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31 October 2010

Sunday 3-point update [More:]
1. I'm having some Halloween envy here, because we don't do the big party thing that you do across the water, and last night I would really have enjoyed going to a party in a silly costume. Instead I stayed home watching TV.

2. I've rigged up some extra lighting outside because Upstairs Idiot adjusted the security lights in such a way that they don't come on as you approach the building. I got a couple of these, which give of an amazing amount of light, and now I'm not worrying about being sued by someone tripping in the dark.

3. I'm taking an 87-year-old neighbour to the supermarket today, which is probably the most exciting thing I'll be doing this weekend.

Tell me about your weekend (with Halloween pics, kplzthx).
1) Making beef stew today in the crockpot.

2) Here's my little skeleton. . He's not much for trick or treating and he doesn't eat candy (his choice, believe me, I'm not one of those parents) so we'll go to my brother's house this evening. His neighborhood is a hot spot for trick or treating and my kid will enjoy seeing all the activity and costumes.

3) I'll come back later for #3.
posted by Kangaroo 31 October | 06:55
1. Visited my family this weekend. Wasn't really into the holiday thing and I really, really needed hugs and emotional support.

2. Hating New York right now. Seriously thinking about leaving.

3. I never shined. I never shined. I never fucking shined. Four fucking decades on this planet and my life never amounted to shit.
posted by jason's_planet 31 October | 07:30
1. A friend is taking pity on my sorry state and taking me out to breakfast.

2. Lots of leaves to rake in the yard but luckily it is too wet to do anything about it. Or so I like to claim.

3. I couldn't care less about Halloween, so did/am doing nothing. For Thanksgiving I will be driving hundreds and hundreds of miles to Florida and back and that is quite scary enough for me.
posted by JanetLand 31 October | 07:44
Little comfort, but I'm glad it's not just me who's down in the dumps right now. Maybe it's the time of year, when it seems there are parties all the time from now until new Year that just rubs it in how miserable it can be to be single sometimes.
posted by Senyar 31 October | 08:05
1) holy toothache! came out of nowhere on a Friday evening (okay it showed earlier signs but nothing persistent) and I couldn't even think straight enough to do the work I was going to, googled and got an AskMe thread and tried a combination of Tylenol/Ibuprufen that didnt really help(?) but then also read about clove oil on there and there was some in the house and WHAM it works wonders, it's like an OTC natural local anesthetic. Gonna see a dentist on Monday cause WOW you can't function if your mouf is hurting like that

2) on review of y'alls posts glad that I'm currently mentally in a state where I'm secure in my chronic workload/introversion/lack of partying.. just remember to not compare yourself to other people and do what's good for you at your place & time

3) have sort of 'let myself go' in terms of appearance upkeep in fitness, clothing, regular shaving etc. just cause I work alone and it doesn't matter but I find myself looking around and noticing how people look which reminds me to step it up a bit, these are subconscious signals you send and for better or for worse people notice.
posted by Firas 31 October | 09:12
I declare points #2&3 of my list to be non contradictory due to Deus Ex Textina
posted by Firas 31 October | 09:21
1. Went to a Halloween party last night in a sexy ladybug costume and didn't even feel fat for once. Then I came home at 2 am and stuffed my face.

2. I never get trick or treaters at my place, which is fine with me.

3. Working a bit today, what else is new?
posted by amro 31 October | 09:36
1) We're going to St. Augustine for the afternoon. That'll be nice.

2) I'm proud of myself: I have extra-long arms, and generally anything off-the-rack that's sized for my body has too-short sleeves. I have managed to lengthen the sleeves on a very nice wool coat All By Myself, which involved just as many steps as I thought it would. But now I have a nice wool coat that actually fits. Wow.

3) Maybe I'll wear the pirate-y thing I made from a blue velvet short dress that's gotten too small when we go to St. Aug. I cut it up the front, reinforced the edges, and put in grommets to lace it up. So it looks sort of like a bodice/corset with a short skirt. I just need to find something for my bottom half.
posted by galadriel 31 October | 09:39
1. Since my house doesn't get trick or treaters, I am going to another friend's house to hand out candy while she takes her own critters out to beg for candy.

