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27 October 2010

I guess I'm officially part of the 21st Century now. [More:] Because I just got dumped by text message.
Dude, wtf is wrong with men in [your specific part of] Maine?
posted by Eideteker 27 October | 08:41
Nah. If it had been in the olden days it would've been by letter, which is still the Wimpiest way to do it. Loser.
posted by Melismata 27 October | 09:21
No. Terrible. Egregious.
posted by typewriter 27 October | 09:24
Oh, JEEZ. That's such a shame, JanetLand, though someone who would break up by text is maybe not someone to be mourned a lot. Still, what a way to start the morning.

You're amazing: funny and sweet and smart and a hell of a catch.
posted by Elsa 27 October | 09:25
Well thank GOD you're rid of THAT loser!

Do all the nice things for yourself you deserve as you shed his despicable cooties!
posted by serazin 27 October | 09:28
What did it say? You have to wear that thing like a badge, use it as a "get out of whatever free" card, like Carrie Bradshaw did when she got dumped by Post-It note.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 October | 09:33
It said I could take the dvds he left at my house to Goodwill.

I don't think I have anything in common with Carrie Bradshaw.
posted by JanetLand 27 October | 09:36
lol! screw him. Get in #bunnies over the weekend I shall need to hear more of this story fortwith
posted by Firas 27 October | 09:50
Jeez, what an asshole. He doesn't deserve you.

I've given up on dating for now.
posted by Senyar 27 October | 09:53
Well, that sucks. He's a loser asshole for doing it, but you don't deserve to have it done to you. blargh.

I am making stewed chicken and parsley dumplings for dinner tonight. comfort food. Want some?
posted by gaspode 27 October | 09:57
YAY DINNER PARTY AT GASPODE'S HOUSE. See you all there. I'll bring the wine.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 October | 09:58
Yes, that would be very nice, thank you gaspode.
posted by JanetLand 27 October | 09:58
Down with this sort of thing. Up with dinners!
posted by The Whelk 27 October | 10:40
the good news is that you are no longer dating some loser who isn't man enough to break up in person . sounds like you are going to be much better off in the long run
posted by rollick 27 October | 10:42
Geez, he not only dumps you but uses you for throwing out his belongings because he can't be bothered himself? You should mail the DVDs to him with a note saying you're not his maid. *whuffles*
posted by Melismata 27 October | 10:56
What a fool. And a rude fool, at that. Text him: "Gd rddnce!"

Seriously, (( )) (old time symbol for hugs) and onward to a man that actually deserves you.
posted by bearwife 27 October | 11:01
If we were all meaner than we were, you'd give us his # and we could all text him.

But that would be WRONG. . . .
posted by danf 27 October | 11:22
I got dumped on IM.
posted by mrmoonpie 27 October | 12:54

As painful as it was to have that done to you, it says loads about him and nothing about you.
posted by deborah 27 October | 15:16
That sucks, JanetLand. What a choad.
posted by youngergirl44 27 October | 16:31
Anyone like to send texts? Moron me, I never learn, bought a prepaid texting package I stupidly thought I'd need. 600+ messages expire Nov. 10. So, text me a hello if you want: (u.s.) Two Hundred Seven, Six Hundred Seven, Thirty Ninety-One.
posted by JanetLand 27 October | 17:09
Sent one. . .hopefully to you and not to someone else.
posted by danf 27 October | 17:40
Texted you . . . hope it arrived. (I interpreted your # as 207607391)
posted by bearwife 27 October | 19:40
wellll, "thirty ninety one" actually means 3091. Guess I was being too cute.
posted by JanetLand 27 October | 20:06
You can't txt message breakup!
Oh my God, I know throw up.
posted by rhapsodie 27 October | 23:22
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