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26 November 2010

Thanksgiving leftovers. So, did you go for pie for breakfast this morning? I totally intended to, but I ended up making stuffing instead. The pie is still there for later. Om nom nom.
Quick, someone post something non- USHoliday centric! I feel guilty!
posted by Stewriffic 26 November | 10:52
Yes. Pie for breakfast. Apple pie a la mode with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and Ready-Whip.
posted by Doohickie 26 November | 11:10
No pie. Staying in a hotel with no leftovers.
posted by octothorpe 26 November | 11:15
Pie for breakfast! And probably pie for lunch, too.

And this evening I'll have a stuffing sandwich. Yes, that's bread on bread --- wanna make something of it?

Every year since I was little, I hope to stay awake long enough to get peckish again so I can have a Thanksgiving sandwich. This year, I managed to eat an ENTIRE sandwich... because for the first time ever, I figured out how to cheat. Little loaf of bread = little bitty sandwich. YES!
posted by Elsa 26 November | 11:15
Haven't eaten yet today because I'm still full from last night. But the first thing I eat will be pie.
posted by gaspode 26 November | 11:17
I had pecan pie with 3 sausage links for breakfast. My favorite leftover meal (and today's lunch) is a turkey sandwich with lots of black pepper and fried stuffing (formed into patties and fried until a nice crust forms).
posted by Ardiril 26 November | 11:40
fried stuffing (formed into patties and fried until a nice crust forms).

OH HOLY CATS excuse me while I go make MORE STUFFING.
posted by Elsa 26 November | 11:44
heheh, another convert to be.
posted by Ardiril 26 November | 11:52
I don't know why it never occurred to me, because... seasoned starch patties fried in fat? OH HELL YES.

See also: potato pancakes, polenta cakes, and risotto cakes --- these days, I make risotto just to get risotto cakes.
posted by Elsa 26 November | 11:56
I had ice cream for breakfast about 10 minutes ago. My mother has called me TWICE today about going out shopping and I've declined twice already but I do have to go to the grocery store, do laundry, and clean my house.
posted by sperose 26 November | 12:05
re: potato pancakes; I don't like garlic mashed potatoes, however with some chopped onion, they do make incredibly good potato pancakes. As for stuffing, I could rant for days about its possibilities.
posted by Ardiril 26 November | 12:14
Yesterday, The Fella scrubbed and halved a great number of potatoes (and mind you, it's just the two of us) before showing me the potful and saying "Does this look like enough?"

And I had the struggle I always feel when looking at a pot of potatoes to be mashed: rationally, I know it's plenty of potatoes for [X number] of people, but there's a strong voice inside that wants to mash ALL the potatoes, because I know I'd like to eat ALL the mashed potatoes.

I don't mean all of the potatoes in the house. I mean ALL OF THE POTATOES.
posted by Elsa 26 November | 12:18
Elsa, on Boxing Day (26 Dec) my breakfast is usually cold roast potatoes. Followed by leftover trifle.
posted by Senyar 26 November | 12:21
I totally forgot: I have cold roasted potatoes waiting for me, too! I roasted a small chicken and propped it up on onions and potatoes, which are now all plumped full of chicken fat and juice. NOM.
posted by Elsa 26 November | 12:26
This thread will need its own sodium and cholesterol rating.
posted by Ardiril 26 November | 12:32
I like Thanksgiving Sandwiches.

it is a turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mashed potato sandwich with gravy.

posted by argentcorvid 26 November | 13:22
How do y'all do risotto cakes? Mine always burn on the outside, stay cold on the inside, and fall completely apart.
posted by occhiblu 26 November | 13:43
In this thread, few of us bat around our favorite techniques and tips for risotto cakes. Mudpuppie suggests putting them in the freezer to firm up a bit, which was a big a-ha moment for me. I also dredge them in breadcrumbs, use a good amount of oil in the pan(despite my usual stinginess with cooking fat), and do NOT move them until I'm confident they've developed a nice crust.

You could use butter-and-oil or just butter, but if you do, I'd be sure to let the butter foam up and subside before you put the cakes in. That foaming indicates that the water in the butter is cooking out, and I have an unscientific suspicion that the water would make the risotto stick to the pan.

I use medium heat, not high (which should help them heat through without burning). Sometimes I put a lid on, but I always leave it well ajar so the stream can escape. And I mix and egg and some shredded cheese into the risotto before forming cakes, which helps them bind together.

