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03 December 2010

Theme songs So, my former cats (whom you all named) are incredibly stripey,[More:]

and they have a theme song! It's called, 'Stripey cats have stripes.'

My partner has a theme song, too. He paces around trying to get his bowels to work, see? So his song is..

Ooh, ooh oooh...

He takes me loudly singing this (imagine an uptempo 80s punk number) with great equanimity.
posted by By the Grace of God 03 December | 16:03
The BF writes theme songs too. My favorite was something about horses (what were we doing that involved horses?), but I cannot remember how it goes. My hedgehog's theme song is 'Mang-y Mang-y Mango', but not mangy like she has mange.
posted by youngergirl44 03 December | 16:43
My dad always made up goofy little songs on the spot, and so do I. The only repeated song I can think of off the top of my head is the welcome home song.

("_____ came HOME, _____ came HOME, [s/he] is a [something nice], and s/he came HOME!" One of my rules for happy co-habitation: the first person home makes a tiny fuss when the second arrives. It really is nice to know that your arrival is an occasion for joy.)

When I'm exercising or otherwise stressing myself physically, I also sing encouraging anthems to myself in a gruff voice, like the pop-rock anthems you might hear in a 1980s sport-themed movie during the underdog's training montage.
posted by Elsa 03 December | 17:23
Lucy, one of my cats, isn't the most touchy-feely of cats, but when she wants a fuss, she flops down on the rug on her back, so I can rub her tummy. Her song is "She's a tummy girl" to the tune of Barbie Girl.

Bailey's theme song (composed by jason's_planet) is "Bailey - she sleeps 23 hours daily"
posted by Senyar 03 December | 18:11
I'm the household jingleman.

I'd say my most enduring hit is the "I love you so much I have to sing to you" jingle I came up with for our younger whippet Emma.


Cute lit-tle whi-ppet,


Sweet lit-tle whi-ppet!
posted by Joe Beese 03 December | 19:13
Oh god. TheDonF and I have a million theme songs. Mostly they are descriptive of what is happening in the moment or praise for one another's virtues, often sung to the tune of "Mandy" or "Pump Up The Jam" or "Jimmy Crack Corn".

Also, there is a special song to sing when you're peeing (Peepee's comin' outta my... peepee, peepee's comin' outta my... peepee!).
posted by Specklet 03 December | 19:55
Oh gawd.

I've been threatened with being outed as a cat-singer, so I might as well fess up before BORINGPOSTCARDS BLACKMAILS ME:

I do this all the time.

The cat song is:

"Kitteh, kitteh, he's so great!
Serve him on a kitteh plate!"

...and variations thereupon. Usually thinly veiled threats warning that I am about to eat the kitteh.

But don't be alarmed. I never really eat the kitteh.

We also often tell him, sometimes in chanted or intoned doggerel, that he has a giant, giant pumpkin-shaped head.

This is also untrue.
posted by BitterOldPunk 03 December | 20:18
BOP, what's the song elizard sings about the beer? Beer o'clock? Suck my cock?
posted by Specklet 03 December | 22:32
One of my college friends had a theme song for just about everybody who ate dinner in our cafeteria. She'd just start into the little tune when she saw each one. Many of them were strangers to us, yet I still remember their theme songs.

LT and I make up songs all the time, but we rarely have a single theme song that recurs each time a character appears or an event happens. Instead they tend to be more improvisational and take whatever tune and lyrics suggest themselves at the moment.

We do have character introductions. One of the cats (real name Alvin) now has an incarnation called "Dr. Kitty," based on the way he tries to wake us up, intently staring into our faces while kneading heavily. Most mornings now begin with LT intoning "Dr. Kitty will see you now. 'Hmmm. I see that you are not responding to treatment. It's time to resort to more...extreme measures.' "
posted by Miko 04 December | 00:04
I have many theme songs, although they're typically more like filks. When I was 4, I did an "I Have To Go To The Bathroom" song to the tune of "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" -- though both ended with "...which nobody can deny."

More recently, I've given my partner a song to the tune of "Hooray for Hollywood" -- it goes kind of like this:

Hoo-ray for JA-mie BEAR!
that (something something) JA-mie BEAR!
that (something something something) DAH duh DAT DAHHH duh

[it peters out right around there]

Sometimes the "somethings" have real words ("that most delightful boy, it's JA-mie BEAR..."), and sometimes they're just "something".
posted by Madamina 04 December | 00:27
My old boy is fond of jazz standards. And also has a habit of wandering into other rooms, and then yowling piteously as if all the world had abandoned him. So when he does, I have to sing...

Come to me, my melancholy woobie
Cuddle up and don't be blue
All your fears are foolish fancies, maybe
You know, dear, that I'm in love with you.
Every cat must have a silver lining*
Wait until the sun shines through
Purr, my fluffy dear, while I pet your silken ears
Or else I shall be melancholy too.

It is over 99% effective.

* He is a longhaired tuxedo cat, but in winter, his thick undercoat overgrows the topcoat and fades to grey.
posted by notquitemaryann 05 December | 20:45
Heh, nqmaryann, I imagine you singing that song to your cat. (had to look the song up on yt) Pretty funny.
posted by jouke 06 December | 00:05
What a thread this was. || Off to have babby - take 2!!