks are full of crazy hectic events but after that I have a whole week off from work. (Although I am finished with school until January 10! But there's going to be a condo board budget meeting which is going to get ugly as fuck because the company that manages the association hasn't told the board members (or even their internal accounting department, which is always a clusterfuck) THAT THE FUCKING ASSESSMENTS ARE WRONG FOR EVERYONE. Some people are paying too much (like me) and others aren't paying enough (like pops).)

3. If I'm lucky and bust my ass, I might be able to achieve all of my new years resolutions for this year. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out what to have as my resolutions and motto for next year.
posted by sperose 04 December | 15:05
1. Played poker last night at a friend's house. The game went on for about SIX HOURS and by the end of it everyone was cranky and bickering. We really need to figure out how to make these games shorter, because this happens every time.

2. It snowed!! Out first official snow was last week, but it didn't really stick. This is the first substantial snowfall of the season. YAY!!!

3. I had a grilled egg and cheese sandwich - and a piece of pie - for breakfast.
posted by youngergirl44 04 December | 15:17
1. I'm making anadama bread. Mmmm, molasssssssssses.

2. Snow here, too! Though by the time I got outside, it was just lashings of cold wet. But still: snow!

3. I'd sorta-kinda planned to go to a local artists' workshop/sale today, and by "sorta-kinda," I mean when a participating artist asked if I was coming I brightly said, "Oh, I think I will!" But now I'm barefoot and making bread and feeling a powerful resistance to EXITING THE APARTMENT AT ALL. So, guilt? Guilt!

4. The few days, I've been inishing up some holiday gifts and wrapping things, and then I'll start tidying up in here. There are craft supplies on almost every surface, because I hate to put away projects until I'm done. But this is ridiculous.

5. But instead of doing that, I'm killing time looking up reupholstery tutorials for a pair of Danish modern chairs my sister gave me (from my parents' house, but in storage a looooooonnnnnnnggggg time). I know from experience that I'm better off tearing the thing down and just diving in, but here I sit, wasting time and clicking links. I'm daydreaming about using a bright red coarse-weave fabric I found for crazy-cheap, but I don't know if it will work for upholstery. Maybe in a double layer, with something tightly woven underneath? In any case, it's only a coupla bucks a yard, so it would be worth trying just for practice.
posted by Elsa 04 December | 15:39
1. Student Film Weekend!

1a. It is fun! They are running behind today. so I just got a call to go to the location later.

1b. I drove a Prius yesterday! You just have to have the keys somewhere near the ignition. Whoah.

1c. All the students have names well, that people my age named their kids. Lots of last names for first names, etc. It's kind of funny and awesome to have the people in charge all be named, for a fake example "Walker" and stuff.

2. No snow for us, although there were rumors. Be careful and enjoy or endure, snowbunnies.
posted by rainbaby 04 December | 16:18
1. Went out to a fun dinner on Friday with a good friend and had a ton of baba ganoush
2. Slept in and read magazines today. It is so nice to sleep. I have been very overworked and tired.
3. Wrapped Chanukkah presents- a long 3 strand pearl necklace with a big sparkly flower (nicer than it sounds) for my best friend, and a cardigan and southern cookbook for the bf.
posted by rmless2 04 December | 17:36
3. Had a lunch date at Panera Bread and forced myself to have a healthy salad instead of something gooey and bread-y and loaded with cheeses.

2. Bought Christmas cards for everybody. Then went to the grocery store, where I actually ran into two people I knew. This never happens to me; I don't know any people.

1. Will probably watch the movie Anastasia tonight, starring Yul Brynner and Ingrid Bergman and Helen Hayes. Wonderful.

0. This was a much better day after a trying workweek where I had not one, not two, but THREE interviews for the promotion I applied for at work. Three interviews in one week is more than the human frame can stand.
posted by JanetLand 04 December | 18:04
1. Suffering with the cold from hell. Missed two days of work this week I really didn't want to miss.

2. Also missed Jon's 40th birthday dinner. We rescheduled the reservation, but still. Major bummer.

3. Exhausted from coughing. Only sleep 20 minutes to an hour at a time. One forgets how important it is to breathe.

4. Jon bought me a cute little pink stuffed creature with three eyes and fangs to cheer me up. I call him Monster. I have the bestest husband.
posted by Pips 04 December | 19:10
Packed everything I own into a truck. Tomorrow, I will drive it to NYC.
posted by Eideteker 04 December | 19:23
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