2. After the Steelers game tonight, my husband and I are going to head downtown to the big city costume party. The university kids are generally really creative with their costumes, and I get a huge kick out of the festivities. My husband always goes dressed as Jack Lambert.

3. Can't think of a third.
posted by msali 31 October | 10:07
1. Feeling like shit, which my pdoc says is due to the meds I was on (that she took me off of when I basically sat and sobbed in her office for an hour) and I'm allegedly supposed to be feeling better by today. Which I'm not. :-/ I have an appointment with her on Monday, so I'm hoping she'll do something or give me something so I can feel like functioning instead of sleeping all the time.

2. No trick-or-treaters come by my place (which makes sense since there's not many kids in the other units) so I'll probably just have an early night, but I have to decide if I want to sleep on the floor next to my computer so I can listen to movies in my sleep (as I've done for the past 2 evenings) or if I want to be an adult and go sleep in my bed like I should.

3. Still feeling ridiculously overwhelmed and scared about going to Princeton this weekend for a workshop that work is paying for. Don't these people just realize that I'm faking it and can barely function and just pretend and play at being an adult? I eat cheese and crackers for breakfast and have ice cream for dinner, ffs.
posted by sperose 31 October | 10:38
1. Went to see my favorite band last night. They were awesome.

2. Had to get up shockingly early today to go to the airport for a business trip.

3. Spending the next week in Mexico and I miss my sweetie already.
posted by Twiggy 31 October | 11:00
For Firas:

Gonna see a dentist on Monday cause WOW you can't function if your mouf is hurting like that

Can you try an emergency clinic or hospital ER today? Not to play internet doctor here, but you've likely got an abscessed tooth, and some antibiotics can make a big difference the sooner the better. I had one of these a few years ago, let it go for a couple of days, and by the time I got to the dentist's the infection had spread out to the cheek tissue (hello emergency oral surgery). </scarestory>

Sorry about the derail.
1. I
2. got
3. nuthin'
posted by hangashore 31 October | 11:42
1) Dressed up for Halloween (well, the Saturday night that my local bar was celebrating halloween) last night. This is likely the first time in 20+ years I've done that...I'm not generally interested, but I had friends who made it sound alright, and so...three of us went in Mighty Boosh inspired costumes. We had a Naboo, a Vince, and me as Howard. It turned out kinda fun, I suppose. A bunch of local guys mounted a really great David Bowie tribute...complete with one of my friends as Labyrinth David Bowie!

2) Ferrying the girls around a lot this weekend. Between halloween, a birthday party, and a Halloween party, it's been busy.

3) Still optimistic that my new CRAZY insomnia will go away before I go completely, utterly, insane.

**BONUS POINT ---> I would like to know who Twiggy's favourite band is.
posted by richat 31 October | 11:48
1) One of my chickens laid an egg just now. The chicken at the bottom of the pecking order finally started sleeping in the coop.
2) Breakfast was an avocado and decaf coffee + yerba matte + half and half. Lunch will be the bread that is in the maker right now, plus butter.
3) If I write a 6-8 page paper by 6:00 tonight, then I can go to the world's largest corn maze this evening.
posted by aniola 31 October | 11:52
1. Joan Holloway hair looks weirdly good on me and I kind of want an excuse to do it more often BUT
2. OMG, that much hairspray is a bitch to wash out AND
3. I'm actually considering doing it again tonight, but the rally + going out last night has left me kind of exhausted.
posted by JoanArkham 31 October | 11:54
1. Still not pregnant, that's nearly two years now, tests scheduled, very scared and freaking out. Mr alto doing his best, but I'm having trouble expressing how I feel about the whole thing, mostly because I don't know.

2. Trying to persuade self to stop shivering in a corner and go make soup.

3.need to get away from spiral of negative thoughts, but not sure how.

oh well, this will pass.
posted by altolinguistic 31 October | 11:55
1. I decided against Sexy Albert Einstein for a complicated web of reasons one of which was a disinclination to have my own cleavage shining up at me all night, and wore my devil horns and tail to the big Halloween party.