Oh, and: if I crowd the pan, they fall apart. If I cook them with some space between, they turn out much better: crispy and warm and tender but still in one piece.
posted by Elsa 26 November | 14:07
Sorry, I see you were in that thread and that you can't use breadcrumbs. Hmmm, gluten-free substitutions... what about ground nuts or something similar? You'd have to watch the heat carefully, but it might be worth a try.
posted by Elsa 26 November | 14:09
God i love food.
posted by Stewriffic 26 November | 14:10
You are not alone!
posted by Elsa 26 November | 14:19
I ate pie for breakfast! I brought in the leftover half apple pie to the office and tried to guilt the few that are in to eat it for breakfat, but no one would. It was yummy.
posted by rhapsodie 26 November | 15:17
I'm not observing Turkey Day until tomorrow, when I provide desserts. Hopefully this yields pie leftovers for Sunday. Today, I merely had juice and coffee for breakfast.
posted by knile 26 November | 15:32
I did not have pie for breakfast. We did not get any pie leftovers, as we fled early. Today, since we didn't bring home any pie, I BOUGHT MYSELF an apple pie at the grocery store and I will DAMN WELL have pie for breakfast *tomorrow*.

I strongly sympathize with Elsa's MASH ALL THE POTATOES. Yesterday we did the mashed potatoes and it kept overflowing the stand mixer's bowl. Oops. We made just a touch too much mashed potatoes. But we brought home all of those leftovers. Yum.
posted by galadriel 26 November | 15:42
For Thanksgiving dinner we had beer-boiled shrimp and broccoli and jalapeno cornbread, so breakfast this morning was huevos rancheros (corn bread, leftover spicy black bean soup, fried egg, salsa, sour cream). Later: leftover shrimp with horseradish sauce.

Oh, and pie. Pear pie.
posted by Specklet 26 November | 17:41
I had pie for breakfast. And turkey. And mashed potatoes and turnips and cheese and crackers, lots and lots of cheese and crackers. Now I weigh 6000 pounds and I am content.
posted by mygothlaundry 26 November | 17:42
My favorite part of Thanksgiving leftovers is dollar roll sandwiches. I go simple: dollar roll, Miracle Whip, and turkey. If you're feeling fancy, you can replace Miracle Whip with cranberry sauce.

This year all we had was a bunch of salad and bread, but we didn't have turkey anyway, so there's that.
posted by gc 26 November | 18:01
I had pumpkin pie for breakfast, with some fruit slices. It was even better than yesterday.

What's dollar roll?

This morning, Annie Copps (the food editor from Yankee) was on NPR making a recommendation for "stuffing muffins." Apparently you take your leftover stuffing and pack it into a muffin tin, and then top it all with an egg and bake it. I tell you honestly, I stopped in my footsteps and listened intently for the full method, and am already thinking about how to jazz it up even more. STUFFING MUFFINS.

The turkey we got this year is enormoid. We ordered it from a farmer I like and asked for a "small" one - there are only four of us - and that turned out to be a 16 pound turkey. We ate maaaaybe 1/8 of the bird. The good news is that we have an entire untouched breast and some of the good stuff on the other breast still remaining, so great leftover sandwiches await. And with the rest, I might try my hand at turkey mole. I love mole and hear it was traditionally made with turkey, though I've always had it with chicken. We will be eating turkey for a LONG time.

It's scary how much I care about food sometimes.
posted by Miko 26 November | 18:58
Heh, Elsa, you mean the thread where I asked the exact same question? And yet have not tried any of the offered suggestions? :-)
posted by occhiblu 26 November | 19:43
I cooked for just the BF and myself, so we have enough leftovers for about six months or so. Why I can't just cook for two, I'll never know.

In any case, hell yes I had pie for breakfast - pumpkin with whipped cream.

My stuffing is a whole mess of its own. I wanted to make sausage stuffing from scratch. But never having made stuffing from scratch and not wanting to follow a recipe to a tee, I ended up with mostly sausage and a bit of bread. Plus, either an excess of sage, an excess of white pepper, or a combination of the two made the whole thing smell like pot to me. It's edible, but maybe I should have measured my ingredients.

I do think it's a good candidate for STUFFING MUFFINS, especially since I used breakfast sausage. I'll bet I can even stuff some cheese in the middle. NOM
posted by youngergirl44 27 November | 02:28
Baked sweet potatoes for breakfast. Pie for lunch, followed by turkey for dessert.
posted by tangerine 27 November | 03:05
Apparently a dollar roll has something to do with mortgages and securities. I question the tastiness of miracle whip on mortgages.
posted by knile 27 November | 04:18
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