2. My back was in spasm, and I very nearly decided to stay home. Instead, I arrived late and spent most of the party parked in one chair or another in eager conversation with friends I see all too seldom. (And it suddenly occurs to me how grateful and loved I feel that friends were willing to park themselves, too, at a party --- including one single-and-actively-seeking male friend who chose to chatter with me for an hour instead of scoping out the single women.)

3. We left in the wee hours, when The Fella looked over at me from across the room and hurried over. I had gone gray and was suppressing shudders. (The best that I can explain it, the back pain sucks energy out of me and leaves me feeling freezing cold --- weird, I know, and I'm sure that's not the proper medical explanation.) Came home, teeth chattering, and curled up in bed for 9 hours.
posted by Elsa 31 October | 12:23
And I'm sending whuffles and good thoughts to a bunch of you --- take good care of yourselves. You all enrich my life every time I see you here, and that's just a sliver of the appreciation and love you're fostering in the bigger world.
posted by Elsa 31 October | 12:26
1. Fighting off a truly epic bout of Galloping Crud. Now at Day 6, so I can stand up again (sort of). Saw the doc on Friday, since on Thursday I'd have had to feel better to be dead. She (the doc), loaded me up on meds, and I told work I'd be back on hoping I wasn't being overly optimistic in that assessment. I could currently go a half-round with a flea, if it had 4 of its legs tied behind its back. Maybe.

2. Rumour has it that the past week has been the nicest sort of Octobery weather...sunny warm days and crisp mornings. Sigh.

3. The plus side - 2 kittehs kept me company all week. Kittehs are good things.
posted by faineant 31 October | 12:44
1. Went out dressed as a robot - yes, I have backlashed against slut costumes possibly a little too hard. Super dorky costume! Plus it was almost impossible to see, hear, speak or sit down and definitely impossible to pee. But I really enjoyed it nonetheless. Being in a box is weirdly liberating. Hit like four bars than a big party than another bar. Everyone was dressed up, costumes everywhere, the whole city was hopping. And the band at the party was great. It was excellent but

2. Today I am hungover as hell. Need to walk over and get my car from my friend's house but cannot summon up the energy - I just got out of bed. Thank god for Coca Cola.

3. Actually talked to a real living breathing probably heterosexual and quite possibly single male at the party. Weird! Groundbreaking! He seemed to enjoy our conversation and gave me his card! I am bemused!

It was probably because of my sexy, sexy costume:
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by mygothlaundry 31 October | 12:53
1. I was all excited about the jack-o-lanterns I carved last week, but apparently one should not carve pumpkins that early, because they spent most of the week collapsing in on themselves. I went out this morning to see if they could be salvaged and they were *covered* in fruit flies, which I absolutely *loathe*, so into the (green lawn) trash they went.

2. I will be spending the day handing out candy. Our neighborhood is supposed to be one of the big trick-or-treating places (the first thing every neighbor said to us when we moved in this summer was "Get ready for 300 kids on Halloween"), so I'm looking forward to it, even minus jack-o-lanterns. I'd rather hand out candy than go out; having to come up with a costume never feels fun to me, and makes me feel old.

3. I hit 100% panic on wedding planning and I'm working on the whole "Take deep breaths, make lists, take a step back and get some perspective" thing, but it's hard.
posted by occhiblu 31 October | 12:58
Ha, mgl, is that the spinner from The Game of Life?
posted by amro 31 October | 13:01
mgl, that costume is *awesome*. Hee.
posted by occhiblu 31 October | 13:01
mgl, that costume is fabulous!
posted by Elsa 31 October | 13:08
Thanks, y'all. amro nails it on the spinner! And one other person on the street last night who shouted out "It's from the game of Life!" at me. Robots must have dials, of course. So, um, that's my dial. It kept falling off, which was a pain. Also, I gave up on the arms after the first stop. Too much trouble.
posted by mygothlaundry 31 October | 13:41
1. Went to a party by myself last night and I don't think I made a fool of myself. I recycled last year's costume (cat ears, bell around my neck) wore pretty/goth clothing, and I think I looked okay! Other MeFites were there, and the elaborateness/simplicity of the other costumes was great. Props to hermitosis for dressing as a vulture because man, he looked HAWESOME.

2. Discovered that throwing up approximately six to eight hours after you've eaten and then have a sip of water to make the aftertaste go away makes water taste sweet. Yay for biology!

3. I can't remember how many Tylenol PM I took last night, but I think there's still residual stuff in my system because I've been sleeping all day. But I can't sleep any more because my neck is spasming. Time to start cleaning/organizing my DVDs!

Being single around holidays sucks. But I have to remind myself that no matter what happened, I am still an awesome person and he just wasn't the right person for me at this point in time.
posted by TrishaLynn 31 October | 13:51
1. I just erased my real three-point update.

2. I replaced it with something cheery and false.

3. Then I changed my mind again.
posted by Hugh Janus 31 October | 14:28
1. Not going trick or treating (we were only going to go to like, 2 or 3 apartments anyway) because the kid refuses to put her costume on.

2. At least we got her to wear it to her preschool party on Friday, because she didn't wear it to the Halloween party yesterday either.

3. Have had a ridiculously sore stomach all day.
posted by gaspode 31 October | 14:34
1. Best friend is visiting - went out last night for a couple drinks while LT worked, then had a late-late pasta supper.

2. This morning, went to flea market. Bought two rugs, one rug-hooked and one patterned, brought them home and was instantly attacked with a case of buyer's remorse. Oh well...we'll work with them and I'm sure they'll eventually blend in.

3. About to go to the Halloween parade. Decided not to dress up despite having received some great ideas...just didn't want to spend the weekend rushing around and assembling stuff. Also, it's about 28 degrees, so this way I can just dress arm and watch other people put on the show.
posted by Miko 31 October | 16:16
richat, my favorite band is Built to Spill. I have been seeing them since the mid-90's and they are still going strong. I had given the bf the big spiel about how to dance properly at indie rock show (look at floor, barely perceptible head nodding) and I was so pleased to see the crowd was in line with me, except for the one girl who was the exception who proved the rule.
posted by Twiggy 31 October | 16:58
1. Sick all of a sudden!! Nasty cold, weird shivers. And there's nothing on TV except Halloween stuff. And the Rocky Horror Picture Show, being shown round the clock. (What a weird society we live in.) Oh wait the Patriots are on, woo-hoo!

2. Think I'll put in a Marx Brothers DVD, after the Patriots game of course.

3. Hope I don't have to miss work tomorrow but actually it's been forever since I've had a sick day so that's good.
posted by Melismata 31 October | 17:03
1) Two parties this weekend. The first on Friday night was an Alice in Wonderland themed party. I managed a last minute white rabbit costume and my friends were an awesome Mad Hatter (with a brilliant last-minute cereal box hat) and Cheshire cat.

2) Another party last night. Had a preparty at my place while we did our makeup / added the last few details to our costumes. I went as a female Pierrot. Not looking sad enough here. Then the actual party with lots of dancing until the wee hours.

3) A friend crashed on my couch and we went for brunch in the morning -- yummy huevos rancheros for both of us.
posted by peacheater 31 October | 18:24
1. Had a bad sinus headache Friday and your garden variety bad headache this morning. Bleh.

2. Had lots of kitteh love this weekend; Mingo is finally becoming a real cat.

3. Waiting for the horde to descend upon us demanding candy in tribute.

Bonus: feeling a lot like Jason lately; 43 years old and nothing to show for it.
posted by deborah 31 October | 18:57
Thanks Twiggy! I'm not THAT familiar with Built to Spill - They are one of those bands that have always in my peripheral, but I've never got around to listening to. Also, I can totally relate to seeing that ONE person who dances like a dervish. Part of me is glad to see them when I do...

Unless she is standing right in front of me at a Tallest Man On Earth show...making it tough to see when Weavey Nicks gets going at full speed and the arms start waving...then, I'm less of a fan :-)
posted by richat 31 October | 19:03
4. I bought cheapo sequined cat ears at the grocery store; I put them on when I came home and my cat is now seriously freaked out. She keeps staring at my head and bushing out her tail. I'm not sure if she's jealous of my bling or offended that I've appropriated her identity.
posted by occhiblu 31 October | 19:34
1) No parties, no big celebrations for Halloween but I used the date as an excuse to wear this when I went to the store.
≡ Click to see image ≡

2) Between semi-following The Rally and the #moviesInMyPants hashtag, I had more fun on Twitter yesterday than I have in a long time (and got replied-to by more people more 'important' than I am). I just piped up in the MeFi Rally thread with 6 paragraphs of my impressions/opinions and am starting to wish I hadn't.

3) The power jack on my recently acquired ThinkPad crapped out and started running on battery power with no way to recharge. I've had that problem with ThinkPads in the past but was pleasantly surprised that by the time this model came out, they stopped soldering the power input to the motherboard and made it a cheap, replaceable part. So I bought the part, using the "eBay bucks" I earned buying the ThinkPad itself and all it PROBABLY will cost me is 3 days of non-use and a half-hour of teeny screwdriver work. I had gotten so used to catastrophic failures of equipment/appliances/machines that it was a pleasant surprise.
posted by oneswellfoop 31 October | 19:57
1. Catching up on reading: one book (City of Veils by Zoe Ferraris), the Sunday paper and a couple of New Yorkers.

2. Two trick-or-treaters: one Slash and one superhero of indeterminate powers.

3. I made an apple pie which is just about cool enough to slice into. NOMNOMNOM
posted by initapplette 31 October | 20:04
1. Went out last night as a sexy sun (yes, you can judge me), which basically just involved dressing in head-to-toe gold. The party was pretty epic. It's kind of funny how different my experience was this year than in the past, when the ridiculous party and people crushed together and crazy security/police barricades and ambulances on standby made me uncomfortable. This time, all of that was just fun.

2. Now homeworking.

3. Really behind on something really important, and the anxiety is killing me.
posted by unsurprising 31 October | 20:33
I did indeed get to wear my pirate-y thing today. It made me happy to do so. I picked a black skirt that has an upside-down V in the front hem to do with it, and I think that went well. Sadly, looks like the cocker managed to unplug the battery charger and I had no bateries for my camer-rera. Next time, perhaps, breeches and tall boots.

Still very pleased about the elongation of the wool coat sleeves. That was a tricksy thing.
posted by galadriel 31 October | 22:17
mgl, I love that costume. And the scarecrow behind you.

1) Me, I was the Sun Maid raisin lady. She was pretty much my ideal of beauty when I was a kid, so when I realized that the only thing I needed to procure was the big red bonnet, I had to go for it. (Oh, and the grapes. Half real, half fake, and it was almost impossible to tell the two apart, which fascinated the five-year-old kids at one of the parties I went to.)

2) A whole bunch of deadlines are crowding up around me, but here I am posting instead of working.

3) Every so often I really wish I had a bathtub. I try not to complain about it too much, because there are good reasons for living where I do, but damn, showers just haven't been cutting it lately. I want a bath.
posted by tangerine 01 November | 01:47
Oh hai!

1. Late again

2. Had a really good weekend, tho

3. My livejournal is TEN years old today.
posted by Eideteker 01 November | 08:24
Can you try an emergency clinic or hospital ER today? Not to play internet doctor here, but you've likely got an abscessed tooth, and some antibiotics can make a big difference the sooner the better. I had one of these a few years ago, let it go for a couple of days, and by the time I got to the dentist's the infection had spread out to the cheek tissue (hello emergency oral surgery).

thanks hangashore, I finally got it checked out and it's a gum infection not a tooth issue and dude gave me a short course of antibiotics.. lets see. what he also did do is give me a painkiller that muderlized the pain! yay

your experience does sound scary! glad it's in the past now
posted by Firas 03 November | 13:19
Dressing up, kitty style. || Zombina And The Skeletones - Come On! *Chair Boogie*